Double-check the detailed charges on your bill


11IllegalImmigration080816If your kid is attending Prescott College in Arizona this fall, you may want to double-check the detailed charges on your bill.

The private school is now charging every student a “non-mandatory” per-semester fee of $30 — or $60 for the year — to fund a college scholarship for an illegal immigrant. Yes, you read that right. The fee, announced in April, appears on the bill for students in the upcoming school term, who already pay $28,000+ in tuition to attend Prescott. (Room, board, and incidentals are extra, of course.)

Students can opt out of this fee — but they have to know about it first.

“Most [students] won’t even see it,” said one University of New Hampshire sophomore. “Why not ask for the $30 to give a scholarship to a handicapped student or something?”

This article is by Deirdre Reilly who I don’t know. Please “click” the button below to read her entire work because it is well worth it! Well done Ms. Reilly!


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