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Russia, Syria, and Iran..?

First my humblest apologies for the sporadic writing and presence on this my site, The Contemplative Thinker! Just a bit about me, I have been working very, very hard with my publisher and we’re going to be published again! I … Continue reading

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A Look at the Spin of Sanctuary Cities

A Look at the Spin of Sanctuary Cities The concept of sanctuary — providing a safe haven for people fleeing oppression — has a long history and is now in the news because President Donald Trump has threatened to cut off federal funds … Continue reading

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The Façade of Multiculturalism

The Façade of Multiculturalism Please do not be suckered into it! Their tactics are just about the same for multiculturalism as they have been for illegal immigration, or change of venue, life, and from where the money comes from; still, … Continue reading

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How many of us knew that it would be this way?

I very recently (within this week) received a letter from my Congressman, Rep. Elijah Cummings asking me to read some articles which I later found out  were to further his cause of lambasting President Trump. So what we have here … Continue reading

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Being able to come to America is a privilege, not a right

“Being able to come to America is a privilege, not a right,” I believe it was Monday at the daily news briefing for those who have been appointed the White House as their area of operation when White House Press … Continue reading

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Of particular interest to everyone…

Of particular interest to everyone… As many of my current readers know, only too well, I am engaged in writing a best-selling book at this time (or, it is certainly my intention, Ha!) So day-to-day normally at this particular time, … Continue reading

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Trying to “Fix America”

Trying to “Fix America” Readers, please try and remember this statement from a different story at a different time of America’s history. “If you’re not fighting against the mob, [then] you’re enabling it.” How many more times does it take … Continue reading

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FBI backs CIA view that Russia intervened to help Trump win election

FBI backs CIA view that Russia intervened to help Trump win election U.S. intelligence agencies conclude that Russia intervened in the 2016 election to help the campaign of Donald Trump. Here’s what you need to know: The writing in text … Continue reading

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DEFIANT SANCTUARY CITIES TO REFUSE During the campaign, President-elect Trump promised to cut federal funding for cities that refuse to cooperate with federal immigration authorities because such policies are responsible for “so many needless deaths.” After the election, a number … Continue reading

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Something I like…”44″

Something I like…”44″ since I don’t have to use the name If you are conservative say in your beliefs, moral values, or even in your memory we are sure you would love the site called The Young Conservatives. Just doing … Continue reading

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