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White House considers rewriting Trump’s immigration order

White House considers rewriting Trump’s immigration order The White House is considering rewriting the executive order barring refugees and citizens of seven Muslim-majority countries from entering the country, according to officials, indicating the administration may try to restore some aspects … Continue reading

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The Façade of Multiculturalism

The Façade of Multiculturalism Please do not be suckered into it! Their tactics are just about the same for multiculturalism as they have been for illegal immigration, or change of venue, life, and from where the money comes from; still, … Continue reading

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Myths of Multiculturalism

On the one hand, we could read about the evils and outright despotism that has come to the minds of many of those experts in cultural studies, cultural assimilation, or the outright movement of people. Then again, on the other … Continue reading

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The Biblical View of HRC

The Biblical View of HRC During this year and especially in these recent days I have given a lot of research and/or fact-finding as it pertains to Hillary Rodham Clinton. Now in order for me to dedicate as much time … Continue reading

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Is this the right thing to do?

Georgetown University will give preference in admissions to the descendants of slaves owned by the Maryland Jesuits as part of its effort to atone for profiting from the sale of enslaved people, the president of the prominent Jesuit university in … Continue reading

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Time to Wake Up….People!!

Where in the United States Founding Documents does it say; moreover, that we are imperiled to assist every nation, habit, waterway, or group of any given people with monetary aid every time something happens in their countries? I have made … Continue reading

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Double-check the detailed charges on your bill

  If your kid is attending Prescott College in Arizona this fall, you may want to double-check the detailed charges on your bill. The private school is now charging every student a “non-mandatory” per-semester fee of $30 — or $60 … Continue reading

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Validity, Reliability, Accountability

Validity, Reliability, Accountability I feel like sharing a story with all of our readers here at The Contemplative Thinker. Okay then all-right! Before the newness of being a college graduate had worn off, I very humbly dotted all of the … Continue reading

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What is this country turning into…?

The First Amendment Defense Act FADA seeks to foster state sanctioned discrimination under the guise of religious liberty. On its face, this legislation purports to prohibit “discrimination” by the federal government based on individual’s religious beliefs about marriage. In reality, … Continue reading

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The Female Smut Dog Busted Again!

The Hacking, Coughing Smut Female Dog Busted Again! A hacked 42-page Democrat National Committee memo released on Monday reveals the dizzying array of Clinton Foundation scandal facts the DNC considers “vulnerabilities” for presumptive Democratic Party presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. The … Continue reading

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