Racism, Hollywood, Does Anyone Need More…

Racism, Hollywood, Does Anyone Need More…

Academy_Award_trophyJust listening to Chris Rock in his opening monologue at the Academy Awards (OSCARS) was sickening. I mean between #Black Lives Matter, #Oscars So White, #White Privilege, #Upward Mobility for Incarcerated Blacks, goodness gracious America what are the rest of us to do with this nonsensical #Black This, #Black That, “we need more reparations” crud that forever haunts us?

Even before the outspoken actor/director/comic stepped on the massive stage to MC the 88th Academy Awards on Sunday night, he had all of the film industry — quaking in its boots. Specifically, attendees fretted about — and looked forward to — how Rock planned to address the raging controversy that’s swirled around this year’s ceremony since the nominations were announced in January, and immediately engendered controversy for their lack of diversity.

And that folks is what I do not think I will ever understand. Sure as a comic — moreover the MC of the ceremony a short, quick jab and then shut up will have the same message as the raging, “let’s see how much I can say and get away with it” that was Rock’s delivery approach.

However, it does get worse still. It seemed to most [all applauding and laughing] that Rock’s continued comments after each award was received was a bit much to handle. But then there always is the question: “For what?”

For what it’s worth I do not mind a legal Petition, a legal Assembly, or commonly called a protest. I furthermore believe that there must be a stated reason and a matter of substance to go head over heels about. Slavery was one of those issues; as was the Civil Rights Movement.

Yet when it comes to the reason espoused — diversity, and the lack of black actors nominated — subsequently there is an accountability problem — the same as transparency or accountability coming out of the White House.

Having stated all of these reasons let’s do what some pampered actors did not do. Here is the nomination process and breakdown. The process is that the Academy of Motion Pictures and Arts and Sciences (AMPAS) is a membership organization. Last known voting membership was 5,783 as of 2012. This is where the ACTORS’ controversy should have started and worked accordingly.

Rather instead these mampy pamby over-paid actors decided to take an industry problem and shout so loud that those of us who could care less — were ostensibly made to care and/or decide.

In 2012, the results of a study conducted by the Los Angeles Times were published describing the demographic breakdown of approximately 88% of AMPAS’ voting membership. Of the 5,100+ active voters confirmed, 94% were Caucasian, 77% were male, and 54% were found to be over the age of 60. 33% of voting members are former nominees (14%) and winners (19%).

Again accountability is at stake — you are reading the results of an unscientific 88 percent of the voting membership! Now please look at the data: 94% were white, 77% were male, 54% were older than 60 years old. What this erratic unscientific reporting tells us is nothing! Nothing whatsoever except how inept is this organization?

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