Anyone Thinking About “Clearing out the Pond?”

Anyone Thinking About “Clearing out the Pond?”

LauraThe very first news story of my morning literally started shortly after 1:00 am this morning, Wednesday, June 13, 2018, while I sat hoping to fall asleep right there and then. Okay, I was watching the double-take of the Ingraham Angle, starring MS Laura Ingraham of the Fox News programs. Not only is Laura Ingraham a real stunner, I recently found out that she is no spring chicken as far as age goes. Laura can sit there with her long blonde hair, bulging blue eyes, the whitest teeth on earth and general yet overwhelming awesome looks and mesmerize one with her journalistic prowess.

During the time in her show, she started on a story about how certain ranking officials within the Department of Justice (DOJ) are threatening to issue subpoenas to members of The House Committee on Intelligence for various paperwork, emails, and other assorted nonsense.

Amazingly, just two days after President Trump is back from one of the most unintended meetings this world has seen with President Trump in order to meet face to face with North Korean Big Guy, Kim Jong Un. In a meeting that took the world by surprise with most journalists wondering where to begin, all of the sudden there is rift-raft going on between members of DOJ and the House Committee on Intelligence.              seal_of_the_united_states_department_of_justice_svg

Even if you haven’t yet thought about it or still don’t want to face it, there is one totally different episode that is running throughout Washington D.C., that most people do not want to think of, and that ladies and gentlemen, is the notion behind the idea of CLEANING UP FOGGY BOTTOM or CLEANING UP THE SWAMP.

Normally when one individual goes down or thinks they are going to go down, they immediately start thinking, who will I take down with me? I know it is petty and even sorrowful to have a member of humankind thinking this way, but, — look at whom we are addressing! One member is the second in command at the Justice Department, Mr. Rob Rosenstein, and on the House side, three members of the Intelligence Committee are looking for advice on how to sue Mr. Rosenstein, who has served within the DOJ for over twenty-eight years.

The measure appears to be centered around MS Rachael Brand who is the third in command at DOJ who will be declaring her retirement after her nine-month appointment by the Senate. MS Brand is the one who is slotted to take over for Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation as soon as he leaves.


“I think it’s a disgrace what’s happening in our country,” Trump said last week when he was asked about the release of a memo from Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee claiming abuses in the Russia investigation.

Simply for me, it is one way of cleaning up the swamp that the Capitol is built over. By means of ridding itself of personnel not either cutting the mark or is implicated in something with or without cohorts who face retiring circumstances.

One need not need to be a newshound to look and see who it is that is leaving Washington. Look at it this way, there are a lot of qualified folks that are either preparing to leave or have made their plans known about leaving. This is not to say that these individuals have done anything wrong.


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