Do politicians want what’s best for America?

What’s all the fuss about?

office-dcsmall-1I have been covering this “repeal and replace” ObamaCare, Affordable Care Act for since it was approved that it would not work and especially since the “Death spiral.” To be as open as possible with my findings, I wonder if it would be all that worthy of an exercise in writing or otherwise communication.

Specifically, what I am referring to is the behavior of allegedly grown up women and men who are somehow trying to prove to their constituents that they are worth something. However, it is all of this in-fighting of those within the same political parties; moreover, it is the constant badgering of Republican leadership by none other than America’s mainstream media again.

As far as I know, there was at one time 12 Republican’s running for the office of president. As we all know by now, only one of them clinched the title of President of the United States (POTUS). And for all that it’s worth, we should be listening to what, how, and whom would benefit from a national healthcare program pursuant to President Trump’s campaign.

congress photoYet is the established zoned out cadre of Foggy Bottom with the program? No, not even close. Just as a heads-up this is how politicians’ work. This is the critical zone that the Founders left us. The USA was founded on the principles of Republican government. Now, please don’t rush to judgment! Republican government has nothing to do with the Republican political party.

Republican governance promotes citizen accountability. Being brief, there were a lot of people during the pre-Colonial generation that was suspicious of politicians. These individuals were from the United Kingdom (UK) and France who had lived during unmeasurable corruption and crime mostly enacted by these elitists. These were the order of the day when our Founding Fathers were but children. And I might add those close friends of Washington, Adams, Jefferson, and James Madison taught and shared their knowledge around ⸻ primarily from the monarchy. At any rate, Republican government demands that ordinary citizens keep eyes open and scorecards ready.

9780674659988Inasmuch as what we just went through with the Obama administration to include, insider trading, no ObamaCare for the congressional members and their staff’s, and Democrats making a buck at every turn, examples include Senator Diane Feinstein, Rep. Nancy Pelosi, and on and on we go.

I will not say for certain just yet, but to cause this sort of fighting prior to knowing squat about a bill is bad form. Perhaps it could be promises made to donors or other constituents that may not have landed in the bill? Watch for the corruption or crime. Be PREPARED: My new book is almost done! Interested? Tell me so, please.

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