Freedom of the Media

90000-4-220x150Media freedom, freedom of various kinds of media and sources of communication to operate in political and civil society. The term media freedom extends the traditional idea of the freedom of the press to electronic media, such as radio, television, and the Internet. The term acknowledges that the media in modern societies consist of more than print sources. Media freedom is generally held to be necessary for democratic societies. Individuals generally cannot get sufficient information on their own to make informed decisions on public matters, so they rely on media to provide information. In addition, the media are an outlet for public discussion and opinion and generally fulfill the functions of seeking the truth, educating the public, and serving as a watchdog over government.

Right then…, do you honestly believe that in today’s media that their main function is seeking the truth, educating the public, and serving as a watchdog over government affairs?

Free media help ensure that the democratic principle of publicity—sometimes1 keep families together referred to as transparency—is satisfied. Publicity refers to making information about the operations of government public and provides the opportunity for public debate and scrutiny of matters of public concern. Many think that this function of the media prevents and corrects abuses of power. Conversely, the media provide information about citizen opinion and concerns to political leaders and others in power. Media freedom and its protection of the principles of publicity can be curtailed both by excessive government control and regulation and by market forces and practices. Other influences that can reduce the effectiveness of media are increases in elite or private modes of communication that evade public scrutiny, the reduced literacy of consumers of media, and lack of access to media for use by the public.

Without being overly redundant, do you feel this to be a true statement of the media as it arrives at you in whatever form?


Former USAG Loretta Lynch

If we could just draw attention to the recent FISA Court decisions as well as USAG Lynch’s asking for “Blacklisted” people within our government. I openly feel, predicated upon evidence that the media is doing quite the opposite. Do you believe that the media is forthcoming about the public decision vis-a-vie illegal aliens and sanctuary cities?

Media freedom implies media responsibility and accountability. If free media are going to fulfill their vital functions, then the public needs assurance that the media are seeking the truth and acting to guard the public interest. Government regulations on media seek to ensure that media act within the parameters of public interest. However, many argue that all or many government regulations interfere with media freedom and violate the public’s right to choose and own media sources. On the other hand, government regulations may be necessary to control corporate media outlets that dominate the public’s access to information.

Anytime that the media skews information and/or make untrue statements about the President (the last poll represented that mainstream media covered President Trump in a positive way only 3% of the time versus 94% negative).



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When is it going to end?

When is it going to end?

kgucxcnt_biggerPolitely now, I have come to the unprecedented conclusion that I no longer want to, or even care to listen to another illegal immigration “activist” without further annoyance. Please understand that as I’ve stated in the past, I am preparing a series of posts on illegal immigrant rights, stature, treatment, entitlements, and more of what they receive once they arrive in the USA.

And am I ever learning! It appears these lists accommodating illegal immigrants are endless. Furthermore, I am aware that people in this country without proper permission, citizenship, or by right do not like being called or referred to as “illegal.” Yet, as at the time of this writing, if I were to drop the illegal section, there is no way to be clear about whom I am writing about. Plus, contrary to Rep. Nancy Pelosi-D CA and others within our current government who have a challenging time understanding that when a person does something illegal, it does carry a title.

Just tonight on a television show called, The Story, I was listening to the show’s martha-maccallum-insider-2013moderator discussing the “illegal” situation in the state of California and the completely unconstitutional sanctuary cities when I got overwhelmed with adrenaline at his remarks, tone, and attitude.

Before I get going on that well-trodden path, what I want to write is some apparent new executive orders written and signed and apparently looking to be legislated into law. Ready? Great, here we go. It is believed we’ve needed this program for ions.

