Another Elietst using Political Correctness

“An undocumented immigrant is not a criminal.”
— Sen. Kamala D. Harris (D-Calif.), April 21, 2017

harris“The President’s immigration actions and Muslim ban will make America less safe. As a prosecutor, I can tell you, it is a serious mistake to conflate criminal justice policy with immigration policy as if they are the same thing. They are not. I have personally prosecuted everything from low-level offenses to homicides. I know what a crime looks like. I will tell you: an undocumented immigrant is not a criminal. But that’s what these actions do. They suggest all immigrants are criminals and treat immigrants like criminals.”

She can ONLY know what crime looks like from a prosecutorial perspective! So enough already with your self-righteousness! — Harris,  in response to President Trump’s immigration executive order, Feb. 16, 2017

This tweet — one of the several tweets published during her town hall — caught our attention, and we were curious about the context in which the junior senator from California made this claim. It turned out that Harris used this talking point regularly on the 2016 Senate campaign trail, and she often made the claim to draw a legal distinction in immigration and criminal law. We took a deeper look at the former California attorney general’s claim.

The act of being unlawfully present in the United States is a civil violation, not a criminal offense. According to her staff, that is what Harris is referring to when she uses this line.

In 2012, the Supreme Court that “as a general rule, it is not a crime for a removable alien to remain present in the United States.” The majority opinion was issued in a lawsuit over a controversial 2010 Arizona law that required local police to determine the immigration status of someone who is detained or arrested if police had a “reasonable suspicion” that the person was in the country illegally. This was the most controversial provision that opponents of the law said would open up room for rampant racial profiling. The Supreme Court upheld this provision but struck down most others that were challenged.

The undocumented population ruled people who improperly entered the country, those who entered legally but overstayed the terms of their temporary entry (such as staying beyond the time authorized with a temporary visa), and those who have “quasi-legal” status, such as people who are granted deferred action status.

The federal immigration law imposes criminal penalties on some actions related to undocumented presence, according to ruled the American Civil Liberties Union, which is a critic of Trump’s recent immigration actions. Illegally entering the country (for example, illegally crossing the border), re-entering the country after being removed or falsifying documents to enter the country are all criminally punishable.

In summary: If you entered the United States without permission, you would be subject to criminal penalties, thus labeling you a “criminal” if you’re convicted. But just the simple act of being in the country without permission doesn’t make you a “criminal,” because it’s a civil offense.

So, which is it? Either way despite the name of the undocumented worker, alien, one has still broken a law entering the USA without proper permission. Opponents of illegal immigration say Harris’s claim is a distinction without a difference because you’re still breaking the law — civil or criminal. David Ray, a spokesman for the Federation for American Immigration Reform, which supports lower levels of legal and illegal immigration, said: “All illegal aliens have broken the lawthat is undisputable. Unlawful border crossings are criminal offenses: a misdemeanor for the first offense and a felony for repeat offenders. While overstaying a visa is a civil offense under immigration law, those who do it still break the law and are subject to removal.”

By true definition here is another “freedom lover” who happens to be from California and wants to be an open border’s specialist. The point that is made here is that Harris is trying to change a name (thus the language) from illegal to undocumented.


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Well, it is my chest!

Well, it is my chest! And it is my blog

Unfortunately every now and again I’ll post a real rant, by my standards, of course.

APEMainstream media and those who read the news for you — I am coming just about unglued with all of you! Dangerously close, in fact. I am getting to the point now where I am looking for either a special interest or advocacy group so that maybe I’ll write an Amicus Brief in conjunction with some 1st amendment folks will get the courts to perhaps usurp their judicial madness against you.

The oddity of this mess is that you claim your “Do not Censor” us, or else…what? Seriously, when an individual gets an elected new position and for the first 100 days I have heard or read or written about, how disrespectful your own coverage has been of this person. The latest negativity poll I have been asking, why oh why are they doing this illuminates how you are so whimper-kissing buttheads.

