HISTORY! Now it is up to us…

HISTORY! Now it is up to us…

he donald IIOf course, I’m referring to the 2016 Presidential election! Interestingly, this election has perplexed just about every election campaign “expert” as well as some squeamish polling methods and strategies. As for me, I say in a very nonprofessional and unqualified way, candidates should be listening to the people — that is the American people en mass at large.

Considering the elections I have been a part of and more interesting the candidates I have supported and subsequently voted for — someone please comment or respond on how important is it to be keeping the minutia of particular information on demographic (age, college) breakdowns, on women, minorities, younger, middle-aged and seasoned senior citizen voting?


In case you are wondering about these category breakdowns most, if not all of them were reversed during this election! However just between you and I, I do believe that some polling data should be kept on demographic categories, albeit, not nearly as much as what is happening now. And the only reason I bring this up is that when a category is established and therefore a potential candidate says, their mine, it does seem as though an entire election could be lost with people focusing in on the various groups.  a-trump

So now the transfer of power begins for President-elect Donald Trump. Notwithstanding anything else to be faced in the experience of being the Commander-in-Chief, it seems to me that this process of transition would definitely be the most difficult. Think of it this way — nuclear codes for the “football” or briefcase to launch a nuclear strike or war. How easy is it for you to trust and enamor 15 or so of your most loyal friends or family members to fill your cabinet?

office-dcsmall-1Not to mention peoples personalities. Take for example Al Gore, the then Vice President of the US, Hillary Clinton the spouse of the President and of course, William Clinton the President. I can vividly remember the pain and hurt that Al Gore Jr. went through when Hillary Clinton began without permission to set up her office in the Vice President’s office in the West Wing of the White House.

Should I even go on? Yes. Hillary Clinton made life unbearable for those other 200 plus 1993-234workers in the White House insofar as William (who really wears the pants, Bill?) Clinton supported the wife or first lady over his own Vice President! Al Gore came up with some substantial threats and clearly Mrs. Clinton began removing her things with a new office in the Executive Office Bldg, directly across the street from the White House.

It is during this transition phase where President-elect Trump will need our support, patience, and tolerance more than perhaps at any other time in his presidency. Let’s all make it our part to run our country starting with our new president.



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6 Responses to HISTORY! Now it is up to us…

  1. chris jensen says:

    As the American election, started in the beginning of this year, i knew without a doubt that Mr. Trump, would wear the Jacket!

    i’ve base most sure things on feelings, however ifinn i don’t have a feeling about somethings doesn’t mean really anything, only that possibly it is not important to me…

    Mr. Trump, will have one of his most difficult times in his life, as the President, in the great nation of the USA..

    Surprise, surprise, Mr. Trump..

    Within my own opinion, i believe even Mr. Trump doesn’t know the answers, however i do strongly feel at some point in time, these answers will come to the President, the world i about to feel some changes start with the care of his own people…





    • Jon-Paul says:

      Chris: I too had a feeling that Trump would win. I think what it was that won it for him was how he rallied American’s behind him in re: illegal immigration and by using Hillary’s attitude and lies against her. I believe without a doubt that this will be the hardest Trump has ever worked in his life. I firmly believe the answers to which you write of are basic common sense problems buried beneath political correctness. I do wish Trump well – especially his first 4 years. Personally, I think the USA Presidency would kill most.

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      • chris jensen says:

        Yeah, i do wonder if Trump just got tired of a President, not having power!

        Mean, it’s a tough job, but a President, should always have the last an final say!

        President is a job for life, even after they’ve finish their term..

        Living in Canada, i would hope most closed minded canadians open their eyes,

        ifinn not they’re going to be surprised..


        • Jon-Paul says:

          Dear Chris: Sorry I missed your original response, in fact, I did not. It turned out that when it came to posting very early this morning, I had your comment tagged, but failed to get back to it. The Pats were on the one-yard line with four plays and one would have thought they’d win it. Not this morning!! By the time I got back my system had shut down.

          As for my response to your comment: I do not agree with your assessment that the POTUS does not have power. Seriously, Obama has allowed 12 million illegal immigrants to do nothing for eight years; the massive travesty is Syria and Benghazi were all known to him months in advance yet he opted to do nothing, except blame it on an amateur video; Sgt. Bergdahl is still on the loose; although Obama has let more criminals out of jail than any ten Presidents combined, he will not put one away. Just send him back to his unit…then we’ll see his fate.

          I believe that the POTUS always gets the last word. In fact about 300 signal officer’s (Generals, etc.) lost their jobs cuz they disagreed with him. An open and honest president will always have a job after the presidency, most of the time it is fundraising or lobbying.

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  2. hocuspocus13 says:

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    • Jon-Paul says:

      Hey there hocuspocus13! Thank you so much for reblogging my post. It means so much that a writer would find something that I’ve written nice enough to be placed on your blog! Btw, where are you? Answering is your choice. Thanx again!


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