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Careful with these #MeToo Movements, part 3

♦ Careful with these #MeToo Movements, part 3 ♦  Okay then, back as promised with another edition of these #MeToo movements. I did take some time to cover what I feel is unequivocally important in American sovereignty vis-a-vie issues on “The Wall” as … Continue reading

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“In undue haste, confusion or disorder” or “in a haphazard manner.

“In undue haste, confusion or disorder” or “in a haphazard manner.” According to Merriam-Webster’s dictionary, Helter Skelter means “in undue haste, confusion or disorder” or “in a haphazard manner.” And the lyrics to the Beatles song of the same name seem … Continue reading

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A Different Perspective…if you will…

A Different Perspective…if you will… Think about this statistic. Nearly the entire white population of America from 1600 to 1970 (370 years) came from a geographic area of the world about twice the size of the state of Texas. The … Continue reading

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Kanye West Matters…yes, but to whom..?

Kanye West Matters…yes, but to whom..? You know how it is stated, “What goes around, comes around…or even taking a page from The Beatles, “Instant Karma’s gonna get you…it’ll knock you right on your back…” In a minutia of self-disclosure … Continue reading

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Have you NO SHAME?

We believe that a bit more needs addressing, as well as displayed, so that you can see how petty and ridiculous this shameful action brought on by Eric Holder’s Justice Department and Obama’s administration. One would think that having a … Continue reading

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Ebonics is not a language!

What if you were to take some professional educators and ask them to discuss various options with speech therapists, and during that same in-service working environment linguists as well as parents, social working professionals, and most of all the students … Continue reading

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Is Hyphenation Politically Correct?

Many of us at The Thinker believe that this issue of ‘political correctness’ has gone completely overboard. This is not the first time any one of us has written about the notion of labels or how through special interest groups, … Continue reading

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“Unified Change”?

You talk about slithering…what a brood of vipers! I am here to tell you that there is no end to the skullduggery, back-stabbing, cheating, and with no shame mind you…maybe that’s way these Washington D.C. politicians fit in so well … Continue reading

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Hollywood or Hollyweird?

[every one in the room seems ‘enchanted’] “Oh gawd yes j.p. please continue on” requested the ear-to-ear grinning Mistress of Ceremonies. [smiling and amused j.p. continues] “One would have thought it was the ‘Second Coming of God’ every Hollywood person … Continue reading

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Hollywood and Politics

[hand lifted high in the air, squirming in the seat] My turn! My turn! Okay then j. p. what do you think? [composes self, deep breath inhaling…then a longer exhale] Hmm, Yes, then, why do I think Hollywood actors, actresses, … Continue reading

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