Gov. Jerry Brown vetoed a bill

California Gov. Jerry Brown vetoes California bill-to-bar

california-counties-mapGov. Jerry Brown vetoed a bill Thursday that would have ensured undocumented immigrants would not face civil arrest when going to court on another matter. Sen. Ricardo Lara, D-Bell Gardens (Los Angeles County), would have prevented civil arrests of any kind as long as a person was at the court for a legal proceeding. The bill would not have applied to criminal arrests at a courthouse.

I wanted to do a significant article on immigration prior to the weekend. My first reason is basically to see how this pans out for the number of illegals that will flock to California, the state with the most glamorous and lenient immigration laws in our country. Secondly, was in the matter of where and who authored the original legislation. I believe that Bell Gardens is also one of the cities, or very close to the cities where the entire realm of executives that assist in running the city got caught stealing government funds.

harrisPersonally, it was this kind of leadership that got me to change my living accommodations; however, I do return to So. California only for business. Running around in the entire state and allow me to remind anyone that California is a huge state, third to Alaska and Texas, is quite an adventure with street signs in 4 to 5 different languages with the highest Asian population of every state. Furthermore, the illegal Mexican population is in the millions of children, adults, and mothers and fathers.feinstein

Then again let’s really look at some of the more discreet (illegal) immigrant difficulties experienced there. Sanctuary cities are a constant problem. The majority of criminal activities occur in these cities. Maybe it is the feeling by some that their sentencing won’t be too bad because they are almost invited to live there. Real estate foreclosures remain a problem. If memory serves here in 2008, California was found to have the most amount of unqualified borrowers on the lists, approximately 8 million immigrants.

GettyImages-632708222-588a63cd5f9b5874ee23b9e9The number of drunk driving cases remain a joke there insofar as there are so many and repeat offenders are on a first name basis with judges and Department of Corrections personnel. Heck, in Kate Steinle’s case ICE said it turned Lopez-Sanchez over to San Francisco authorities on March 26 for an outstanding drug warrant. The agency requested an immigration detainer, but Horne said San Francisco officials believe that violates Fourth Amendment rights against unreasonable searches and seizures.

Lopez-Sanchez who was the perpetrator had 7 arrest warrants against him and had been deported some say as many as 8 times. After picking up a loaded pistol, he aimed and shot Kate in the head. And for those who wonder, walked out of the courtroom acquitted.

Please, puleez, those who live in central California; some of your representatives in Congress – causing the most disgraced behavior in US history are; Senator Dianne Feinstein, Rep. Nancy Pelosi, Senator Kamala Harris, whew, one would think that is enough!


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