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Give me a break…

Give me a break… Doesn’t anyone listen? Furthermore, are people learning anything from the listening? I do not think of myself as being any better than the next person – but I will openly admit that I use my mind … Continue reading

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Gimme gimme some lovin’

Gimme, gimme, some lovin’ I need it I feel as though I really want to and need to write it out. It is about this situation we have going on over here in the USA where by some people with nothing else … Continue reading

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Who We Are as a People, part II

Who We Are as a People, part II I would like to continue on from where I left off in the previous post. Actually, this article should be started with an excerpt or teaser and then continued on to its … Continue reading

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Who We Are as a People..?

Who We Are as a People..? I can only take partial credit for this article. I was reading some academic source filled entertainment when I came across another article that really inspired me. Subsequently, I decided to take part in … Continue reading

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