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Judicial Watch filed a FOIA lawsuit

Judicial Watch filed a FOIA lawsuit Judicial Watch filed a FOIA lawsuit with DOJ for any and all memos that might’ve been written by fired FBI Director James Comey on any conversations with Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, Sen. … Continue reading

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Perplexed of mind and confused?

Perplexed of mind and confused? We live in a big country. Maybe not a China big, or a Russia big, nonetheless, one could certainly argue that this country, although medium in size could be construed as the single largest if … Continue reading

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So, Why the War on Women?

So, Why the War on Women? I find it is incumbent upon me to ask all of these ladies, women and drama queens out there, “How much more would you like?” Please don’t answer that one just yet. I have … Continue reading

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Is there a Reasonable Title

Is there a Reasonable Title What a load of crap! Pardon me, please, for this opening. I don’t know why this is making its purview again on the Internet, but please, bear with me. I am certainly the kind of … Continue reading

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It is one misnomer after another…

It is one misnomer after another… Roseanne Barr waded into racial waters on Monday, suggesting that former Barack Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett is a product of the Muslim Brotherhood and the “Planet of the Apes.” I believe that it is … Continue reading

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Careful with these #MeToo Movements, part 3

♦ Careful with these #MeToo Movements, part 3 ♦  Okay then, back as promised with another edition of these #MeToo movements. I did take some time to cover what I feel is unequivocally important in American sovereignty vis-a-vie issues on “The Wall” as … Continue reading

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Careful with these #MeToo Movements

Careful with these #MeToo Movements Recently, I was trying in all earnest to learn as much about the #MeToo movement as possible. I believe it is of integrity and respect for one to learn as much about whatever movements as … Continue reading

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Another Icon Destructed…

Another Icon Destructed… Please go with me on this one…this has no implications on the winner of this star except for didn’t we ALL think she already had one, maybe two? The point is that if we were to take … Continue reading

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This is where Congress will have problems…!

This is where Congress will have problems…!   As far as the American people are concerned: First a joke – the American Congress, being both the House of Representatives and the so-called “upper house” which we will aptly refer to … Continue reading

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Sanctuary city advocates are at it Again

  Sanctuary city advocates are at it Again A federal judge has temporarily blocked most of Texas’ tough new “sanctuary cities” law allowing police to inquire about people’s immigration status during routine interactions such as traffic stops. My turn – … Continue reading

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