What kind of Sense does this make?

untitled33In the hopes of reducing the number of immigrants swiftly deported back to their home countries, three House Democrats introduced a resolution Thursday to amend federal policies that have resulted in harsh consequences for hundreds of thousands of individuals and their families. I feel that had these three Democrats had any more sense — then they would be a danger to themselves and others.

The “Fix96 Resolution” would repeal two immigration laws that dramatically expanded the type of offenses that could be considered “aggravated felonies” — a category of criminal convictions that carry harsh consequences like mandatory detention, potential deportation, and a permanent ban from re-entering the United States. We are very sorry; however, we do not see any “potentials” “mandatory’s” or a “permanent ban” as being not in the best interest of America.

These laws, signed in 1996 by former President Bill Clinton, have made it easier to arrest and deport hundreds of thousands of immigrants who commit minor crimes. Under the policies, being in possession of marijuana, shoplifting, and writing a bad check are all defined as “aggravated felonies.”

The pair of laws also helped to expand a program allowing local law enforcement officials to collaborate with federal immigration enforcement; made detention mandatory for minor infractions; and ended judicial review so that immigration judges couldn’t intervene when the punishment outweighed the crime.

B9-MVGrCQAAbYv1These unjust laws have splintered families. No! Please no! I have written about Section 287-g that brings together law enforcement officers together with illegal aliens. I further have written relentlessly about how it is not the U.S. immigration laws that are splintering families, but it is the disgusting reporting by the mainstream media; moreover, by the illegal aliens who thought it more appropriate to leave some of the family at home while they went journeying on to the USA.

“Two of the most egregious contributing factors to the criminalization of immigrants are laws that have been on the books for two decades now,” Rep. Raul Grijalva (D-AZ), one of the sponsors of the bill, said in a press statement. “The expansion of the term ‘aggravated felony’ has led to excessive detention and deportation for scores of immigrants. These unjust laws have splintered families and denied the right for judges to intervene through judicial review. Twenty years is far too long to cling to such broken and morally bankrupt policies.”

With all due respect Rep. Raul Grijalva (D-AZ), I am unable to see any logic to your argument; moreover, how valid is your complaint? Getting to the sensical portion of that bull-rubbish that is flowing from your mouth does the abrogation of the law mean anything to you?

The real hard-felt travesty behind the way you think is an embarrassment to our nation, when people enter into our country without having done the proper due diligence, then, they are illegally in the nation and this should be your first consideration. But Democratic lawmakers’ goal is to “set the tone” and “lay the foundations” for a national dialogue about immigration reform, La Opinion reported.

Between 2007 and 2012, nearly 266,000 deported immigrants’ most serious conviction was related to drugs, according to a Human Rights Watch report. Among the immigrants deported for an aggravated felony during that time period, about a quarter had a conviction for possession or use of a drug. While the report couldn’t determine the overall situation for each individual, “it is likely that many had committed offenses that fall short of what most people would consider drug trafficking.”

That is of course if one does not include the crime they have committed by entering the USA. The USA is a sovereign entity, not an open borders for come one come all.

We should not be in the business of separating families or detaining people for years for minor offenses. Without even wanting to move another step; please remember that it is not the USCIS that is in the business of separating families.

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