 The “Office for Victims of Crimes Committed by Removable Aliens,” now called “Victims of Immigration Crime Engagement (VOICE),” was created by an executive order on immigration enforcement on January 25 and enhanced in a memorandum by DHS secretary John Kelly on February 20. VOICE is a very appropriate name for this office. For years American families victimized by illegal aliens have been ignored. Because of the misuse of “privacy” rules and indifference, they have been unable to find out whether the criminals who attacked their family members were in the country legally or illegally, or even whether the aliens were incarcerated, deported, or set free.

kathryn-steinleLet’s just think of the Kate Steinle’s family or just about last weekend’s tragedy that included three vehicles’, deaths, a drunk illegal alien, and the man was let go in Colorado before the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials even arrived to process the illegal alien.

Secretary Kelly’s memo stated that “criminal aliens routinely victimize Americans. . .. Often, these victims are not provided adequate information about the offender, the offender’s immigration status, or any enforcement action taken by ICE [Immigration and Customs Enforcement] against the offender . . . leaving victims feeling marginalized and without a voice.” The DHS memo declared that the new office would create a liaison with the victims and provide information including the “offender’s immigration status and custody status.” Funds for VOICE would be reallocated from “resources that are currently used to advocate on behalf of illegal aliens,” an Obama initiative, which would be “immediately” terminated. Thus, no major new bureaucracy would be created.

It is to Donald Trump’s credit that he has done what no other presidential candidate, or image054 (2)major American political figure, has ever done, by championing these unfashionable and (for many) inconvenient victims of illegal-immigrant crime (inconvenient because of they muddy the dominant media narrative).

In contrast to Trump, when the family members of Americans killed by illegal aliens testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee in the summer of 2015, Senators Chuck Schumer (D., N.Y.) and Richard Durbin (D., Ill.) fled the hearing room and returned only after the families had gone. As Mark Krikorian explained, these Americans are “all dead because federal, state, and local governments have abdicated their responsibility to protect American citizens from foreign criminals.”

I found some interesting statistics whilst researching these initiatives and crimes. Did you know;

   * Three-fourths of the drivers had no auto insurance – more than four times the image054 (3)national rate for uninsured motorists.

  * Nearly all the vehicles driven by migrants and other laborers were registered to other drivers.

  * Ninety-three percent of the vehicles had out-of-state tags – most of them from Tennessee.

  * The number of injuries per accident was about 50 percent higher than the statewide average.




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Education in America

Education in America

3ringcircus(1)This article is for my peace of mind; however, it is also for more parents who enjoy blaming the local school systems for the volatility and ineptitude of our schools. Although I have much to say, both historically and pure source driven material about the condition of the school system in America, I have decided to leave that out. Maybe, someday I will write an article or series of them allowing those who don’t know what truths about education that they licentiously think they know.

Just as in every manner of life, it is felt that we should look first at what the problem is if one exists. I write this in as much as often it is our children who are at the center of the problem. Rather than accepting the truth as it is, far more often than most people think, the truth of the matter brings forth an additional problem concerning another individual.

Nobody wants to accept that their child or children are getting into trouble at school or for that matter, in any public place. Be this as it may let’s look at the potential – in reality. One example is that Bobby used to be an “A+” student in math class. Yet lately on his performance reports Bobby is clearly showing lower marks such as “C’s” and lately after receiving a certified letter from Bobby’s math teacher, soon enough you are aware that Bobby is probably going to receive a “D” this semester in math.

NO! We all want to say it, however, most of us do not. As Bobby comes in wearing pantsimages that don’t fit him, a shirt you’ve never seen, and when questioned there is a lot of denial on his part. The teacher has enjoyed you and your other family members which he clearly has written to you. In addition, the teacher has justified how and why Bobby’s grade has dropped to its current level.

Yet, rather than feel all armored up you notice that the teacher’s justification is monitored by and certainly not limited to Bobby’s attendance in class, the amount of missing homework assignments, his tragically reduced test and quiz scores, and his manner of dress and especially the crowd Bobby’s been seen hanging out with both on and off school grounds.

