Let me Hear you say T-R-U-M-P

Let me Hear you say T-R-U-M-P

trump and KenyeJust having a short yet sincere look at our news this Wednesday, October 3, 2018, I still admit that there is a lot of people that simply do not get the message. President Trump says, “Let’s Make America Great Again,” then stating after the applause he says, “What we have here is not only is America great again but based on the economic and foreign policy numbers, we all are seeing America becoming greater that great. [Crowd erupts into loud applauds then quickly quiets down.]

So, what happened in the news (world) today? First and foremost, I did not know that a sitting President could nullify an existing treaty. And maybe President Trump didn’t nullify anything, but what I’m writing about is the changes to treaties made during the 1950s.                                                                                                                      mass_hysteria

At the State Department Wednesday, Pompeo said the U.S. will terminate the 1955 Treaty of Amity with Iran. This hit the news in the paper late today. The agreement was written with the intent of “emphasizing the friendly relations which have long prevailed between [the peoples of the United States and Iran],” the statement said. It also expressly encouraged mutually beneficial trade and positive economic and consular relations when it was enacted, which we know now is ridiculous.

The accord survived revolutions in Iran and widespread turmoil, including the hostage-taking of over 50 Americans for more than 400 days in the 1970s.

The decision to end the 63-year old accord was, according to Pompeo’s announcement,” frankly …39 years overdue.” Furthermore, the recent decision by the Trump administration to withdraw the U.S. from the 2015 Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action – also known as the Iran nuclear deal – and the increase in U.S. sanctions against Iran that followed, brought a new level of tension the U.S.-Iran relationship.

As far as sanctions are concerned, U.S. withdrawal from the 1955 agreement comes the same day that the United Nations International Court of Justice unanimously ruled that the U.S. must lift sanctions on humanitarian goods to Iran. The sanctions on those goods were enforced shortly after President Donald Trump pulled the U.S. out of the Iran nuclear deal.

GettyImages-103527954_1According to the International Court of Justice Judge Abdulqawi Ahmed Yusuf, the White House’s sanction on those goods may cause “serious detrimental impact on the health and lives of individuals on the territory of Iran.”

Pompeo called the international court’s ruling a “meritless case” on Wednesday and one that made a “useful point for us to demonstrate the absolute absurdity of the Treaty of Amity between the U.S. and the Islamic Republic of Iran.”

“Iran has attempted to interfere with the sovereign rights of the United States to take lawful actions as necessary to protect our national security,” Pompeo said. “Iran is abusing the International Court of Justice for political and propaganda purposes.”

The same with just a little language different is going on with North Korea. Recently a letter from Iran Tehran advised Kim to enter Tuesday’s negotiations with an “awareness” of the American habit of “quitting treaties and violating their commitments.” Monday’s comments from Iranian Foreign Ministry representative Bahram Ghasemi also professed “great pessimism” about Trump’s ability to reach and maintain a mutually beneficial denuclearization agreement.

Later during the same news that I was watching the was a female Democratic analyst who was stating that Democrats would be going to the mid-term polls just to show their distrust and hatred for President Trump. Therefore, I would like to ask, what is it precisely that she and other’s don’t like what our President is doing.


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