Two matters to think on before you endorse or vote in the next election

Two matters to think on before you endorse or vote in the next election


typer2I realize that this is truly coming to you at this late hour on Thursday, June 29, 2017, however, as the busiest creature on earth today this is demonstrating a love that I have for my and our reader’s. I have a couple of legitimate concerns to come to you this evening and if there is any method to which you believe I am unfounded in my discloses then, by all means, please alert me about them.

First, up for discussion is the President’s new U.S. Supreme Court ruling, that according to the way in which our republic or (Union) was embraced the SCOTUS definitely ruled correctly. There is no rocket science with this decision, just plain reading and of course, comprehending the material.

Which brings me to my first concern: Why is it that there are some people that are making such a stink about this ruling or blatantly arguing against sound wisdom? Goodness, I felt that the Circuit Court of Appeals judges were overstepping their judicial Providence in ruling the way they did.

I firmly believe that a sovereign nation should by any and all means have a secure system of protecting itself. Inasmuch as this ruling does not stifle any religiosity or instigate any predisposed discrimination then why are people arguing against sound wisdom?

When one looks to the nations that have been selected for this extra vetting process what comes to my mind is the ridiculous divagating in and around Hollywood, California around OSCAR time. Look at a map for goodness sake. Every one of those countries has been featured in a film deluxe with the murdering of children by children. There also must be more child soldiers than all else.

I am sorry but as for me it is an invitation for refugees’ and other asylum-seekers; this is not what America was founded for; consequently, why change it up now?

Now for that second matter of great and grave concern: Why are especially Democrats all over this issue commonly referred to as “Voter Registration and Rules”? I can clearly remember as though it was yesterday, at how the Democrats, including the former President Obama, USAG Eric Holder, as well as the so-called officers at the State Department as well as the Justice Department felt as though it was an expense that could not be granted!

Least I remind anyone reading out there that Republicans, independents, and those kgucxcnt_biggerinterested in having a fair election process only started by trying to clean-up their respective registered voter rolls. But not even a fair shake there – that very scenario was taken to court by the executive branch and aimed at state governors!

Now, after the Clinton debacle – of an unchartered victory gone definitely astray, every supporter of hers and of the Democrat party is sobbing the tears of “it’s got to be the Russians!” At any rate, it is definitely appealing me to see the leveling of CNN as well as other media networks. This is definitely one of those, “what goes around, comes around.”


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