Today while idly listening to a radio, again the non-favorable press has developedis-1 enough time to put up a whopping 91% rating of negative press this character has done.

How about you just try and either tell your editor where to place his entire head and simply refuse to read this rubbish or simply start trying, to tell the truth, seriously, it could not be that hard!

The guy successfully keeps our government alive without hurting anyone and here’s what I heard on the news — He did not get ‘The Wall’ building money; he hasn’t repealed or rescinded ObamaCare yet; and, just for a real laugher, some lady mentioned he has not even planned his tax deal yet. People are getting pissed because he has not revealed his own personal tax statements. 

Okay, for all of us, or you who make your living in some way with the press, have you heard about a number of deadly illegal criminals he has been instrumental getting deported? Or how about the minimization of illegal aliens? Now, excuse me, but I’ve had it with the civil rights people! If you only knew how condescendingly embarrassing you are!

ruffianAs for this date in history, a majority of civil libertarians balked and griped about President Trump inviting Philippine president Rodrigo Duterte to the White House. Nothing like just a little strategy, huh? In an atmosphere of North Korea doing whatever they can to produce a nuclear warhead carrier, and Assad murdering his citizens at genocide levels, what we have in the Oval Office is a leader who has done more than Barack Obama ever dreamt of doing.

Well, for those of you who are still within that 91% consider this, it was Barack Obamapuke who drew a red-line in the sand, remember? It was Barack Obama who did not do a thing when Vladimir Putin decided to take Ukraine and other areas. But on the other hand, President Trump has moved with relative ease with his missile batteries at the North end of South Korea. Moreover, by listening to his field commanders and advisory staff, he unleashed 50 Tomahawk missiles at Syria. There didn’t seem to be any dissension coming from those bears of Russia.

Furthermore while listening to FBI Director, James Comey, this morning after being treated to Hillary Clinton’s psychosis blaming everyone but herself for losing the election I am just disgusted. So Comey says, (paraphrasing…) after what we found on Rep. Weiner’s computer, we thought immediately here is the thousands of emails she said she deleted.


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Muslim scholar draws 1,000 for Cal Poly

Muslim scholar draws 1,000 for Cal Poly speech on dangers of ‘Islamophobia’

Muslim speaker003Dalia Mogahed came to Cal Poly’s campus Saturday preaching a message of unity, and the nearly 1,000 people who filled Chumash Auditorium responded in kind — engaging in a thoughtful two-hour presentation on the dangers of Islamophobia.

“It gave me goosebumps every so often,” said Eric Lin, a Cal Poly junior math major who said he is not Muslim. Lin said he was deeply touched by the single piece of advice Mogahed said she would offer to Muslim students and members of other often-persecuted minorities: “Never allow those who dislike you to define you.”

We gave to remember each of the following determinants; setting, demographics, legal issues behind the speaker as well as topic, and unfortunately, the political correctness of each word spoken. I believe that these determinants are what is causing the irate behavior on college campuses and the general mixed-up feelings by those involved.

Mogahed’s talk, “Islamophobia: A Threat to All,” came in response to concerns from Cal Poly’s Muslim student group that they have often felt marginalized on campus. Mogahed is an Egyptian-American Muslim scholar and researcher with the Institute for Social Policy and Understanding and was an adviser to former President Barack Obama and co-author of the book “Who Speaks for Islam? What a Billion Muslims Really Think.”

She came on short notice after hearing about some of the concerns Cal Poly’s Muslim students have had about not feeling included, Muslim Student Association president Rubia Siddiqi said.

“Every dean on campus has given money to support this event,” Cal Poly professor and Muslim Student Association adviser Stephen Lloyd-Moffett said in his opening remarks. “Literally every corner of this campus has come together to support our Muslim students today.”

It is apparent from the previous paragraph that most students are empathic with what Muslim students are enduring on campus ⸻with the exception that what I have found is that most people who make a distorted complaint are simply referring to something that may or may not have happened in the past.

