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Do you h8 your life that much?

Do you h8 your life that much? As far as I can see this must be the case. With so much good going on around us, well, exactly the opposite of the last administration’s full eight years; albeit, it has … Continue reading

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Say to the Press, “We deserve More!”

Say to the Press, “We deserve More!” Just a short rebuttal against what happened yesterday July 16, 2018, in response to how the mainstream media covered the events as two of the most powerful men with their “staffs and agencies” … Continue reading

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Breaking today…well at least for me

Breaking today…well at least for me Breaking today…well at least for me! Did you know that as of January 1, 2018, America has become the number 1 producer of domestic oil in the world? Apparently, this news went over big … Continue reading

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How Many times must you fall?

How Many times must you fall? Allow me to spell this one proposal out for you. Please, first of all, take this article to your nearest Hillary Clinton fan, then to your nearest Democrat Party member, then keep a copy … Continue reading

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Is there a Reasonable Title

Is there a Reasonable Title What a load of crap! Pardon me, please, for this opening. I don’t know why this is making its purview again on the Internet, but please, bear with me. I am certainly the kind of … Continue reading

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Careful with these #MeToo Movements, part 3

♦ Careful with these #MeToo Movements, part 3 ♦  Okay then, back as promised with another edition of these #MeToo movements. I did take some time to cover what I feel is unequivocally important in American sovereignty vis-a-vie issues on “The Wall” as … Continue reading

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Freedom of the Media

Media freedom, freedom of various kinds of media and sources of communication to operate in political and civil society. The term media freedom extends the traditional idea of the freedom of the press to electronic media, such as radio, television, and the Internet. The term acknowledges … Continue reading

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Education in America

Education in America This article is for my peace of mind; however, it is also for more parents who enjoy blaming the local school systems for the volatility and ineptitude of our schools. Although I have much to say, both … Continue reading

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Reviewing Presidential Success

Reviewing Presidential Success… Yeah, a brand new book, one I have been waiting to read. This book is the absolute must for the Presidential historian’s out there and obviously a prepared work because the author does not hold back anything … Continue reading

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What is America coming too?

What is America coming too? The fundamental reason for this question is that various events are going on in today’s America that would not have been seen in in prior days. Yet, not to be taken lightly, we have seen … Continue reading

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