WHEW! what are we becoming?

illegals bitcgiingThe idiotic behavior displayed by millions of people who live in the US of A come as no surprise to me whatsoever anymore. I believe this enigmatic posture finally dawned on me during an unfortunate slew of events struck America hard and in the worst possible ways imaginable.

Think it through people ⸻ Hurricane Katrina produced more rapes and showed individuals actually looting their “own community” shops! How about the New Orleans Police Department? Well, only 300 or so got fired! People want to talk about equity matters and equality across the human spectrum. So I say, why aren’t you acting like it? All I can do is pray and write for those unfortunate folks in “Tornado Alley.”

As one begins or continues to look at the “slew of wild events” that have happened in such a short time; moreover, if one were to look at the behavior of people about anything and everything that has occurred, one wonders who or what the bigger problem could be?

What is bigger, senators and/or representatives and Supreme Court justices being able to hold themselves indemnified from insider trading and ObamaCare, or the scallywags who parade around protesting everything from minimum wage increases at Wal-Mart to national security to “Occupying Wall Street?”

Protests in Baltimore After Funeral Held For Baltimore Man Who Died While In Police Custody


There is one thing that we all must come to the realization of; any plan in the making whatsoever for fixing American problems ⸻ must involve Americans. Far too many Americans feel helpless in the face of government, the U.S. federal government says and does two separate things. [Please believe me when I say that out of 395,000  people ONLY A MEASLY 109 had to stay for better national security and that what ⸻ 2 hours!] We have people in this country that sit around collecting entitlement after entitlement waiting for their next gig call to protest.

And what ever happened to the once in a lifetime tourist that came over just to see America? We seem or were somehow led to believe that it was acceptable for people to come to this nation asking for free housing, food stamps, food, travel, a free place to live and the right to kill anyone one wants too.

This past weekend we all got to witness something that had been announced moreover, it was the change between someone who says something and gets elected and just another liar that wants to encroach on you with more government intervention.

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