For example, some incidents have included criticisms about how university officials handled a Muslim student conference last year, as well as anti-Muslim graffiti written on a plywood “Free Speech Wall” set up by the Cal Poly College Republicans.

Furthermore, I would venture to say that most discrimination cases that are filed, are just that, meaning, since there is an opportunity to mindlessly gain a monetary award for anything that makes one uncomfortable, well then, let’s go to court precisely as evidenced by this article.



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What constitutes Mental Illness?

What constitutes Mental Illness?

1_death-penalty-1024x576This is precisely the kind of rubbish that defers me not to even read, listen to, or write about. Until the psycho-community can come up with some clear guidelines and definitive definitions as to what being mentally ill is exactly ⸻then I do not think anyone should be given ‘the ride’ so to speak with regards to abusing America’s system of capital punishment.

Therefore, as such, I am left with trying to do what I do best and that my friends concerns writing about the problem.

Upset that people with schizophrenia and other mental disorders have been put to death after murder convictions, lawmakers in a handful of states want to bar the use of the death penalty for people with a serious mental illness.

People accused of murder who are found not guilty because of insanity can serve time in a mental hospital and avoid the death penalty. But many states have a narrow legal definition of insanity — not knowing what one did was wrong. And critics say that leaves many people with mental disorders to be found guilty of capital crimes and sentenced to death.

Well, hold on just a second. Let’s quantify who are found guilty of murder and can indeed be sentenced to a mental facility. What is not being disclosed is the murderer/patient/inmate can be reassessed on a per annum basis and can be pardoned/released from the facility annually.

So, what exactly does being mentally incompetent mean? If it is something along theimages ‘ride’ that Oswaldo Martinez, a 46-year old deaf and mute illegal immigrant from El Salvador charged with the rape and murder of a 16-year old girl in James City County more than 12 years ago, still is not able to communicate effectively and was ruled again Monday unable to stand trial.

Martinez, according to court documents, is accused of beating, raping and strangling Binger, but because he cannot speak and had no formal language training at the time of the alleged crime, has not been tried. Clancy has said previously that Martinez has not been diagnosed with any mental disability, only an impaired ability to understand court proceedings.

Immigration screeners should be made aware of this before looking the other way whilst passing someone on any vetting for visa and/or deportation.

The problem that I have with this type of “judgmental oversight” is simply this, a mother and father are without their daughter, and brothers and sisters are without their sister, even the boyfriend has suffered a loss ⸻for what?

I am one who believes in capital punishment. Statistically, the jury is in. When a society wants a certain crime to end, it will end when the punishment is severe enough. Here are some quick examples: Mothers Against Drunk Drivers (MADD) saw a 40 percent drop age in alcohol-related driving deaths in one year as a result of state’s stiffening the drunk driving sentences. And, because of a book, I’m reading now, the author explains nineteenth-century horse thievery that dropped to zero percent when those caught stealing a horse were put to death.

Do you think that a person arrested for dealing drugs would repeat his crime if others killed for drug dealing was happening? California – the stupid liberal state saw a 36% decrease in violent crime as soon as the Three Strike law went into effect. So, Obama and his mates in the Justice department started changing the three-strike rules.

Zero tolerance when it comes to punishment after the crime is committed has the only positive result. Commanding stiff penalties for stiff crime is not about rehabilitation! Sure, it’s nice but about as useful as plea-bargaining or mandatory sentencing that does not happen.


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Trump administration talks tough on North Korea

Trump administration talks tough on North Korea

I nighthawkPresident Trump and his top national security advisers briefed congressional lawmakers Wednesday on what a senior aide called the “very grave threat” posed by North Korea, but they offered few details about the administration’s strategy to pressure Pyongyang.

Administration officials emphasized in a pair of private briefings — one open to all senators and held at the White House complex, and one for House members on Capitol Hill — that they were developing a range of economic, diplomatic and military measures in the wake of a series of provocations from North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un’s regime.

