Political Correctness has roots in Cultural Marxism

For years we have maintained that the entire idea of one being politically correct is a direct result of Cultural Marxism; subsequently, much of being politically correct can be traced directly to University of Pennsylvania professor Alan Charles Kors and lawyer Harvey A. Silvergate, as the two connected political correctness to Marxist philosopher Herbert Marcuse.

They claim that liberal ideas of free speech are repressive, arguing that such “Marcusean logic” is the base of speech codes, which are seen by some as censorship, in US universities. Kors and Silvergate later established the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, (FIRE) which campaigns against PC speech codes.

Some conservative critics claim that political correctness is Marxist undermining of Western values. William S. Lind and Patrick Buchanan have characterized PC as a technique originated by the Frankfurt School, through what Buchanan describes as “Cultural Marxism.” In The Death of the West, Buchanan says: “Political Correctness is Cultural Marxism, a regime to punish dissent and to stigmatize social heresy as the Inquisition punished religious heresy. Its trademark is intolerance.”

It would be folly, of course, to imagine that Obama just magically appeared out of thin air to lead a nation of liberty-loving, responsible, moral, right-thinking grownups leftward. America has been moving in this sad direction for decades.

No, not under the “Marxist” label, or any of those other nasty words of yesteryear, like “socialism” or “communism” or “collectivism.” They’ve all been carefully replaced by warm-and-cuddly terms like “fairness,” “economic justice,” “redistribution,” “progressivism” and – as an off-script Obama famously told Joe the Plumber – “spread[ing] the wealth around.”

These are however the massive tenants of how Karl Marx communicated his basis for language manipulation and inevitably, revolution.

The spirit of socialism has taken root and flowered spectacularly in America, especially in all of our elite, idea-generating institutions like education, the news and entertainment media, and, of course, government. The original American spirit – stout, risk-taking, God-fearing, responsible, adult – has progressively been displaced by the spirit of dependency and helplessness, of perpetual grievance and victimization, and most of all, of envy and resentment. All of which cries out for ever bigger government.

If anyone missed the quintessential epoch of this very sentiment all one really need to do is get on over to You Tube maybe even Fox News and watch the brutal unforeseen and uncalled for attack by Juan Williams on Michelle Malkin during Sean Hannity’s show.

So the question is: Will we Americans re-embrace the values that made ours – the greatest nation in history, or will we continue on our current path toward the godless mirage of “redistributive change” – and the poverty and loss of liberty that always follows?

Without further adieu folks, the time to appreciate what we’ve had, who built it, and for us – who is going to stay lockstep in line to keep it that way will be in our opinion one of the greatest tasks people concerned about the USA will ever have to make and strive to live for.

And now for our unrelenting respect for David Kupelian who is the editor of World Net Daily and maintains his claim to fame, Whistleblower magazine, who writes this week about just how much America has changed if only in the last thirty years.

The president of the United States, Barack Hussein Obama – whose level of security clearance is far higher than my Top Secret Security Clearance who indeed has access to all intelligence and all secrets, not to mention having his “finger on the nuclear button” – was during his college years a committed Marxist, advocating the revolutionary overthrow of America’s capitalist system. His father was a communist. His main mentor as a young teenager, Frank Marshall Davis, was a card-carrying member of the Communist Party USA.

Obama admits in “Dreams From My Father” that, during college, he was attracted to the “Marxist professors.” Indeed, the Marxist student leader at Occidental College at the time, John Drew, says Obama was far more radical than even Drew, actually believed that Marx’s prophesied proletariat revolution to overthrow capitalism was imminent in the United States.

Obama launched his political career in the living room of Bill Ayers, a self-described “small-c communist” and unrepentant Pentagon-bombing terrorist. Moreover, the evidence is indisputable that Ayers played a major role in writing Obama’s highly acclaimed autobiography, “Dreams From My Father.”

Obama’s pastor for two decades, whom he described as his “spiritual mentor,” was Jeremiah Wright, a perennially enraged, America-hating purveyor of “Black Liberation Theology” (Marxism disguised as Christianity).

As I’m sure you are aware, we could go on and on. These oft-cited facts merely scratch the surface of Obama’s long-term radicalism.

That was then. But now, sitting in the White House is a man who has spent most of his entire life immersed in Marxist ideology, influences, mentors and benefactors. He has proven, as president that he is still fully committed to dragging America – kicking and screaming if necessary (recall the outrageous and illegal way Obamacare was passed) – into a new era of unprecedented, government-coerced redistribution of wealth and power. To be precise: Marxism.

America has been moving in this sad direction for decades. No, not under the “Marxist” label, or any of those other nasty words of yesteryear, like “socialism” or “communism” or “collectivism.” They’ve all been carefully replaced by warm-and-cuddly terms like “fairness,” “economic justice,” “redistribution,” “progressivism” and – as an off-script Obama famously told Joe the Plumber – “spread[ing] the wealth around.”

All the while manipulating the words to become something else.


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