Whipping the tears of emotion or anger from your eyes, you wonder how Bobby’s teacher could know about Bobby’s hangouts and the people in which he is entertaining. Seriously, how could Mr. Teacher know this stuff? Moreover, why should he care? I mean, Mr. Teacher spends six hours per week with Bobby, therefore, how could he possibly give credence to any of this?

cw7zpitwqaakzlaAsk yourself right here and right now, “Do I want to hear my son tell irresponsible lies and (try) to find excuses for everything in that letter?” Or another option, one that takes more precedence than the previous, does not bring forth the letter altogether. Therefore, you (like most loving parents) decide that nobody knows your kids as well as you do, and heck, forget that Mr. Teacher has been at his career for more than 25-years, received numerous accolades, and most of all has taught your previous children?

Okay, it is a fact that most parents “talk” to their children differently (emphasis added) than do their teachers. But what is it that you talk to your children about? It certainly has not been apparel shopping or who is he/she been hanging out with; furthermore, what is it that they are doing at the mall when they are not buying clothes and by the way, who are these new friends you’re hanging with?

Cutting to the chase, here are a few guidelines and suggestions. We have already stated that Bobby spends 6 hours per week in class with his teacher. I mean this gently, how much real time do you spend with Bobby per week? Heck friends, he’s wearing clothes you’ve never seen, and how is his homework coming along since he’s been spending more time at the mall than anywhere else? Now the lie stopper; let’s have a look at the actual test and quiz papers – is he able to produce these for you?

57b05deee5c6c.imageThe literal discrepancies need not turn into “you’re so out of it…” A simple call to the teacher would work fine and he is trained to do it.

Here is a way out before it gets too far way out. Bobby could indeed be hanging out with newly made friends from school; however, it is far harder for him to break clear from them that we all think.  Turns out that these guys are real thugs! But these thugs also have the finest ladies hanging with them. However, not so attractive that he has to leave math to go to the mall. Yep, there is a unique way.

Bobby has been sucked into a difficult citation. But let’s not let that decision ruin his entire life, okay? The answers are in paragraph five – and all related to his new forced friendships.



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Sanctuary madness…!

Sanctuary madness…!

77984915Is there nothing to say such as dignity or how about integrity? Nada, nothing, null and no way. The illegal immigrant population in the United States is sitting on their thrones, just waiting for the representatives’ next ploy.

It is a very easy notion for me to look back into the early 1980s and the more solidified 1990s to 2000s screaming my lungs out back to when this “sanctuary city” animal excrement began courting the upper echelon of denominated religion in the USA, pretending to be historical roots of the movement derive from the “right of sanctuary” in medieval law.  The movement’s contemporary roots derive from the American Civil War and its Underground Railroad, as well as the sanctuaries, offered to conscientious objectors during the Vietnam War.

I have a very difficult time with this research definition. First, the definition discusses “the right of sanctuary” during medieval times and subsequent law in Europe. Second, the definition goes over five hundred years to place the notion on parody with the American Civil War and slaves using the Underground Railroad, so where is the clarity when advancing this movement an additional 100 years for conscientious objectors during the Vietnam War era.

The BiblePeople let this problem go straight to Washington D.C. and the two Congressional houses. There is no law in existence whatsoever that allows for “Cities of Sanctuary,” or to be confused with “Cities of Refuge.”Such a perfect article to bring forth the beliefs or chasms of the conservative or liberal movements currently showing such ignorance in America these days. For example, a person who abides or believes in the Conservative ideology now in America is one that believes in tradition, family values, a home where mom and pop or any of the two make the decisions and thank you very much. Yep, Conservatives believe in their flag, their nation’s national anthem, and why not try to critically think about it?

keep families together

Liberal ideology supports no borders, no sovereignty, bring them all aboard such as Dreamer’s, DACA recipients, and certainly not to sound crude but liberals would sell out Americanism to conjure up a new town, new state, or additional territory for an asylum-seeker or refugee to start a new life. Hey, I have not stored up love for the Confederate States of America, yet I still believe that tearing down monuments is simply ludicrous. Absolutely, the heck with the old one – let’s go to America where we can protest our right to live there, where we can allow their Representatives to literally make fools of themselves, at our expense!

