Supreme Court may rectify what is wrong in the U.S.

Immigration vote by Supreme Court may rectify what is wrong in the U.S.

B-ijxAJCIAA0r70The raging political fight over immigration comes to the Supreme Court on Monday in a dispute that could affect millions of people who are in the United States illegally.

It is time to reflect and critically think the above statement. What I see is the ideology that it is okay to disregard, ignore, blatantly and without respect to admonish the very law that affect millions of people to come here illegally; therefore, with unabashed feeling of liberty come into the nation illegally, which is a crime.

The court is weighing the fate of Obama administration programs that could shield roughly 4 million people from deportation and grant them the legal right to hold a job.

Oh really — what has Obama done about the 40 or so million American’s who still remain unemployed? This much I can assure you — Obama has not done nearly for those veterans that remain unemployed, moreover, for small businesses that raise entrepreneurs in building small to bigger businesses.   us-army-troops-300x195

President Obama is looking somehow to clean (literally) the slate of people who are here in America, who broke the law to do it. What does that have to say about our constitutional lawyer president?

Now however it is time to look at some meandering and/or vagrancy on behalf of some illegals:

Among them is Teresa Garcia of suburban Seattle, who has spent 14 years in the United States illegally after staying beyond the expiration of her tourist visa in 2002.

She’s already gotten much of what she wanted when she chose not to return to her native Mexico. Her two sons are benefiting from an earlier effort that applies to people who were brought here illegally as children. Garcia’s 11-year-old daughter is an American citizen.

Consequently Teresa Garcia’s sons appear to be direct beneficiaries of Obama’s DACA program; while with some incorrect way of stating “and are in the jurisdiction thereof” Garcia’s daughter is a U.S. citizen. So there, you have it — an entire family given entitlements to survive in the land that they broke the law to get into.

All things being equal — we, those who face reality everyday — know that this is an award.

“That’s why I come, for the opportunity for the children and because it is much safer here,” the 45-year-old Garcia said in an interview with The Associated Press.

And still where is the remotest statement that she also wants to assist in building America?

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