Illegal Immigrants Get More Welfare Than American Families

Illegal Immigrants Get More Welfare Than American Families

fairThis really should not come as too much of a surprise for the readers of The Contemplative Thinker. Why? Easy enough all one need to do is take a look at this from page which contain at least three articles on the subject and if you’d like to read more just depress the “Categories” menu and follow the menu because I have written more about immigration reform than any other topic listed.

The households of illegal immigrants receive an average of about $1,000 more annually in federal welfare benefits than do the households of non-immigrant recipients, a new analysis finds. According to the immigration control advocacy group, Center for Immigration Studies, which breaks down federal cost data from 2012, the welfare payout to likely illegal immigrant households averages $5,692 yearly, compared with the average $4,431 welfare payout to non-immigrant households collecting the benefit.

Please take this into consideration when viewing the CIS findings that not only this finding (above) but also that illegal aliens are receiving more than their citizen counterparts in SSA accounts. As effectively illegal’s are getting more welfare entitlements, a well-stated income level that exceeds the poverty line by nearly $2,000 per year while American retirees are getting in the vicinity $2,000 or more less than the poverty line. The article supporting this data is from both CIS and FAIR and be read here: The Contemplative Thinker.

The CIS analysis study points out illegal immigrants are barred from directly receivingFAIR-profile-white_270x270-150x150 welfare, but may obtain it through their U.S.-born children. This is the very reason that the Citizenship Clause in the 14th Amendment must at least be read for real meaning. Furthermore, reform needs to be made in “Chain Migration.”

All immigrant-headed households — legal and illegal — receive an average of $6,241 in welfare, 41 percent more than the $4,431 received by a non-immigrant household on welfare, according to the analysis.

The total cost is over $103 billion in welfare benefits to households headed by immigrants. A majority, 51 percent, receive some type of welfare compared with 30 percent of non-immigrant U.S. households, the analysis shows.

Someone, anyone please tell me — or help me out with these statistics. I based my military career (war-era) on the notion that I believed that what I was doing was the true and correct means of serving my country. Therefore, where is the reciprocity? Where is the truth in America? Sure I attended Universities and colleges after I got out, allow me to add that not one cent did I receive as a veteran while attending higher education.

I am beyond any question of doubt that what our Founding Fathers did in the creation of our government planned that it was Americans that were supposed to be looked after in every matter and first. I do not believe that this nations was forged to accommodate Somali’s, Iraqi’s, Iranians, Central America, South and Eastern Europe not to mention Mexico.

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