the-goooo21Time to get the real message here folks. This entire nomination vetting process as conducted by the Senate Judiciary Committee has had nothing to do with whether or not Christine Blasey Ford had been sexually assaulted thirty-six years ago or whatever.

Furthermore, as to whether or not Judge Brett Kavanaugh had anything to do with this alleged “crime” is more so off the point. The players and or planners of this tale are of a much higher highbrow standard than all of us.

This entire fiasco is taking seed on you and me. So many of us are taught from early ages that the US is a country made of laws. And not particularly wanting to skip-over any of the highlights of what it is that I am referring too just a few to allow you to understand me: Benghazi, felonious FISA Court means to spy on us as citizens; moreover, the FISA Court warrants touch upon National Security, launching nuclear weapons, ad nausea. Basically, the manipulation of who sits on the US Supreme Court.

My reference to “made of laws” means precisely what it says. This issue has gotten so out-of-control with regard to laws – it has become the POLITICAL hacking and screaming for all time. I just wonder when Fox News is going to interview someone in the know. I am going to suggest ME.                                                                         4362 BILL OF RIGHTS-2.png

Let’s have a look at the “rule of law.” First, for the sanctity of being humane, we should all ask ourselves is it proper to imprison needlessly or for an extended period before their trial (VIII Amendment). When we presume a person to be innocent until convicted of a crime, are we not demeaning them as well as incarcerating them, and curtailing them of their liberty until such time that they are found innocent or guilty?

This means to me that a person is presumed innocent of a crime before by someone’s word that leads to the opposite happening? We are presumed innocent of a crime until there is reasonable evidence to suggest we may have been involved. It can and does, in this case, get worse. Written within the same law deals with cruel and unusual punishment. Albeit, that the parameters of cruelty and unusual punishment fluctuates from time to time (or Congress to Congress) some of the provisions of this law change from time to time.

In summation, this basically means the first a person MUST be CHARGED with a criminal activity, and that the person involved must be assured that they are INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY, until something is stated by those involved with this action (Democrats Dianne Feinstein, Mr. Whitehouse, and the rest of the Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee in so far as I do not believe that Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s rights had been undignified in fact, all of his Eighth Amendment rights were violated.

All together Brett Kavanaugh has been investigated by the FBI six times. Why did the Democratic members of the SJC lead off with suggesting the seventh investigation? Simply because it is the Democrats who do not want Brett Kavanaugh confirmed. Reasonably, which I know is beyond Democrat Party morals, Democrats are lobbying for more time to lobby yet the bottom of the swamp they have created.

The heck with Justice Sotomayor, or Justice Elena Kagan who are the two latest Justices to join the court, yet I ask has anyone dissented at their nomination? It is only US (public sentiment), the extremely wealthy, or those who want to break the laws of the USA who are pushing for this monstrosity.

feinsteinOnce a woman contacted another woman and without evidence of any kind stated, the thirty-six years ago she was the victim of sexual assault. No charges have ever been filed. Furthermore, no evidence whatsoever has been filed. What we have learned is that a woman who allegedly has a fear of flying, except if it’s for holiday to exotic places, has a very unstable memory, so much in fact that she can’t remember who shoved her into a bedroom, couldn’t remember if she passed notes to her attorney, who I would love to add cannot be advised by a constituents Senator, but this woman was. In fact, Senator Dianne Feinstein has broken more laws than is currently acceptable. Her husband (crime of conspiracy) bought all of the unused United States Postal Service offices in the USA, she also picked up an illegal immigrant and used her Senatorial prowess to get this person a path to citizenship, including college tuition at state rate prizes, need I go on? How about the Chinese chauffeur?




Other great articles to read: So, Democrats: What are you hiding from the FBI?https://www.foxnews.com/opinion/so-democrats-what-are-you-hiding-from-the-fbi

Republicans’ prosecutor says Brett Kavanaugh’s accuser, Christine Blasey Ford, has a weak case https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/2018/10/01/brett-kavanaugh-gop-prosecutor-says-sex-assault-accuser-has-weak-case/1484373002/


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