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Education in America

Education in America This article is for my peace of mind; however, it is also for more parents who enjoy blaming the local school systems for the volatility and ineptitude of our schools. Although I have much to say, both … Continue reading

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Of particular interest to everyone…

Of particular interest to everyone… As many of my current readers know, only too well, I am engaged in writing a best-selling book at this time (or, it is certainly my intention, Ha!) So day-to-day normally at this particular time, … Continue reading

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On Improving America

On Improving America What we are experiencing now is a form of cultural genocide. This is clearly evidenced by what material we, as individuals, and as a nation, felt were strong values. This is indeed clearly found within America’s Founding … Continue reading

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It, (the spew) is never ending with this President

It, (the spew) is never ending with this President President Barack Obama’s appointment of a Christian transgender activist as an adviser on faith issues represents part of a larger agenda, some social conservatives fear. Last month, Obama named Barbara Satin, … Continue reading

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An Executive Failure

An Executive Failure “Energy in the executive is a leading character in the definition of good government. It is essential to the protection of the community against foreign attacks; it is not less essential to the steady administration of the … Continue reading

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Sociological Conundrums

Sociological Conundrums In order to understand the social world around us, it is necessary to employ theory to draw the connections between seemingly disparate concepts. In essence, we must make connections within the sociological world around us; and thus through … Continue reading

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Hey Mr. Obama, what’s it going to take?

Sanctuary-Cities The list of sanctuary cities has grown to more than 340, and they shielded an average of 1,000 immigrants a month from deportation last year — and more than 2,000 of those released have been arrested for yet more … Continue reading

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A Gated Community, Teens at a pool party, the Police are alerted

A Gated Community, Teens at a pool party, the Police are alerted I did not think I would ever stoop to this point to write a story but I have so let’s get to it. Undoubtedly by now just about … Continue reading

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