Now to put this Sanctuary City think as a movement proclaimed by the church – we need DU5x8UKU8AAcW69to critically recall what our ideologies are. (French: Ville sanctuaire, Spanish: Ciudad Santuario) refers to municipal jurisdictions, typically found in North America and Europe, that shield migrants and immigrants from certain adverse conditions. The practice has its origins in the sanctuary movement in the United States in the 1980s, which itself is inspired by church sanctuary practices.

Hey, wait a minute here…just for a second. Do the names identifying the movement French and Spanish even suggest that they started in an American church during the 1980s, then spread to the rest of the world? That was taken from Wikipedia, can you tell?

The sanctuary city movement took place in the 1980s to challenge the US government’s refusal to grant asylum to certain Central American refugees. These asylum seekers were arriving from countries in Central America like El Salvador and Guatemala that were politically unstable. More than 75,000 Salvadorans and 200,000 Guatemalans were killed by their governments in hopes to suppress the communist movement in those countries at the time.

kaepernickThe concept of a sanctuary city goes back thousands of years. It has been associated with Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, Baha’i, Sikhism, and Hinduism. A milestone for the sanctuary cities movement in the US occurred in San Francisco In 1985, this city passed the largely symbolic “City of Refuge” resolution. This resolution was followed by a 1985 city ordinance, “City of Refuge”. This city ordinance made it prohibited to use city funds and resources to assist in federal immigration enforcement, which is the defining characteristic of what a sanctuary city is a today, or as accepted by a person with a liberal ideology.

Such policies can be set expressly in law (de jure) or observed in practice (de facto), but the designation “sanctuary city” does not have a precise legal definition.

Hopefully, you can read my passion for this pseudo-movement. I have lived during the majority of the ridiculous decisions made by elected officials in Washington D.C. as well as other places.


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Libby Schaaf, the Democratic mayor of Oakland, California.

merlin_134760524_a09e5a1e-b229-4113-ac15-229f41898759-master768Like so many of us have seen on the news or heard on a radio talk-show program, or maybe just heard through the grapevine, this article is about Libby Schaaf, the Democratic mayor of Oakland, California. I have been researching this individual for a while now and let’s face it, the criticism albeit positive or negative depends on one’s partisan politics.

I would like to say that this is the mayor who, after having “secret” plans with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), local police law enforcement (LE), and the Department of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) with all gallantry decided to announce publicly the intended agencies plans for a sweep of our nation’s illegal immigrant populations.

This was taken directly from the New York Times: Libby Schaaf stepped into the middle of the national debate on immigration on Saturday when she warned of imminent raids by federal immigration agents in the San Francisco Bay Area.  

The next day the raids began, and the deputy director of Immigration and Customsdownload Enforcement said Ms. Schaaf’s warning had compromised the safety of agents and allowed targets of the raid to flee.

In a city that for decades had one of California’s highest rates of violent crime, the number of burglaries, murders, and shootings has sharply declined during Ms. Schaaf’s three years as mayor. Yet her tenure has made national headlines for scandal, tragedy and the disappointment of an iconic sports team announcing its plans to move.

A child of Oakland and an advocate for its diversity, Ms. Schaaf, 52, is a dyed-in-the-wool liberal in a city where “Republican” is a dirty word. I, for one, find this kind of reporting offensive. First, it has “Republican” as a dirty word which is clearly no doubt that racial matters will also be discussed.

“Oakland has always been a place for social justice movements,” Ms. Schaaf said in an interview. “We’re a city that is fiercely proud of our diversity, full of artists and unique creative energy, but with a gritty authenticity.” Wait until we read about the “arts and unique creative energy disaster. What diversity?

