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B2045_tnA new report from the Center for Immigration Studies shows the average annual SSA retirement benefit for legal citizens comes in about $14,772.

Obama’s budget, which is before Congress for consideration, includes $1.3 billion for the expected “unaccompanied children” due in the United States this fiscal year, as well as another $2.1 billion for refugees.

What’s more,” wrote Paul Bedard with the Washington Examiner, “the administration is also spending heavily on a program with the United Nations to help the illegal minors avoid the dangerous trip by declaring them refugees and handing them a plane ticket to the U.S. where, once here, they get special legal status.”

The report from CIS, which cites Department of Health and Human Services data, is entitled “Welcoming Unaccompanied Alien Children to the United States.” In it, authors claim that most of the minor-aged immigrants don’t meet the legal standard to receive refugees status but are rather seeking only to reunite with their parents and family members, the majority of whom are in the country illegally, the Washington Examiner reported.

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