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Freedom of the Media

Media freedom, freedom of various kinds of media and sources of communication to operate in political and civil society. The term media freedom extends the traditional idea of the freedom of the press to electronic media, such as radio, television, and the Internet. The term acknowledges … Continue reading

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Education in America

Education in America This article is for my peace of mind; however, it is also for more parents who enjoy blaming the local school systems for the volatility and ineptitude of our schools. Although I have much to say, both … Continue reading

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Reviewing Presidential Success

Reviewing Presidential Success… Yeah, a brand new book, one I have been waiting to read. This book is the absolute must for the Presidential historian’s out there and obviously a prepared work because the author does not hold back anything … Continue reading

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What is America coming too?

What is America coming too? The fundamental reason for this question is that various events are going on in today’s America that would not have been seen in in prior days. Yet, not to be taken lightly, we have seen … Continue reading

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“Enough is enough!”…said the normal operating public

Enough is enough…said the normal operating public When – are these advocates or special interest groups going to learn that no particular person is at odds with them and their demands? If we could just go through a couple of … Continue reading

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Tumultuous Times…Hum…Is Freedom of Speech a myth?

  Tumultuous Times…Hum…Is Freedom of Speech a myth?   If I may I would like to espouse on a couple of matters that involve Syria, the Assad regime – in particular, what is happening in the skies above Eastern Syria … Continue reading

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Is this a New Phenomenon?

Is this a New Phenomenon? Just as though it were the election cycle perpetuating itself upon us again, with the exception that now it is the mainstream media who was outted as being at fault (Thank you, Mr. Comey) in … Continue reading

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About that “New Normal” I mentioned in an earlier writing

About that “New Normal” I mentioned in an earlier writing For those who honestly care, perhaps an inside perspective to one, the students who attend Evergreen State College and two, the kind and type of school it is in open … Continue reading

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Freedom of Speech is most often used when Hate is utilized

Freedom of Speech is most often used when Hate is utilized   I have a story to share with you. I am not that good as a storyteller, or griot from tribal Africa but hey! That does not intimate that … Continue reading

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What constitutes Mental Illness?

What constitutes Mental Illness? This is precisely the kind of rubbish that defers me not to even read, listen to, or write about. Until the psycho-community can come up with some clear guidelines and definitive definitions as to what being … Continue reading

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