Ms. Schaaf worked as a lawyer for two years at a prominent law firm in Oakland before turning to politics. She served several years as an aide to other politicians, including Gov. Jerry Brown when he was mayor of Oakland and was elected to the City Council in 2010. Four years later she was elected mayor. 

money scaleThe past few years have been a time of wrenching change for Oakland. The wealth generated by the tech industry across the San Francisco Bay is pushing up housing prices and making many neighborhoods unaffordable to any family not earning six figures. The economic pressures have caused the number of homeless to rise to around 2,800, an increase of more than 25 percent since Ms. Schaaf took office in January 2015.

In the city that gave rise to the Black Panthers, the African-American community has been shrinking dramatically, from 47 percent of the population in the 1980 census to less than one-quarter today. As black residents have moved out, Latinos and Asian-Americans have moved in.

A police scandal rocked the city on her watch. “The Ghost Ship fire” was the worst structural fire in America in more than a decade. The Raiders announced they were leaving Oakland for Las Vegas. A 2016 scandal in the police force — a prostitute said she had sex with many police officers, and at least one of them had tipped her off to police raids — threatened to derail one of Ms. Schaaf’s main campaign promises: reducing crime. Ms. Schaaf stumbled. The city had three police chiefs within the span of a week.

Ms. Schaaf’s political agenda is all over the map. And please try to imagine if this “troubleshooting” or releasing “secret” multiple agency plans during the President Barack Obama years – please forgive me insofar as it did with no consequences!

She is running for re-election in November. It is time to move on from these autonomous politicians.


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Did you think you were alone in that 1%?

Did you think you were alone in that 1%?

Occupy wall streetThe subject of this article is controversial, and content may be in dispute. When updating the article, be bold, but not reckless. Feel free to try to improve the article, but don’t take it personally if your changes are reversed; instead, come here to the talk page to discuss them.

Ironically and using an attempt to mislead most of this information was based upon was a concept in an economics study by Joseph Stiglitz about 1% of America’s wealthiest people. Then the article, of course, developed its own meme that ended up becoming a blog on Tumblr and went viral.

For this article deals with something that I have had a challenging time understanding. Realistically, I believe that my own misunderstanding of the journalistic terms of one being in the 1 percent or one being in the 99 percent happened to get greatly confused with political affiliation, (Democrat or Republican), mechanism of government (socialists, communism, or capitalism), and finally, yet most accurate, the wording that created confusion around the syntax such as money, wealth, downtrodden, only the rich can afford, “occupy” when dealing with a “movement,” and other words of confusion around what the article was about.  

There was a study that measured American wealth.  Joseph Stiglitz wrote a book about it, Freefall: America, Free Markets, and the Sinking of the World Economy. Experts discussed it and made charts. In support of a previous statement. Anyone can find primary sources that mention 99% and 1%, but they must be directly tied to this recent movement, ergo they must be from this year, and not before. If primary and secondary sources from before that are used, they must be found in secondary sources discussing this slogan and the movement.

The article in Vanity Fair is interesting, but it’s only a reference, that’s not where the findings were published originally. It’s kind of silly to claim in an encyclopedia article like Wiki that an economist claims something in Vanity Fair. The magazine article is simply where it was presented to the public, where people would read it. 

Socialist party – party connotations – monetary considerations – and wealth particularly during an election cycle to perhaps weed out the lesser fortunate from those who have cash on hand.

However, what really bothers me are the party affiliations whilst somehow allowing this to flow vis-a-vie to racial implications in the matter of Oprah Winfrey and Michelle Obama and a few others, already being projected to run after the 2020 general election.


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Making Strides

Making Strides

Trump hire americanNot speaking for anyone but myself, I believe that the sit-downs with the surviving children and President Trump et. al., made an indelible impact on me over the last couple of days.

As we can testify to another random mass murdering of school children where we are over-flowed with gun control aspirations, virtual attacking of the National Rifle Association, as well as gun manufacturers’.

However, this time for me meant a lot more. Just so happened that I read a quote by Paul Ryan that followed these lines; “Every successful individual knows that his or her achievement depends on a community of persons working together.”