Lawmakers said they came away convinced that the Trump administration recognized the urgency of the mounting tensions on the Korean Peninsula, where Pyongyang conducted a failed missile test last week and drew international condemnation for the launch.

But several members of Congress said the administration remained vague about its efforts to confront Pyongyang beyond tougher talk from Trump.

This is where the pettiness begins without any cause whatsoever. Now, the president does not owe to anyone an explanation which is what I have seen and with our overzealous mainstream media lacking any common sense as we have all experienced with President’s Bush and Obama’s administration was constantly showing off our military’s prowess.


“There was a definite degree of resolving that we’ve got a bad situation on our hands and they’re ratcheting up the importance of this,” said one Republican senator, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to candidly discuss a private meeting. “One of the things that I surmised from it was that as much as anything else, perhaps they wanted to prepare everybody for the fact that this could escalate quickly. That’s my own read on it.” In all respects a very good and contrite answer.

“Nothing is risk-free. This situation is not risk-free,” said the senior official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to outline internal planning. He spoke at the briefing for the senators was underway at a secure location at the Eisenhower Executive Office Building next door to the White House.

As well it should be. We have had administrations in the recent past that would have done nothing predicated upon they did not prepare accordingly. Just a few issues to clear up my mind ⸻ even if North Korea developed a nuclear warhead, they still need the capability of getting it here. My suggestion is why wait until your enemy has the power? Another thing that has me worried is China.

China is a nation of passers-by. We may think that they will assist as we did in Korea and Vietnam. China still needs to be pressuring this crazy fool in North Korea.

arden B

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Media again blames Trump for Obama error

Media again blames Trump for Obama error

The Department of Homeland Security reversed itself Wednesday saying that a young man, identified by USA TODAY as the first Dreamer to be deported by the Trump administration, had valid protective status despite its earlier claim. Who is “its” regarding the previous sentence?

On Tuesday, the department said its records showed the protective status of Juan Manuel Montes, 23, expired in 2015. On Wednesday, the department said that status was, in fact, valid until 2018.

Now according to record, the facts that this story should have been run as another former President Barack Obama screw up. There came a time (how convenient) when the original DACA efforts had a specific two-three- year expiration date. This date was to be reviewed by DHS and if the Dreamer was in accordance with all facts related to his or her status, then their status would be extended.

The difficulty here in this simple mistake is that Obama allocated an additional two years of Dreamer time unbeknownst to most people in the country. I would suggest that any Dreamer in the country right now should without haste or remorse check in with their local CIS branch or have meaningful correspondence with whoever extended their original dates. Now then, pursuant to Juan Manuel Montes, the Dreamer who said his DACA requirement papers were good until 2018 or even if the DHS made the announcement my suggestion is that he carry and expiration card taped to his driver’s license, credit card, or something on his person.

When any journalist or copy editor; moreover, a person performing as a fact-checker should have caught that this Dreamer insofar as it wouldn’t be difficult for anyone to pick this up – notwithstanding DHS.

Montes, who was deported from Southern California to his native Mexico in February, had been protected from deportation under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program created by President Barack Obama for so-called Dreamers, undocumented immigrants brought to the United States as children.

With all due respect, this issue should NOT bear President Trump’s name whatsoever! How long (perhaps forever), will the mainstream media continue to cover everything that occurs in D.C., as a Trump error? Please see the article above.

On Wednesday, the department said he lost that status because he left the United States without permission and was caught trying to re-enter the country. DACA enrollees must be approved to travel outside the U.S.

However, attorneys for Montes said the only reason he tried to re-enter the country is because he had been deported by Customs and Border Protection two days earlier.

“Juan Manuel has been unequivocal in his assertion that he never voluntarily left the country while he had DACA,” said Nora Preciado, an attorney with the National Immigration Law Center, which is helping in Montes’ lawsuit against the Trump administration. “Rather than continue to provide half-truths and varying assertions, the Department of Homeland Security should respond to our request for documentation. We will see them in court.”

