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U.S. Intelligence agencies need Clarity, Source information, and Reliability

U.S. Intelligence agencies need Clarity, Source information, and Reliability I cannot speak, write, or debate for anyone but myself. Yet, this situation does not preclude me from at least trying ⸻ with some reasonable amount of clarity and conciseness about … Continue reading

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Downplay Columbus Day

Downplaying Columbus Day? A growing number of U.S. cities and states moved to downplay Columbus Day — a federal holiday — in favor of the rebranded Indigenous Peoples’ Day, but one major city rejected a proposal for the name change this … Continue reading

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Extemporaneous Events in Life

Extemporaneous events in life are those impromptu, improvised, done, performed events that we let go, albeit, without preparation. Seeing how the usage came into being from Latin — ex tempore (out of time) joined the English language sometime during the … Continue reading

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Greta Van Susteren abruptly leaves Fox News

I have no permanent or concrete leads as to what’s happening over at Fox; consequently, all I do know is that several people are not making the money they’ve earned and there are several questions relating to sexual abuse … Continue reading

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It, (the spew) is never ending with this President

It, (the spew) is never ending with this President President Barack Obama’s appointment of a Christian transgender activist as an adviser on faith issues represents part of a larger agenda, some social conservatives fear. Last month, Obama named Barbara Satin, … Continue reading

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Trump’s Campaign — by Riyadh Mohammed

Trump’s Campaign — by Riyadh Mohammed Donald Trump has done what few politicians have been able to achieve in this century: He has brought disparate immigrant groups together to oppose him in what some think of as a new “melting … Continue reading

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Obama’s at it Again — His Home Kingdom, the USA

Obama’s at it Again — His Home Kingdom, the USA There must be a way of controlling a sitting President when he gets so far out of it that his behavior and demeanor are obvious to the entire world; starting … Continue reading

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