Being cordial or reporting the numbers of aliens does What?

Being cordial or reporting the numbers of aliens does What?

pew-researchAfter posting the last article on the Pew Research Center and what incredible work performed by JENS MANUEL KROGSTADJEFFREY S. PASSEL AND D’VERA COHN please understand that that journalistic piece was in no way meant to be derogatory at all. Imagine if you will the positions they are in!

The article was named “5 Facts about illegal immigration in the USA.” Although it was a well-written article, it tended to give analyses on those people from Mexico, which is a non-sequitur at least from the title. Nonetheless, I found it to be an interesting bit of information as I literally cut 250 words that I had written.doors-of-variety

Okay, all is fair in love and war writing and the correct dissemination of it. Having written about the article last night during a break from my writing time on my book, whereby I explained that I know how Pew gets its original numbers. An example:

“The estimates presented in this report for the U.S. unauthorized immigrant population are based on a residual estimation methodology that compares a demographic estimate of the number of immigrants residing legally in the country with the total number of immigrants as measured by a survey – either the American Community Survey or the March Supplement to the Current Population Survey. The difference is assumed to be the number of unauthorized immigrants in the survey, a number that later is adjusted for omissions from the survey.”

newsiqicon1Any time that any organization uses “residual estimation methodology” and/or those immigrants as measured by a survey, sorry I have a little difficulty with that. My hat is forever tipped toward the scientists who gathered this information with a salute to their effort ⸻ it can’t be easy!

If there is anyone wishing to examine how the Pew Research Center obtains the information used I wholeheartedly suggest visiting this site at Pew.

This is ALL THE MORE REASON why this forlorn immigration system needs to be revamped! I believe that if 11.1 million illegal immigrants are, in fact, living in this country then what needs to be done is to set-up some type of system that will carry each of them back to their homeland ⸻ yes, even their children regardless of age and set-up an additional Department of Homeland Security station complex that will ensure all immigrants get counted. How many income tax returns does the IRS do in one year?


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