Let History be Made!

Let History be Made!

trump and KenyeFinally, we have entered matters where so many of us have wanted to be for so long. So many of our fathers, grandfathers, grandmothers can easily remember the Battle of Chosin Reservoir, in Korea. Since that time, hundreds of men and women have constantly been stationed in South Korea.

Now, it looks as though with the Creator’s blessing those separated family members and other relatives may be able to be with one another once again. It’s very difficult for me to even grasp the notion of a North or South Korea.

This indeed could be the most significant event in the history of humankind. Get it, hopefully, no nukes, sanctions, a peaceful Kim Jung um and a Korea that is united!

Okay, women are no doubt going crazy because of what Gloria Allred said yesterday (see story below). And it looks as though some folks – yep the ones that matter – are seeing their ways clear of hatred, especially against President Trump. Below is a quote from John Legend from Twitter:

“The defining trait of Trump’s campaign and political profile was his embrace of white supremacy.  He made it clear every time he spoke. Some serious cognitive dissonance to ignore that for the other x% you might find appealing. I guess I agree with >1% of anyone’s thoughts though.”

7:11 PM – Apr 25, 2018

In all sincerity what kind of shit is this? Cognitive dissonance from its founder defines the phenomenon this way:  People tend to seek consistency in their beliefs and perceptions. So, what happens when one of our beliefs conflicts with another previously held belief?

The term cognitive dissonance is used to describe the feelings of discomfort that result 51h4CU8BzBL._AC_US218_from holding two conflicting beliefs. When there is a discrepancy between beliefs and behaviors, something must change to eliminate or reduce the dissonance. How exactly does cognitive dissonance work, and how does it influence how we think and behave?

Festinger’s (1957) cognitive dissonance theory suggests that we have an inner drive to hold all our attitudes and beliefs in harmony and avoid disharmony (or dissonance). Attitudes may change because of factors within the person. A crucial factor here is the principle of cognitive consistency, the focus of Festinger’s theory of cognitive dissonance. This theory starts from the idea that we seek consistency in our beliefs and attitudes in any situation where two cognitions are consistent. Leon Festinger proposed cognitive dissonance theory, which states that a powerful motive to maintain cognitive consistency can give rise to irrational and sometimes maladaptive behavior.

This can be the only manipulation of the phenomenon that John Legend is referring too; albeit, it is a fine disposition to be in. I wonder how the evangelical community wrestled with the notion of legalizing same-sex marriage. Before anyone pounces, even though there is definitive literature that states this action to be wrong, one must ask, who am I to stand in judgment of how or why someone loves another person or with whom they spend their time?

At first it was devastating for me until I learned that maybe these people were on a different plane with their loving; furthermore, one certainly cannot stand in the way of harmony, love, passion or compassion or else their own personal feelings are incorrect.

KanyeNow, if Mr. Kanye West has indeed received some sort of historical reasoning, or nudge from the Divine he should not be held in the condescending parlance. Now as for me, John Legend is one of the most talented as well as accomplished entertainers out there. I would much foster his twitting insofar as it promotes harmony. Isn’t this what singers, rappers, and rock stars or even I write songs about?

“Black people don’t have to be Democrats”—Such an insightful and learned quote by KimChance the Rapper. Moreover, it is felt in academia that is blacks really received historical study they’d most likely lynch democrats. Then the real drawing line is when people call into mental health issues. Which they did without mercy or even conscience. However, Kim Kardashian finally showed her intelligentsia with the following quote:

“When he spoke out about Trump… Most people (including myself) have very different feelings & opinions about this,” Kardashian tweeted. “But this is HIS opinion. I believe in people being able to have their own opinions, even if really different from mine. He never said he agrees with his politics.


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