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Socialism for America?

Socialism is defined as “a way of organizing a society in which major industries are owned and controlled by the government rather than by individual people and companies,” and democratic socialism is a form of government in which state regulation … Continue reading

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Recognition, Records, and Rewards

This year, counting the BCS championship game on January 8, there are 34 bowl games. That means 68 of the 119 Division I teams are playing in a bowl game. Are teams being rewarded for a good season played? Today … Continue reading

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Not a stain to “the dignity of this award”

It seems that these days one has to go very, very far out there in order to find a person who rather than look out after their own interests, see to it that they do something so incredibly thoughtless that … Continue reading

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Discrimination, racial profiling, and hate speech

How are we American’s supposed to stop racial profiling, all forms of discrimination, and in particular the idea of hate speech while the likes of the Rev. Jesse Jackson issuing a statement blasting the owner of the Cleveland Cavaliers of … Continue reading

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Team USA..You did us proud!

We are not altogether certain if there has ever been a sporting event, yacht club racing, or even the Olympic Games that captivated the minds and hearts of those from who they represented and beyond. We care about those men … Continue reading

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Why riot in your own neighborhood?

Perplexed to say the very least and I’m looking to every place and to everyone where this esteemed writing goes in the blogosphere for a logical, even a reasonable answer – is there someone who can explain with any degree … Continue reading

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Phoenix Suns = ‘Los Suns’

“The frustration with the federal government’s failure to deal with the issue of illegal immigration resulted in passage of a flawed state law,” Sarver’s statement read. “However intended, the result of passing the law is that our basic principles of … Continue reading

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Congress: Is this how you raise your kids?

Whenever two or more are gathered it’s alleged that one should stay away from discussing the ‘forbidden three’: Politics, Sex, and Religion. Therefore, as America evolved, especially late in the 20th century rather than talk about any one of the … Continue reading

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Dismantling language…why?

Before we even go into the nonsensical notions of being “Politically Correct” (PC) and we will get there – however – something needs to be stated about the current situation in Iran. We don’t know what news you watch or … Continue reading

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Clinton: Look inward…at yourself!

At times we sure do miss the comedian, George Carlin, especially his variety of comedy. Carlin had a unique way of making us laugh at ourselves, and we saw that it was okay to laugh at our own behavior. In … Continue reading

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