Hark the Herald Angles Sing

Hark the Herald Angels Sing

220px-Kirstjen_Nielsen_2018And the tune is resoundingly lovely! It has f-i-n-a-l-ly become time that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) through their very well-spoken secretary, MS Kirstjen Nielsen, the tune that is being sung is an “oldie but goodie” and is identified under several names. I thought this would be as good as time as ever to identify the songs and to allude to what each of them means, especially in English.

MS Kirstjen Nielsen the new Senate appointed Secretary of Homeland Security is well-conditioned and my humble opinion the best and brightest person to have ever held that position. There are several reasons why I have concluded this posture and I wish to share them with you.

Of the first part, MS Nielsen is a graduate of Georgetown University with and an undergraduate degree in Foreign Service and went on to earn a Juris Doctorate from the Virginia University School of Law. Later, she became Principal Deputy White House Chief of Staff and served as a security expert and as an advisor to our President, Donald Trump.

Unlike the former Secretary’s Jeh Johnson and Mrs. Napolitano both of the Obama Administration. MS Nielsen actually reads the laws involved with each act to where there is no misdetermination or misunderstanding predicated upon these laws or acts.          200px-Secretary_Kirstjen_Nielsen_sworn_in

At the closing Presidential Briefing today in the White House the floor, lectern,        microphone, and audience was delivered over to MS Nielsen to clear-up some of the most critical issues that face immigration policy that stands in our nation today. One very important issue that MS Nielsen makes clear notification of is in the notion that the very trouble the US is having with immigration policy is being created by those very individuals and organizations that have either by rumor or ill will themselves have created.

Our first example of this is that MS Nielsen states that any person regardless of age, asylum-seeking, religion, or creed that tries to break in, wander into, or enter into the US without approval is a criminal and will be treated just as any crime that has broken US law must pay the consequences.

Unlike Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and many other members of Congress who stipulate that someone here illegally is nothing more than “undocumented.” Moreover, since they are not criminals sporting many felony charges, only mind you, some with 1, 2, or 3 misdemeanor charges are no different than you or I.

ICE1282014_0Again, MS Kirstjen Nielsen, Secretary of Homeland Security, remains spot on that anyone here without prior permission is criminally here. Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen defended an agency policy that will result in more families being separated at the border, saying, under a barrage of questions at a Senate hearing, that similar separations happen in the US “every day.”

But Nielsen also agreed with senators that more must be done to protect the children who either come to the US without their parents or are separated from them.     New Cover

Nielsen was testifying Tuesday at a Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee hearing, where lawmakers on both sides of the aisle raised concerns about what happens to immigrant children who end up in the custody of DHS, who — by law — transfers such minors to the custody of Health and Human Services within two days. Furthermore, Justice Department officials announced that border agents will refer 100 percent of illegal crossings for prosecution, a decision that will most likely result in more family separations.


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