In finale here, what’s up with Nora Preciado of the National Immigration Law Center? Who in this case is providing half-truths? Furthermore, if the DACA extension for an individual requires a personal appearance by the Dreamer themselves…this is the decision a court attorney must gauge his prosecution on.

America, how long will you continue to allow this rubbish to go on? This National Immigration Law Center is the epitome of a special interest group influencing every unsavory congress person with money.

arden B

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President Trump has received more hostile treatment from the mainstream media than any other president in U.S. history.

President Trump has received more hostile treatment from the mainstream media than any other president in U.S. history.

MRCcharttwoIf I had one wish, it would be that something or someone would STOP this woman from uttering another word. Anyone, please try and explain this to me as well as the population at large. Hillary Clinton on Thursday warned that President Donald Trump could roll back progress on LGBT rights.

Please notice that this law-breaking, washed-up, and political war horse “warned groundbreaking” that President Trump “could” roll back progress on LGBT rights. Nothing groundbreaking bull squat!

“We may not ever be able to count on this administration to lead on LGBT issues,” Clinton said in a speech in New York. One of many questions first. What does she want as far as “to lead” on LGBT issues? I am certainly missing something insofar as most of the big advocates for the community have been quiet lately. So, just as always what I see is another Clinton meddling, or look at me sort of trouble.

“When this administration rescinded protections for transgender students, my heart broke,” Clinton said. “When I learned about the proposed cuts in funding for HIV and AIDS research, I thought about all of our efforts to try and achieve an AIDS-free generation.” Oh, my gaud! Nothing like saying her heart broke when the individual states rescinded portions of the Democratic party line bull dodo that Obama set up.

So now, let’s just throw in HIV and AIDS…for what? A New Direction…shall we..?

MRCinterioroverallA new report found that President Trump has received more hostile treatment from the mainstream media than any other president in U.S. history.

According to the Media Research Center, 89 percent of broadcast networks’ coverage of Trump has been negative.

From January 20 to April 9, 1,501 on-air statements about Trump made by experts, voters and reporters were negative, compared to just 186 positive, the study found.

On “Outnumbered” today, Newt Gingrich warned that this is another sign that the liberal mainstream media is drifting further and further to the left.

He suggested that the Trump administration “clean out the White House press room.” “Why would you allow The New York Times or CBS News in the White House press room?” Gingrich said. “They’re your mortal enemies.”

It would be an unprecedented move by the United States sitting president – although I would not surprise me if something along these lines didn’t happen. I feel if data like this from Media Research Center continues, does the man feel supported at all or even are these twisted journalists and “fake news” readers helping our president to achieve his goals on ObamaCare and just the sundries or scandals the former administration did?

arden B

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Let him work!!


Trump, getting it doneFor someone who has strong words about the current state of immigration, Donald Trump certainly has inconsistent ideas about what to do about it. This is according to a writer at the Washington Post, which very much is spinning much the same as the New York Times, lately.

Okay, all of this “flip-flopping” and back again stuff by the mainstream media is making the press look bad and not President Trump. Albeit, these media outfits are counting on the stupidity of the American mind; therefore, causing rioting, angst, and discord for those who are around the president.

As far as I’m concerned there is not a great deal of difference between the way the Democratic congress is behaving and the mainstream media. Both are incredibly ridiculous!

What is the issue with the H-1B visas? For those of you who are not keeping abreast of the latest news, the president’s administration has been pistol clear as far as immigration matters are going. It wasn’t but two, maybe three weeks ago that I became aware of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) arrested 21,362 immigrants — including 5,441 with no criminal record.

That’s a huge increase from the last two years of the Obama administration when obama13noncriminal immigrants living within the US had little reason to fear deportation. He has made the life of undocumented immigrants much, much scarier. In other words, Trump appears to have restored, immediately upon taking office, an immigration policy that was abandoned as inhumane.

