Is this a New Phenomenon?

Is this a New Phenomenon?

newspapers_britishJust as though it were the election cycle perpetuating itself upon us again, with the exception that now it is the mainstream media who was outted as being at fault (Thank you, Mr. Comey) in their reporting of “fake media” and/or reporting issues predicated upon lies and mistruths, again a terrible fault left behind the Obama administration, yes! I do support that the mainstream media should read more and speak much less.

I honestly would continue to hope that the left side of America as well as many on the right side would wake the phu**k up and start supporting the Trump administration. Sure, there is quite a bit of what I see needing the change vis-a-vie Trump, like his Twitter account.

But, what I bring today is along the same lines as the confused Americans, and those who would identify with their race, gender, orientations, and the like first when asked how they identify themselves.

051817_tucker_0Again, courtesy of Tucker Carlson on his show at Fox, we enter in on a woman who states and is lobbying for “safety and protective zones” for people to talk. Alright then, we are at the movie house patiently waiting for the film to start and this woman feels as though she needs a safe place to chat with her friend. In general, Tucker asks her what about the first amendment? Don’t we all here in America have the right to say what we want?

The woman being interviewed said, well, that is not enough. So, trying to humor the lady, Tucker then asks, what about being at the airport? How about on the plane? Certainly, Mr. Carlson is attempting to illustrate to this woman that separating some place in a church, mosque, temple, airport, grocery store, or wherever is not to justifiable.

Although our woman states now that, “she is a woman of color, black, Muslim, dresses differently regarding her head scarf, and above all a minority” she feels as though the right to freely speak is not enough – now she needs a safe place.

Can anyone of you reading this article understand this nonsense? I will openly say now 90000-4-220x150as I did when I saw this happening. What is this woman trying to hide? Given just her religious background which she played up like it was the only thing, I was thinking she needs an area to discuss her plans…

So finally, Tucker asks her this very easy question, Miss, can you tell us how you identify yourself? So, she starts with, a woman of color, black, I am a Muslim, and I am an educator.” Tucker promptly says, “Thank you very much.”

I know what Tucker was looking for. He was hoping while looking forward to the woman saying one single word…maybe the word, why she was on television, speaking of rights, wanting to forcefully debate Tucker about “why” some things are the way they are…Tucker was looking for the word AMERICAN.


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