Some Matters I will never understand…

Some Matters I will never understand…

cw7rwo2ukaejcx6For instance — Why and what is the reason that we are experiencing various protesting in the streets? Now before someone who thinks they’re mature and reasonably well-educated, please do not say because “We can…this is America and it is our right to protest” yes, yeah, and okay I know the 1st Amendment. But realistically I cannot figure for the life of me the logical explanation behind the wasting of your time.

Now if someone were to offer something along the lines of, “Hey! I needed to scream, cry, bitch, or even work out a bit” that would just about do it for this writer. On the other hand, if this nonsensical behavior continues then if anything were to happen to you I would say, “No comment.”

I completely disagree with the news pundits insofar as there is a divided America.  cw7zpitwqaakzla Conversely, I think they put up a better argument than are protesters at the moment. I am suggesting that America may have cultural differences, certainly age and perhaps gender differences at this time. Furthermore, I am very open to various occurrences’ that have happened in the last eight or more years of which I am certainly sympathetic.

In spite of this, I would like to hastily remind everyone one of you (especially those protesting) that these aforesaid occurrences’ have mostly made me sick to my stomach. But realistically, am I going to protest democracy or representative democracy?

_35No, nada, not, nil, squat, or heck no! Of the years I have been alive to include those elections where I wasn’t old enough to participate in where even during the time of election there were voter payouts, ballot box fixing, double voting processes, and outright fixing mechanisms in place to assure a winner that obviously was not the popular voter choice we went along with it. Moreover, when members of the New Black Panther Party deterred voters with shovels, belly-clubs, and words threatened other voters, or even when precinct volunteers and management testified to voting irregularities nothing was done by the public in the fashion that you are carrying on.

It appears to me that America got “blind-sighted” insofar as the listeners and watchers of the mainstream press took to what those uncompliant journalists were saying. It is these types of people that frighten me. Those who see and do like pigs going off to the slaughter, it is those imbeciles who I believe cause the greatest fear in others.

But America was not designed that way and for most of her history has not strayed that far from the original values that we hold in America. Gosh knows the number of articles I have written that have addressed cultural change. As for me quite openly, all of this stuff being brought on by the lobbyists and advocacy groups regarding who can use a bathroom, albeit at a recreational park, school, or otherwise or the articles being printed about wearing one’s Hijab’s is another.

For the record, America has been tolerant, understanding, and humanitarian above and beyond any other nation on earth. My suggestion is no different today than yesterday. A new president has been elected. Unlike his predecessor, this person is going to try to unify a Nation that sorely needs it right now.

I do not entertain the idea of allowing another illegal immigrant into this Nation for any reason. Those who have broken our laws to gain everything is over. I do believe that certain legislation (e.g., refugees and asylum seekers) need be changed. And if one is not ready to disavow themselves from “their country” to a new country — America — then don’t bother yourselves.


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