“His Majesty Barack Obama.”

unnamedMembers of Congress from both sides of the aisle are bracing for what is likely to be a contentious hearing on Capitol Hill over legislation aimed at protecting individuals and organizations who hold traditional views on marriage and sexuality. Although this particular topic has been legislated, I do not think anything that was done vis-a-vie legislation or executive order will be holding up with the new administration.

The only reason that this is even being brought up is that the Act, pretUS-Constitution-Burning-300x150ty much caught
everyone off-guard and it would not be all that inequitable for the new administration to have a look and hopefully put the decision out to the voting public, rather than how this material was conducted with “His Majesty Barack Obama.”

The long-awaited hearing, called by Republicans on the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, will examine how the Supreme Court’s same-sex marriage decision has affected people who hold traditional views on marriage and review legislation that would protect those people from facing adverse actions by the government.

Little dude on question markLiberals, however, have major problems with the legislation, saying it would roll back “critical protections” for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people and their families, and are lobbying members to vote against it.

“Please respectfully tell the White House comment line volunteer who answers your call that the president’s bathroom policies are endangering the safety, security, and privacy of your/our children,” Kozma said in an email sent Thursday to “fellow patriots.”

The Family Policy Alliance, Family Research Council, and American Values have joined in support of Kozma’s campaign.

Van Riper, director of honors and public affairs at North Greenville University in South Carolina, told The Daily Signal that she placed a phone call to the White House comment line on Tuesday because children are not ready or equipped to be exposed to issues like this.

b-ijxajciaa0r70As for me, the “Imperial President” Barack Obama certainly caused more problems for our Nation than any combined number of Presidents. Let’s just think this statement through, just a little.

During the Obama administration, we experienced a further exceeding line and number of illegal aliens from criminals to unaccompanied minors; yes! that was Barack Obama who you and I heard say, “perhaps I have been adjusting the numbers a little,” when referring to deportation counts. What kind of person creates new bathroom privileges? Did anyone ever ask for this to be done? How can a man who conned his way into the Presidency and who will draw over $1,000,000 per year for life, as well as pick his new office which we will be filling the bill for life with himself and consider what he has not done as his legacy?

If people want to change the electoral college let’s put his ouster date much sooner than it is now.



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