The impact of Trump’s arrest spike goes beyond the number of immigrants who were actually taken into ICE custody during his first several weeks. The statistics confirm something millions of immigrants were already worried about: that once again, deportation is a constant threat.

Moreover, the number of “Dreamers” deported after being brought illegally to the United States as children and losing their protected status because of criminal behavior appears to have soared in the first few months of the Trump administration.

Immigrant advocates say the rise in deportations of former Dreamers is likely a result of Trump’s executive orders tightening border security and immigration


arden B




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It is time for Civility

Bowe Bergdahl resizedEither at the end of this writing or unless there is someone out there who can come up with a better excuse, there comes a time when one should be making comments about what our new Presidential administration is having to deal with.

How much more can it be typed? The result of each scandal is just another justification for some person doing the wrong thing at the wrong time. Susan Rice, National Security Advisor to the President had been caught dead center in two previous lies: Although the two were not on the same issue it nonetheless has a great deal to say about a president and his ability to discern competent help.

The two lies that were proven beyond a reasonable doubt were one, on the Sundaybergdahlbowe_032515getty morning news programs she dutifully carried on that the initial cause behind Benghazi, Libya was the eight-minute YouTube video. And, two she again lied about a young man who deserted his unit to become a Muslim and an enemy to his own unit. According to Susan Rice, her voice concerning Bowe Bergdahl was nothing but praise saying, “He served the United States with honor and distinction,” she replied. “And we’ll have the opportunity eventually to learn what has transpired in the past years.”

bergdahlbowe_120216gettyWe all talk of how our government is getting too big. Would anyone think it has anything to; more importantly, our government is too large as it now stands. Every time that a Regulation gets past there simply is not enough people in the know to say anything about it. Worse is the matter that with the incompetent personnel it seems to be so much easier on the people who should be penalized for lack of responsible ethics, or direct lying such as “I never sent anything classified using my email account.”

I for one, am getting so tired of watching mainstream media coverage about over the weekend riots and protesting (violence really) between those against versus those for President Trump. I believe both of these groups – regardless of the amount of money you’re being paid — to know of the unabated talents that your president is exceeding too and towards. President Trump has out excelled old what’s his name, his predecessor, not by talking mind you, but by action.

arden B

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Time to stop the Corruption Democrats

_35I was reading today about the polling data regarding our new President Donald Trump. Believe it or not, the main question put to respondent’s was did the POTUS have a plan to be engaged with the Assad (Syrian) regime? Of which I’ll assume he did not score well on. It is only the media that would garner an assumption from me.

Well, I do feel at this time that no ordinary person in the USA or World should even be privy to that kind of information. And if they did and was going to leak it, this is where I do have confidence in the folks he has to surround himself with.

As for me, in my experience, a well thought out initial attack cannot be planned to be precise enough! Then let’s look at combat support —these are the folks that are more valuable than gold! The worker bee’s behind everything! It is definitely these soldiers that make the other rough stuff much, much easier.

Again, for me, our air-calvary units are the world’s best, as is our pilots! This, of course, isis all dependent upon the state of their aircraft. The travesty these men and women face is abhorrent. Democrats, please listen! We should not have to be looking in the graveyards or depots of dilapidated aircraft to settle on the missing parts. And to think that a former POTUS allowed this to happen is without dedication; moreover, when I heard that pilots on leave we going to high standard museums to acquire much-needed parts, that among other red lines have gotten us into a mess.

Russian fighters and bombers are now flying over and around Japan. You all should know that Russian battleships have moved to within range of US battleships. Also please do not forget that the Russian’s also have skyway privileges over Syria, not even mentioning their airfield on site.

Schumer cryingdownloadBesides being against everything that the USA stands for, Barack Obama, do you see the errors of your ways? Therefore, I would impress upon the Democratic Party to authorize what the USA needs. And please get your mangy heads out of the corruption and dismay; how about supporting our President? Remember, it was your man who spent 9 Trillion dollars on everything except the military.

arden B

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