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So, Why the War on Women?

So, Why the War on Women? I find it is incumbent upon me to ask all of these ladies, women and drama queens out there, “How much more would you like?” Please don’t answer that one just yet. I have … Continue reading

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Compare and Contrast…Lohan

Any person who has spent any time in school-say up to middle or high school knows that in every history class without even questioning, there will be written tests that will ask the student to compare and contrast one or more … Continue reading

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Rowling: All by myself

J.K. Rowling’s attitude is a classic example of when human decency ceases and unadulterated greed takes over. Billionaire Harry Potter author, J.K. Rowling, would feel “exploited” if a fan’s unofficial encyclopedic companion to the boy wizard series was published, she said … Continue reading

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What a Great Way to Spend Valentine’s Day!

You know for whatever reason I just found this so adorable! Seriously the memories that have been evoked in me, the passion, and the innocence of it all, I thought it’s time for a little more of what makes me … Continue reading

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No Honor! Harry Potter, Shameful

In an earlier posting this week, we looked at institutional integrity.  In particular I had written about the mainstream media and their failure to base stories on facts; furthermore, I specifically mentioned a particularly older rag that in one editorial … Continue reading

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