Someone, Anyone, Please Tell me What it is?

Someone, Anyone, Please Tell me What it is?

Seriously, Nah not too much seriously. However, what I would love to know from anyone who uses critical thought including reflection is what is so “desperate” so “not leadership abilities” or “wrong immigration policy” that the Republican nominee hopeful Donald Trump is taking a beating from something other than erstwhile media in the USA?

Clinton-Email-ScandalHillary Clinton on Wednesday hammered Donald Trump over his immigration rhetoric and criticized his leadership abilities, launching a barrage of attacks on the Republican presidential nominee as he traveled to Mexico — an invitation extended to both Trump and Clinton.

There is an expression for this type of cock-mouth rhetorical speaking: Ever hear of “Those who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.” In the previous paragraph, it is mentioned that the invitation was extended to both Trump and Clinton. He went — she did not.

Albeit, even more, interesting to me is the notion that Donald Trump is crisscrossing this nation sometimes as many as three states per day to hold news conferences, while his competitor-in-chief has literally been hiding for 291 days now. So why is Hillary Clinton hiding from the press that works for the mainstream media?

As for me, it’s as if it is just another election in typical USA style: One candidate clearly in trouble and saying anything now for recourse – then a good one; I really would love to write this one out for everyone reading but somehow I have got to sleep tonight.

What was President John F. Kennedy’s and President Barack Hussein Obama’s collective ordeal when they ran for office? Well for one it wasn’t like the radial Rebar that Obama is doing. Games up: They both came in as Junior Senators, still very wet behind the ears.CcmKujIWEAAScEQ

Okay, ok for all of those Hillary, guilty as hell in Benghazi, far worse guilty as the Secretary of State, lousy as a Senator, but by far she started off in the White House and I’d cringe whenever she was in public.

Now then Barack-Barry Hussein Obama has not done one legacy type action whilst serving as President. In less in case, he gets full unabated for his former US Attorney General Eric Holder indicted for contempt of Congress or perhaps for the wanton orders of Operation Fast & Furious. Now do you see Trump drawing Any line in the sand against anyone saying that if they pass over it well then they’ll just have to die?

Obama campaigns on immigration policy — yet without DACA and DAPA and the rest of his excessive orders nothing will happen. It is just going through the repeal process hopefully when Trump assumes office.

I have source documents for this so I’m talking trash here, nope, I am trying almost in vain that Trump will get his chance. So anyone allows me to know what is wrong with accepting your invitation to Mexico? Nothing whatsoever, it is polite. Now on for the other one, Hillary Rodham Clinton: Q: Do you think that your husband’s selling secrets to the Chinese will have some reflection on you? How is it now the DCCC have evidence of

Benghazi against you supplied to them by the Russians? Your endless tiring around like during the Benghazi hearings makes people think you’re a spritely bag of bones? Face it Hillary Rodham Clinton, it’s time to go down for all of those insider bets, Wall Street Bux, as well as your cattle futures contract where you invested $1000 got your word and sold for $400,000.00 dollars. Now then an easy one: Q: What law or apparition would give you the right to set up a private server in your home?

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