Gimme gimme some lovin’

Gimme, gimme, some lovin’ I need it

martha-maccallum-insider-2013I feel as though I really want to and need to write it out. It is about this situation we have going on over here in the USA where by some people with nothing else better to do than trying their worrisome hands at political incorrectness. Although what I am writing about and therefore confronting, in this notion of “supremacy,” or being dominant in some way over and certainly against other members of humankind.

I was ticked purple this last month and how the mainstream media has labeled this clown who created mass murder in Charlotte, South Carolina as a “White Supremacist.” Even if the guy himself referred to himself in that malady let’s all of us try this one.

First, I believe that this sizing up of oneself is far too grandiose than a person with that condition is able to summons about themselves. Let’s just face this one straight up – with the likelihood being very high it was probably those parishioners who got the guy, wrestled him to the ground and disarmed him and henceforth, being interviewed by the mainstream-media we somehow coaxed into using the word if he did at all; my own personal feelings – is that the guy didn’t know what a White Supremacist is.  michelle-malkin_thumb

Secondly, I fear that we are entering back into our “abuse excuse” difficulty with is nothing more than any given person not being accountable for themselves or what they have done in their own actions. Look I’m all for saving a statue – Moreover, all some 1100 of them in the South would be ideal. I started writing an article last night dealing with this dingbats in where…Portland Oregon, or in reality, Southeastern Portland Oregon inasmuch as they somehow have voted against using the word “Lynch” in their three common elementary schools rendered to them as an elderly lady “gifting” over her spacious unencumbered property as land grants to what is now being run by the Centennial School District, well as no surprise her last name was Lynch.

Goodness, gracious people let’s try and get to the real concern of life. I believe that President Trump did a wonderful thing from the White House today. As a stick in the mud, what would Barack Obama do if he was out on a golf day?

doveTime for a bit of reality, can you or will you hang? If you don’t like anything about Jesus Christ, maybe you should stop reading here, or better still you should read with everything you’ve got and maybe God will assist you in your understanding. Rather than rushing out to hurt or kill someone today, take a deep breath and commit yourself to putting in the same energy into loving someone? Wish someone a great day – they may need a pick me up. Lately, at the Starbuck’s I attend, people are opening the door for everyone and I do as well. You’d be surprised how many folks are touched in a great way. Damn, if ain’t a catchy thing to do either. Do it once, and the dude or lady behind you will do the same, and the next person in line will do the same on and on…

Hey tough guys out there, if a mega billionaire for the life of me took on the Presidency of the US, leaves a solid round of golf to say “hey, let’s do some loving” or something along those lines, rather than some mixed up nut from North Korea…..which one would you rather be? Ask yourself that question.


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