And in offering this quote certainly made me think of my own community and what

britt robertson

Britt Robertson

would we do? Yet, I also saw and experienced a tremendous debate.  Believe it or not, I believe it was up to the mouths and quasi-mentality of Jay Morrison and Niger Innis however, I could be wrong. Nonetheless, matters (as always) boiled down to race with Morrison yet not without Innis being on the high ground with his comment “Okay, change the AR 15 then what?”

Having said that it demonstrates that I see Mr. Innis looking further ahead, rather than Morrison’s “Let’s change everything.”

anna kels from twiter

“The Divine Ms. K”

Just between you and I, does Jay Morrison live outside of an everything is the racist box? No matter what it is being commented on it all flows downhill and swirls when it comes to racial tenants in this nation.

jenn law

J. Law

And I know it is my beloved Jennifer Lawrence who is saying squat about a President who does indeed manage to get things done. But leaving that if I may – but unpassionately knowing that Anna Kendrick, and more and more of Hollywood’s younger ladies, ah haw, Brittany Robertson are using their pretty little mouths with not enough brain calisthenics to talk intelligently.


My latest work, An Open Autopsy on America will be coming very soon. The publisher is suggesting around two months, maybe earlier. Yay…!



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Make this Mean something to you

Make this Mean something to you


A new poll finds support for stricter gun laws increases again in wake of Fla. shooting.

Hopefully is the only word I can put in to describe the ugliness in the USA now as I type. There is so much that continues to go wrong in this once aspiring nation. I would love to take special interest and other advocacy groups and swing for the fences with their constant rubbish that goes against the mainstream USA.

However, not at this time; soon it will be like shooting fish in a barrel, but right now is not nearly the time. Oh! The question was – “why?” At this time, I would only ask one to have a look at what good overly priced education is doing for us now. Right now, is the time that those who have graduated from higher education should be putting their leadership into top position and let our learning pave the ways.

Yet, I am writing this because I care enough about our nation to try my best to straighten her out. What good is higher education when an individual is teaching “their always not right” or nearly correct foundations of the truth?


Catholic teacher loses job after same-sex marriage.

There is a difference between “who’s truth.” Let’s look at the second amendment. Stop with the ability to own guns and start with a meaningful variation on who is allowed. I do not want to be the heartbreaker of hopes. However, it does not make a lot of sense of closing mental facilities that make depression, above anxious behavior, and for brevity, those who have drug or alcohol, or other dependency troubles go walking around.

Okay, prison overcrowding. The big Washington D.C. media and Congressional staff members’ premium tight-lipped what’s next? Of course, do not put mass bombers in there with illegal aliens or just some guy with 14 D.U.I.’s.


The Streets of San Francisco featuring needles, fecal material, and homeless.

Before I get to in to it for 12:15 am this morning I would only ask that you think of these flagrant issues: How is it that Democrats can do everything in their power to include lying, stealing, and breaking every law ever made to write unethical emails, tell and otherwise disclose national security secrets, and otherwise motivate another nation to rebel causing a massive war, and then create the plans and ballistics to murder that nation’s leader?

Now please, you who work in the entertainment industry that does not possess the active mind, just look where the trouble is coming from – that is, who is talking about it? I would just like for you to ask yourselves one question: What can you do to make things better?

Jason Chaffetz

Good. But I do wish DOJ would prosecute those under oath who lie to Congress. #neverhappens
* Thanks to Twitter for the photographs!


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News Reporting

News Reporting

3ringcircus(1)Watch News Reporting on any News Channel you care to watch – follow your favorite News hosts and anchors as they report on exclusive stories and events.
News reporting involves discovering all relevant facts, selecting and presenting the main facts and weaving a comprehensive story. Reporting involves arduous work, which in turn involves stamina and patience. The main function of journalistic profession is news reporting.

A reporter needs not only energy to spend long hours chasing a story, collecting facts from various sources to dig up the truth, he needs must have the will to pursue the course of his investigation to the very end to produce a comprehensive story without any missing links or unanswered questions.

