“Why?” A very Humble and Distinguished Gentleman asks..?

“Why?” A very Humble and Distinguished Gentleman asks..?

The king's courtWhat is it with our beloved nation? We have a presidential administration that treats our Constitution as if it were toilet paper; subsequently, this administration doesn’t have any other kind of legacy than purely disgraceful; moreover, these people have misrepresented evidentiary material, run the gamut over on the Justice Department, stood over proven facts that came from whistleblowers vis-a-vie Fast & Furious, is somehow standing in the way of a complete disbarment as well as the inability to even run for the Office of the President; furthermore, we have a president who claims in excess of 22 times that he does not have the authority to do unjust and heretofore illegal matters in immigration perspectives, make deals with Iran about what is feared most in the world — the enhancement and development of nuclear ordinances — had enough yet?

No — not the way you are acting! Even if this disparaging low profile human cum president was worth his own weight in gold which he clearly is not how many more lies and fabrications do we still need to hear? This leads me to believe that our White House is infected with a human virus.Clinton-Email-Scandal

Seriously now, how could anyone – especially the POTUS stand aside his fellow Democrat who quite openly I believe she should get nothing less than a 2 year sentence then one year of house detention with ankle monitor and all, then followed by a strict 5 year probation period that would include her surrendering her passport, thus no international travel.

Although many commentators have mentioned that Hillary Clinton leaves behind no major achievement as the U.S. Secretary of State, the reality is that she does, several – and all of them are harms to the U.S. This next statement is for those “baby boomer generation” people who when asked why do you admire Hillary Rodham Clinton or why are you deciding to vote for Hillary Clinton:

30emails-web-master675There wasn’t only her failure as the State Department’s chief administrator, such that the State Department’s own Accountability Review Board Report on Benghazi Attack said: “In the months leading up to September 11, 2012, security in Benghazi was not recognized and implemented as a ‘shared responsibility’ in Washington, resulting in stove-piped discussions and decisions on policy and security. Key decisions … or non-decisions in Washington, such as the failure to establish standards for Benghazi and to meet them, or the lack of a cohesive staffing plan, essentially set up Benghazi.” That’s failure at the very top. It’s not in Libya. It’s not even in Africa. It’s in “Washington.”

Oh! I get it now! It is all about the 1st Woman President! I do not want to be the bearer of bad news, but how long are you people going to hang on to this one? No one is conducting comparisons anymore. We admittedly have seen what a woman who is trained, just like anyone else, politically to step into the job. Get over it — finally!

One such failure was the State Department’s establishment of fascism in Honduras, crucially helping to end democracy there and replace it with a far-right hell. Take it or leave it, but for some reason there are a lot of illegal aliens coming in from that area.

Without Hillary Clinton’s support for fascism in that country, Honduras would still be a democratic republic in Central America; and this fact is widely known outside the U.S., even if America’s major news-media haven’t reported it. So: it’s a major failure on the part of Hillary Clinton – and also on the part of Barack Obama.

The FBI is treating everything on the private server used to run former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton’s personal email account as evidence or possible evidence as part of the federal investigation connected to the machine, the bureau said in a court filing this week.

“[A]l of the materials retrieved from any electronic equipment obtained from former Secretary Clinton for the investigation are evidence, potential evidence, or information that has not yet been assessed for evidentiary value,” the FBI said in the filing.

As for me, I just don’t get it. We are now not only acknowledging criminal behavior in the American elite, but by not doing anything we somehow are condoning this reckless behavior.

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Is anyone other than me having a kanip-shit time with this so-called whatever, lately?

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