Another Illegal Immigrant Kills in San Francisco

another GlockAnother Illegal Immigrant Kills in San Francisco

The gun used in the seemingly random slaying of a woman on a San Francisco pier belonged to a federal agent, a law enforcement official briefed on the matter said Tuesday.

The official, who was not authorized to speak publicly about the case and spoke on condition of anonymity, said a police check of the weapon’s serial number shows it belonged to a federal agent. The official declined to elaborate further.

Juan Francisco Lopez Sanchez pleaded not guilty Tuesday to first-degree murder in last week’s shooting. Sanchez told two television stations he found the gun wrapped in a shirt on the pier.

Authorities say Sanchez is in the United States illegally and has been deported five times.ICE1282014_0

San Francisco officials released the Mexican national from jail in April, ignoring an Immigration and Customs Enforcement request to detain him so deportation proceedings could begin.

Leading Democrats — including San Francisco’s former mayor, Sen. Dianne Feinstein — have joined mounting criticism of the city’s policy of refusing to cooperate with federal immigration officials when they request help in detaining a suspect thought to be in the country illegally.

Sanchez has served more than 17 years in prison for entering the country illegally and also has four felony drug convictions.

Criticism of San Francisco’s sanctuary city policy was expected from top Republicans such as Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson. But the policy is also drawing unexpected fire from Democrats, including both U.S. senators from California.

In addition, presidential candidate Hillary Clinton told CNN that San Francisco was wrong to ignore the ICE detainer request and release Sanchez from custody after local prosecutors dropped marijuana possession charges in April.

“The city made a mistake, not to deport someone that the federal government strongly felt should be deported,” Clinton said. “So I have absolutely no support for a city that ignores the strong evidence that should be acted on.”

04official-hi_res_PhotoGalleryFeinstein called on San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee to start cooperating with federal immigration officials who want to deport felons such as Sanchez who are in the country illegally. Feinstein served as San Francisco mayor from 1978 to 1988.

“I strongly believe that an undocumented individual, convicted of multiple felonies and with a detainer request from ICE, should not have been released,” Feinstein said. “We should focus on deporting convicted criminals, not setting them loose on our streets.”

And she is right — however, let us not forget how this article started: “The gun used in the seemingly random slaying of a woman on a San Francisco pier belonged to a federal agent, a law enforcement official briefed on the matter said Tuesday.” Nothing, but nothing was stated about this ostensible weapon apparently lost, stolen, or misplaced by a federal agent.

Just one more issue: There is one person who can take all the credit for this young lady’s life, mercilessly by a released illegal immigrant — President Barack Hussein Obama


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