It is Getting Sickening…

It is Getting Sickening…

220px-Cruikshank_-_The_Radical's_ArmsIf in fact your knowledge is limited vis-a-vie the Republican Party stalwarts and the “Neo Pubs” please allow me to assist. Romney did absolutely nothing to help any member of the party or the GOP Establishment. I am not at all certain if Romney knew what he was doing; consequently, this does show that there are others involved.

The opening question of the debate forced Trump to again respond to Romney’s accusations that the country would suffer with him as president — namely his domestic policy would lead to a recession and his foreign policy would make the country less safe. Romney also listed Trump’s personal qualities, which the moderator rattled off as Trump frowned.

“The bullying,” Fox’s Chris Wallace said, as the crowd cheered. “The greed. The showing off. The misogyny. The absurd, third-grade theatrics.”

“Well look, he was a failed candidate,” Trump said. “He should have beaten President Obama very easy. He failed miserably, and it was an embarrassment to everybody, including the Republican Party.”

Trump quickly pivoted to talking about trade and how he would improve it as president, but Wallace brought him again back to Romney’s attacks, asking Trump to share his views on the Ku Klux Klan and white supremacists.

Trump disavowed the KKK (twice) and its former leader, but then he slammed the media for continuing to bring this question up.

The Romney attack hit Trump differently from those before it, and he responded as if he had been deeply personally hurt and offended. Trump has repeatedly said that he got into the race because Romney let him down by losing, and he decided he would rather win an election and run the White House himself than trust anyone else to do it.

At the Maine rally, Trump said that Romney begged him for an endorsement in 2012 and “would have dropped to his knees” if Trump had asked him to do so. Trump said he then recorded robo-calls for Romney and hosted a fundraiser for the “stiff” that attracted so much attention that he had to host two sessions on a rainy day.

“Everybody’s shoes were so wet, I ruined my carpet,” Trump said in disbelief at the rally. “This carpet was wiped out, and nobody thanked me for the carpet. Hey: Maybe I can send Mitt a bill for carpet ruined.”

The Fox News moderators came prepared with questions that seemed to be written with Trump’s expected answers in mind, along with full-screen graphics showing that Trump’s proposed budget cuts will not yield nearly as much money as he has promised.

Cruz and Rubio, who in previous debates had gone after each other, both locked on Trump instead. They pushed him for specifics on his policy proposals and reprimanded him for his personal attacks. Rubio said that someone who doesn’t answer questions can’t be president, while Cruz said that the “stakes are too high” for Trump to be put in the White House.

Perhaps both Senator’s Cruz and Rubio should acknowledge that they are involved in the “stakes are too high” for Trump.

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