It is that time again

It is that time again!

thhfwqi5zlAnd with statistics the way they are right now, it has become more than that time again! This is an article on American performance you please tell me if they are the type of qualities you want to be associated with or not. There is one matter that the mainstream media cannot fool me about ⸻ that is how Americans are viewed by others that live in a different country.

I know my own travel experience, which has been wonderful to this point. Yet that does not mean that I or other Yankee’s are not viewed as talking loud, rather obnoxious, and demanding their ways. I realize that this may come as bad news for our up and coming generation of millennials who dream of the day when they are the ones out exploring perhaps looking for a new place to call home.

Yet when the rubber hits the road, the friends you make while pushing back a glass of spirits or beer in the pub are indeed the ones that are telling all their mates just how a strong dose of humility may not be the worst thing for you. Please don’t misunderstand me here; their fathers and brothers – and grandfathers and uncles have been doing it for years! For these residents of other nations are really acting on sport rather than any number of truths. Soon, when you know them well-enough, they’ll tell you!

However, this is kind of what I’d like to write but is nowhere near the truth of what I need to write. What I need to write about is the state of the American conscieniousness right now. Every day as I listen to the news it gets more appalling each time. Examples: Think of everyone who works in the food service industry (fast food) or who works at Walmart. These are the same people who daily gripe about what the minimum wage is although they are being paid more than minimum wage.

Well one cannot really blame a person for wanting more money, right? But it is how these individuals are conducting themselves to get an increase in hourly wages that is plain irrational to me. Walmart has announced that theft – from in-store employees is at an all-time high. But then again how can anyone justify the murder rate in Chicago just for 2016? The rate is higher than any other time in history, or at least within the last 50-years.

We have the ostensible idiots protesting in the streets, but for what? Because they can!trump_transition_logo Therefore, I only have this advice for our up and coming President-elect and the new administration that Boeing just gave one million dollars too (for their inauguration party) it would behoove everyone involved to remember accountability as number one and please don’t think this is Judge Roy Bean’s territory but take some blame for what is going on around you. Even if you have nothing to do with it, remember ⸻ Hillary Clinton is still walking free and one could assume she’s doing what she does best, lie for wealth. Obama is trying everything from late night television to speeches to build some kind of legacy – although, in my opinion, he has reversed what we did in civil rights and voting privileges. Nancy Pelosi will not retire so, in essence, we are stuck with that mess!


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