The Confirmation Process…

office-dcsmall-1This year, 2017, could prove to be a pivotal year for the Democratic Party based solely on the actions of what is now referred to as The Confirmation Process. As for me with my antenna pointed towards Washington D.C., I will openly disclose that what I am looking for is whether or not President-Elect Donald Trump will get his newly appointed cabinet members ratified through the Senate Sub-Committees and then the full Senate as well.

I want to be as compassionate as possible to our left leaning liberal party, however, there has been a considerable amount of “noise” coming from the democrats, albeit worthy or just a pesky pissed off political party.

It deserves at least one, maybe two sentences at least. As one looks back at the 200841oabvtxrsl-_ac_us160_ election, then comes Inauguration Day 2009, Barack Obama was not met with any creepiness from the right whatsoever. In the first day of the confirmation process, Obama’s selectees were openly granted confirmation.

I believe there were somewhere around 12 or more positions filled on his first day. Now I submit this next summation for you and/or the kind of leadership you would like to see in your country for at least the next four years. In an untimely or rude event such as Mr. Trump’s selections being delayed could be construed as deliberate grid locking the government from doing their jobs. Please believe me that I do understand the vetting and confirmation process.

Just because a person is worth in the billions of dollars and does not have a great deal of government experience, so what is the big deal? President-Elect Trump has helped to convince quite a few successful business types to serve who? Us! It really resembles getting a lot of the dead-pan waste out of our leadership positions and for once in my life getting the international behind-the-scenes BIGS behind us.

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