Immigration from a Left-leaning writer…

 Immigration from a Left-leaning writer…

10271625_738727066173535_5519494596076767310_nThere is just one particular challenge as to why I chose this article written by Issie Lapowsky titled, Undocumented, Unafraid: Immigrants Find Power Revealing Themselves Online, to make an adequate commentary on. Can you guess the reason whilst reading the article?

Uriel Casas was 21 the first time he considered suicide. It took ten words before I could stop my tearing eyes and snot running from my nose before I could catch my breath thus stopping myself from getting inciteful. Given the special interest groups as well as advocacy cartels trying to gain public sentiment for these undocumented, unauthorized, illegally entered, and illegal aliens or simply illegal’s, we ask those who are involved with these groups just one question: “Why?”

Has anyone in this nation gone so far as to say that illegal immigration is BAD for our nation? Not too many however, I will name those who have and the reasons why shortly. Prior to launching a full campaign here, allow me to first say we have an elected President who would rather break the law, or add new laws to get as many of these people in and unable to deport as possible.

Barack Obama made “Comprehensive Immigration Reform” his number one campaign issue in 2008; yet, it has only taken seven plus years and the few remaining months of his eight year long up and down presidency to address these lost “in the shadows” people.


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