President Barack Hussein Obama is a Loser!

President Barack Hussein Obama is a Mental Midget

obamadesk02242015getty_1President Barack Hussein Obama has had some influence on Interior Secretary Sally Jewell’s career and definitely her mental substance ability.

President Obama on Thursday signed a massive rescue package to address Puerto Rico’s debt crisis — just one day before the island must make a $2 billion payment.

“It’s not going to be in and of itself sufficient to solve all the problems that Puerto Rico faces,” Obama told reporters in the Oval Office. “But it is an important first step on the path of creating more stability, better services and better prosperity overall.”

Obama quickly signed the measure after the Senate passed it on Wednesday night. The Senate-passed bill would halt any potential litigation between the island and creditors, and allow outside officials to step in and try to steer towards a more organized resolution.

The bill’s passage marked a rare bipartisan accomplishment for the White House and the Republican-controlled Congress.

President Obama praised the legislation and said he looks forward to signing it into law.


Don’t Make the Same Mistake!

“This bill is not perfect, but it is a critical first step toward economic recovery and restored hope for millions of Americans who call Puerto Rico home. I look forward to signing the bill into law,” he said in a statement.

Okay — President Barack Hussein Obama, has clearly showed to the public what his real intentions are in supporting this legislation. This clown simply talks too much! In the previous paragraph he clearly states, “recovery and restored hope for millions of Americans who call Puerto Rico home.”

Herein lies the confusion that subsequently happens E-V-E-R-Y time this ignoramus opens his flapping lips. So is this bailout of Puerto Rico for Americans or Puerto Ricans? An American should always call their nation, America, home. Those who live in Puerto Rico that are American will do so; however, if in fact this flabbergasted, tired and do-nothing president did it for the island nation of Puerto Rico and those indigenous people who live there then that is what he should be saying.


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