When One’s Liberties are taken too far!

When One’s Liberties are taken too far!

facebookWhat is being suggested here is not a social media platform – or divulging a limited amount of information about ones-self. I would not be telling the truth if I did not say that social media platforms or websites have assisted my life. Good or bad, I believe is what is at stake here.

I am not sure if individuals want to disclose bad deeds that have occurred in their lives. Perhaps some do, then again some do not. I am making a direct correlation about what screenwriters, poets, and some authors suggest, which is that a certain desirable characteristic that some in the female form want to hook up with someone listed as a “bad guy.”

Whew! I don’t think those who are interested in discussing films would in any way movie-cameradisagree with that assessment.  West Side Story, Bonnie and Clyde, Beauty and the Beast, Pirates of the Caribbean, Fifty Shades, Suicide Squad, Gangster Films, Most Boxing Films, Titanic, Twilight Saga, Unforgiven, Batman, and I am positive with a little research this list could easily triple.

However, isn’t it our right to give this information out to and certainly to whom we’d like to know it. This evening I was listening to the news and a very prominent gentleman stated, “as soon as I click on any ad on the internet, there will be at least four or five products that have made it through to my screen before I returned to my originating spot.” Anyone know the feeling?

For me, this has gone too far; in as much as the original APP agreement or anything for that matter that we looked at on the internet, those terms and agreements have changed into pages. Once it was name, contacts, and location to now pages long of data mining and by using any APP we certainly have given any right to stop them from malware or any tracking device.

article-2337420-1A3017AE000005DC-343_634x395So, what and where to now? Facebook is the one in town for questioning. So, I am just as pinned down as any person we see on talk television, radio, and the internet. The “I’m sorry, well fix it, and it won’t happen again” just doesn’t do it for me. In the last two administrations, not that they were to blame, but with the National Security Agency (NSA), Google, Yahoo, or any search engine out there, Apple, Microsoft, or every prominent tech leader is out there data mining and jump into bed with any telephone company and these organizations have a better profile than any of us could write.

So, Congress, the executive branch, and the judiciary branch why is there any problem with immigration controls? For the life of me, bio-recognition is on my cell phone – and you people are arguing about E-Verify while making new visa accommodations? Some of us are in the real world. Catch up and stop stealing from me and every other person who reads this article.


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