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How Many of us Got Duped Today?

How Many of us Got Duped Today? This is not a meant to be a funny title. Quite openly, let’s try “How Many of Us got fooled, tricked, deceived, conned, cheated, hoodwinked or at least one of my favorites, swindled … Continue reading

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How Many times must you fall?

How Many times must you fall? Allow me to spell this one proposal out for you. Please, first of all, take this article to your nearest Hillary Clinton fan, then to your nearest Democrat Party member, then keep a copy … Continue reading

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Are You Experienced?

What an Experience! “But first, are you experienced,” sang Jimi Hendrix in his monumental break-out album, Are You Experienced, was close to how I felt watching the Presidential News Briefing today as a riveting display of rabid communication skills were … Continue reading

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Is there a Reasonable Title

Is there a Reasonable Title What a load of crap! Pardon me, please, for this opening. I don’t know why this is making its purview again on the Internet, but please, bear with me. I am certainly the kind of … Continue reading

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Come Clean…all of you!

Come Clean…all of you! Former President Barack Obama and his administration spent well over $1.5 billion dollars to get a hostage released from being in a place where maybe he belonged. In addition, he assisted in concocting the Iran Plan which … Continue reading

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Now, the so-called “Investigation” is out of control

Now, the so-called “Investigation” is out of control In what may be one of the most controversial studies of the year, researchers at Skidmore College—clearly triggered by a change in the American Psychological Association (APA) stylebook—sought to quantify the benefits … Continue reading

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McCain, in new memoir, chides Trump for undermining U.S. values

McCain, in a new memoir, chides Trump for undermining U.S. values Why anyone would, or pardon me “Mr. Hero,” could be reading this memoir is shameful. U.S. Senator John McCain rebukes President Donald Trump in a new memoir, accusing his … Continue reading

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When is Enough, enough?

When is Enough, enough? I want to come out and scream it at the top of my lungs! I am no longer able to see the intent of men, even when there are those out there who are doing their … Continue reading

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Let History be Made!

Let History be Made! Finally, we have entered matters where so many of us have wanted to be for so long. So many of our fathers, grandfathers, grandmothers can easily remember the Battle of Chosin Reservoir, in Korea. Since that … Continue reading

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When One’s Liberties are taken too far!

When One’s Liberties are taken too far! What is being suggested here is not a social media platform – or divulging a limited amount of information about ones-self. I would not be telling the truth if I did not say … Continue reading

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