More illegal immigration Fodder

More illegal immigration Fodder

untitled22First and foremost there are two articles in particular that generate more coverage than the 3,000 other articles that I have written for The Contemplative Thinker website over the last eight years. These two articles — are both based on the exact name and deal collectively with roughly the same material. The articles I refer to are called, “Enduring questions for Illegal Immigrant’s” currently in the U.S.A.

Cutting straight to the chase here my intentions were to start some type of discussion primarily between myself and those who had come to America of their own free will, at their decision, and not to be left out of any dialogue was the question explicitly asking, “Why?”untitled33

Much to my chagrin in not being able to start conversations, still the reading statistics were outright phenomenal. I was literally in the state of shock when the hits came back from my writing. One very interesting notion that I found was that the articles received none, nil, not, or zero complaints from anyone. This in fact made me quite happy so I figured I would start with a few special interest groups that had some power behind them — preferred tax status (not for profit), the notion that these institutions had received funding from the U.S. government, which means it originated from U.S. taxpayers.

Some or most of these special interest groups are capable of fundraising attempts and they do raise a lot of funds. Please do not make the mistake that the notion of first receiving funding from the U.S. government to start up and get going is amiable with me. There are plenty of our nation’s best that have fought more than their share in the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars who are also trying to find work and what better way than to assist them the old fashioned way?

USCIS_Sig_Rib_VertBasically the questions I asked were of a non-threatening attitude, actually more like collecting information on a survey. Questions such as the following were asked:

What was your original motivation to leave your country with the hopes of finding a better life in the USA?

How does it/did it feel when leaving behind your spouse, children, and rest of family in order to come here?

Was your arrival in the USA what you expected, why or why not?

Were you greeted by other significant others’ such as friends, family members, or acquaintances?

Upon arrival into the USA how did you feel?ICE1282014_0

How long in days, months, or years did you send for your spouse and children?
When you first arrived how long did it take for you to find suitable living arrangements?

On arrival how long did it take for you to find acceptable working jobs? Immediately, 1 or more months, longer?
Why did you feel it would be okay with the government, employers, and US citizens?

Are you experiencing difficulty now? Are you living “in the shadows?”
Hypothetical: Say you and your spouse arrived together; within days you were busted by US ICE and you and your wife were asked, “Do you vow and owe your allegiance to the USA, or do you still owe your allegiance and citizenship oath to the country you came from?

I see your wife is very far along in pregnancy; when your child is born will you declare he/she as a US citizen?

Do you believe that it is fair that you came into the United States illegally or without the correct paperwork?

During the available time that I have had when speaking with illegal’s there are two questions that have provided the exact same answers; are you able to find them?

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