When a good person that gives, gives and gives then becomes abused, abused and ill-treated…

When a good person that gives, gives and gives then becomes abused, abused and ill-treated…

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attorney's I, as well as many of my friends, colleagues, and acquaintances live in a nation where we believe the rule of law matters. Please don’t take me wrong here — there are many laws that we don’t agree with at all. However, in order for the country to live and prosper there are of course those times when a law or policy or even a government action can be as wrong as anything can be; yet, in order for the nation to live — not just life, but to live according to one purpose…to be the best nation the inhabitants can make it.

Not to be taken lightly however, there have been decisions made, policies enacted and laws voted in that for those who live here in this country are left wondering: “Who and what inspired this rubbish…” Moreover, one asks: “How on earth is this action supposed to help or assist our nation?”lifebuzz-49da

Is there a worse feeling than when your country harms you? Please if you can understand, when 70 percent of the public randomly chosen believes that the legislators and/or president or even the supreme court has mistreated you without even asking you a question; furthermore, gone against 70 percent of what the public cares about and wants, it appears as though something’s has got to change.

As such, this is the way many, many Americans feel. America is one of those bright shinny stars that sticks out when up against just about every nation on this planet. C’mon admit it, America is generous to the point of insane! Ah…so one says, “America has a deficit of over 19 trillion dollars!”

Yes this is true and no one will argue against you. However, if America would stop programs such as US Aide to just about all of Africa, Central America, South America as well as Eastern Europe, ObamaCare, unruly Welfare programs, moreover, based on a easy to handle immigration reform policies, and rather than going to foreign nations to build expectations about what awaits for anyone who comes to America is absolutely inappropriate!

Between the scores of illegal aliens that we have living in this country and (dare I say this…) the animosities that they bring from their “home countries” many Americans are thanking God they’ve survived another day. Make no mistake friends it is not like a group of folks from Guatemala are going to encourage friendship with those from Nicaragua any time soon. Now if we figure in those from El Salvador are interconnecting with those from Honduras we are desperately mistaken insofar as these aforementioned nations go along way back say for instance during Lt. Col. Oliver North’s activity duty days with the Contras v. Sandinistas or for those who were no yet born basically the traditional guard of ousted President Somoza were a rebel organization at war against the new party in charge, the left wing Sandinistas.


contra command

Easy enough to explain things that way; however, truth be told the Contras were heavily financed, supplied, and clothed by the USA or the CIA while the Sandinistas were dealing with the former Soviet Union’s military and KGB. Nonetheless the story actually goes back to 1950 until the late 1990s. Now so that the USA could raise funding for our efforts with the Contras the entirety of the matter lead and ended up as the Iran – Contra Affair.

That was just a sidebar into history that still gets untold that literally involved individuals from just about all of Central America. Now just for a moment what kind of sense does it take a slack POTUS to encourage, provide visas for people of these nations to relocate to the United States?

I have never, and hope I never again see a populace from Mexico, Middle and South America be as Entitlement free loafers and Anchor Baby laying US citizens, as well as Chain Migration, “bring the family” business to America. Unfortunately through those of you who look to take advantage of America’s hospitality — with immigrant rights, protesting, wanting a DREAM Act, go to school for little or nothing at all whilst collecting more than your fair share of food stamps.

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