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Freedom of the Media

Media freedom, freedom of various kinds of media and sources of communication to operate in political and civil society. The term media freedom extends the traditional idea of the freedom of the press to electronic media, such as radio, television, and the Internet. The term acknowledges … Continue reading

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Some of what I referred to yesterday

This discussion really sparked my interest and motivation insofar as it was not some child-like adolescent or unwell-read mainstream media reporting it. This dialogue by Mr. Victor Davis Hanson is what the general tenor in the USA was like. Hope … Continue reading

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If You Claim to be an American, just read and comment!

If You Claim to be an American, just read and comment! Have you ever experienced one of those days, moreover, daze would be a better word. It is not like anything happened or occurred wrongly, it is far more the … Continue reading

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Six Huge Blunders from the Obama Presidency

Six Huge Blunders from the Obama Presidency              The following are the six (6) main blunders that have happened to us — the American people — pursuant to the presidency of Barack Hussein Obama. I … Continue reading

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Three Examples of Terrible Journalism

 From the The two-year, $7 million, taxpayer-funded Republican inquisition called the House Select Committee on Benghazi slithered to a stop last week with the release of a report on the terrorist attacks that killed four Americans in 2012 in Benghazi, … Continue reading

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