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judge-napolitano-Judge Napolitano: Internet Technology Specialist Is Hillary’s ‘Beast in the Night’ in Email Probe

Napolitano explained that for Mrs. Clinton, Pagliano is “her beast in the night” because of how much he knows about her email practices.

“He has been briefing the FBI on her email excesses, her profound willingness to expose national secrets since October.  When this case goes to a grand jury he is the FBI’s lead witness against her.”Propaganda pics5

The judge further explained that Pagliano only has immunity for what he tells the FBI, not for what he could have said in this separate case.

“She is in more hot water than you can imagine today because another federal agency is unhappy with the slow pace at which the FBI has been moving and they are beginning to leak … the NSA,” said Napolitano.

 Number Two

Hillary’s IT Guy Invoked the Fifth More Than 125 Times During Deposition ” Bryan Propaganda pic4sPagliano, the former State Department staffer who set up Hillary Clinton’s private server, invoked the Fifth Amendment more than 125 times during a 90-minute, closed-door deposition Wednesday with Judicial Watch, Catherine Herridge reported on “Happening Now.”

Citing a source with Judicial Watch, Herridge reported that Pagliano was working off an index card and read the same crafted statement each time.judicialwatch-3

“The Judicial Watch official said they asked all of their questions. And at the end, the official said, ‘It was a sad day for government transparency,'” Herridge reported.

Pagliano, who struck an immunity deal with the Justice Department in December as part of the FBI’s ongoing probe in Clinton’s email practices, was within his rights to take the Fifth, Herridge said.

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