So, it is at this juncture where I’ve decided to bring this story to you. Here goes, do you typer2believe that the News Programs that you watch whilst reclining or relaxing albeit listening or watching television covers the hourly thus daily the portions of news that you have waited all day for, or do you believe that there is some programming that leaks itself into the news ad nauseum?

Specifically, in this article about News Reporting, and given the definition above here is my question: “Is there a time when a venture at reporting the news goes above and beyond producing a comprehensive story or let’s just call it sensationalized piece of words on paper.”

Yesterday, February 14, and even more so today, February 15, 2018, my elected channels of choice decided to carry more and more of the recent of the “crazed-nut syndrome armed and shooting innocent children” at the local Jr. Middle School in Parkland, Florida.

First my criticism – what about the millions of other people that care to watch another programming that waits only to find that their show has been canceled and that that block of airtime is better served covering the onslaught of murdering innocents? Still reading? Great, now for the consequences.

_35Spoken bravely by Greg Gutfeld, a Fox News anchor, stated that over 80 percent of the hospitals that normally would be treating the individuals still alive from maiming, delimbing, or killing others, have been closed! And people spout off their mouths regarding Congress and litigation. I would love the fact that these very same people are the same people who lie, cheat, and steal from innocent Americans every day.

The consequences of these acts literally boil down to finger measuring games. Seriously when one thinks of Sandy Hook, Columbine High School, Aurora Mall theaters, Las Vegas Concerts, Churches, and other assorted nuts leaving Facebook images and beliefs, and of course, what this person intends on going.

What I fear is happening in America is “chain – sensationalism.” And I also believe that the way some news institutions are presenting the news is biased. In the modern age news journalism, the responsibilities of the press have grown manifold. The way his neighbors behave or act affects him. Man is thus anxious to know more about the world he lives in. Satisfaction of this curiosity is the major task of a good journalist.

The variety and the depth of news have, of late, increased manifold. In fact, newspapers, magazines, and periodicals have become the main source of information for the people. This fact underscores the need for accuracy in news reporting.

A journalist should not only perform unbiased news reporting but should bear full responsibility for the accuracy of the facts.


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There are smart people out there

gigihhIt wasn’t too long ago that I just about succumbed to not writing, offering my opinion, or espousing my knowledge on discussion boards, social media, or all over the Internet. It appeared to me that I was spinning my wheels. I mean trying to discuss issues with someone that has no idea why President Trump reminds them of Adolf Hitler with of course their age being anywhere between 15 and 75 years of age. I virtually stopped…thinking whew! The mettle of these humans.

Then after the election of 2018, I’d hit that wall; where everybody had something to say about North Korea, Russia, China, and Iran albeit, none of these people had the credentials or the common sense to be discussing any of it.
Then on a quite normal Monday, a video streams on YouTube getting millions of hits gigi whewshowing people engaging in protest over mentioning having a military parade.

I just wanted to find that someone – who you know has prosperity, and more accouterment’s than most of us could possibly admit too – show their humble side even if it is unbeknownst to them or whom they’re communicating with. But wait, after years of trying to find that one, here she goes:

“Please, as social media users & human beings in general, learn to have more empathy for others and know that you never really know the whole story. Use your energy to lift those that you admire rather than be cruel to those u don’t.”

What this lady has said to me or better known as my understanding is – For people who endeavor to use social media, albeit, readers, writers, or maybe even if you are human gigiH before doing anything try and have identification, understanding, and compassion for others as well as realizing that you most likely do not know the entire or even complete story. Furthermore, she is saying to me to use my energy constructively whilst lifting those whom I admire and to make sure that those I do not respect I make the attempt not to be cruel too.

After reading this small quote, left for a huge personal audience and even larger universal audience and followers to this day I will stay and demand – in a wonderful way – that people adhere to the development and good feelings of another individual who has graced more magazine covers and print ad campaigns that me and ten of my friends could ever do.


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