downloadIn lieu of my perspective publishers and their decisions being equal with mine, I am fully ready to disclose that An Autopsy on America, my latest creation is now complete! Now, as for my loyalist readers let everything that I write from now through and including entirely 2018 will be dedicated to you…why, one may ask?

I used to use this blog site, The Contemplative Thinker, as my primary daily, a weekly publishing medium. I look forward to working in that capacity again even though I have started my latest hope to be a best-seller.

But not a minute can go forth, with me at least saying something about the partisan leadership that I believe splinters our country. I come right out and say, that if Congress is desirous of gaining public opinion to their sides, rather than let your approval rating drop below 10% on the jobs that you are doing – rather than face a midterm election wondering where your partisan party is albeit; getting anything done being up against the other party that with the strong president that leads them, I suggest that you make the calls necessary to get your people in touch with his or her people and start talking.

This may be too difficult for anyone in D.C. to understand, but where former President Barack H. Obama left operations and plans when he left office is ugly and dangerous. Let’s look at his last actions as the POTUS: DACA, recall if you will the unconstitutional executive order he signed and had his minions carry out.

A word about DACA. DACA is Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) is a kind of administrative relief from deportation. The purpose of DACA is to protect eligible immigrant youth who came to the United States when they were children from deportation. DACA gives young undocumented immigrants: 1) protection from deportation and 2) a work permit. The program expires after two years, subject to renewal.

Is there anything else we can do for you? Hogwash! The lingering problem in Congress, (both Houses) is the notion of doing the precise opposite of what the opposition party is asking for.

Suggestion: Leave it (DACA) as the only thing you are dedicated too. I will talk with my friends, colleagues, and associates here. The last thing any American wants to see happen is that some other functions of the legislative branch start flapping their jowls about putting DREAM-Act legislation with it. Or any one of the chain migration shenanigans for Auntie, Uncle, Granny, and or Gramps wanting to reunite the family. Quite openly, why muddy the waters? Those people are not DACA so why even endeavor to add appropriation bills to the primary legislation?

Moral of the story, regardless of your position on this matter, you should be doing nothing less than contacting members of the other side. At least, this gives the impression that you are trying to be workable.

Eighty-four consecutive weeks of new All Record Highs for the Dow Jones Industrial Average, people back to work is best in over 35 years, and why not do something for an American? A tax break here a better a better America there. And Wo-Who the list is getting endless!


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Just a couple of quick reads…

Just a couple of quick reads…

th1(2)My first point is for those we call the “Hollyweird crowd.” You know, these people who probably would still vote for Hillary Rodham Clinton for President. Ever since this entire slaughter started with Harvey Weinstein. I don’t know if you’ve noticed it but as for the social media the actors and actresses are coming out of the woodwork like cockroaches, quickly alerting the people through — not the mainstream media — but, as I stated through social media.

Just today I was reading Leo DiCaprio’s musings about how we all should be ashamed and then again now Mr. Ryan Gosling over at Twitter has put his phony, “and I’ve been working with that man and knowing…” confession for the masses.

Not that I have any problems with them coming forth; however, we all know what happens when stars or celebrities come forth with their ever-so-deep emotional feelings, guess it yet? Every person of every orientation will look to gain money and mossie right in. My own difficulty with this is this alleged “War on women” and how this one fat and ugly man is going to affect that issue. That’s all for now.

Now then, in my book, An Open Autopsy on America, I had a bit of a rhetorical argument with my editor with regards to current material. She was suggesting that any and all information relating to Hillary R. Clinton, Eric Holder, Barack Obama, and especially former President Wm. Clinton be either removed or summarized at best. I proffered up the “what makes history and continues and so on…” which she vetoed and said, “cut-it-out.” And I started to, believe it or not…

Then in another conversation a couple days later, I stated that I did not think it was in the best interests of my soon to be published book that I leave those “Usual Suspects” out because I felt that there would be more to expose collusion and foul play. For those who are wondering, I cut bait with that publishing house and editor and ended up with a far more brilliant and noticeable one. Oh well.

2222222Prior to the chapter on Immigration Devastation, I decided that I should at least allow my audience to know where and how millions of immigrants came to our country. I wanted to focus on the 1.5 million Germans and well over 4 million Irish and at least 1.5 million Italians assisted during the War between the States (the Civil War).

As I have been writing daily on that project, it has become very obvious to me that what it states in the Constitution in Article 1 Section 8 that Congress is to establish a uniform Rule of Naturalization…and in Section 9 “The Migration or Importation of such Persons as any of the States now existing shall think proper to admit for the sake of taxation for the federal government…”

It has become very clear to me that the United States Congress just as in all things has done nothing with forming a rule of naturalization! It has only been an act in a response of anything egregious that may have happened considering the immigrant. Only as a result of such actions has the US Congress ever done anything to form a rule of law regarding immigration. The only way that Congress could possibly know how many, where from, number of family members, student visas, etc., is through the US Census Bureau or something in the voting rolls. I have learned an awful lot.


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Enough! TakeAKnee Movement

DMGizbEWkAASQBj“Hertha Berlin offered the world a vision of solidarity ahead of their Bundesliga game against Schalke by joining the #TakeAKnee movement currently sweeping through the sporting world in the United States.

“Hertha BSC stands for tolerance and responsibility. For a tolerant Berlin and an open-minded world, now and forevermore,” the club tweeted as players from the home side knelt in the centre circle of the Olympiastadion prior to kick-off.”

“Hertha BSC stands for tolerance & responsibility. For a tolerant Berlin & an open-minded world.”

The #TakeAKnee campaign started in the US last year when former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick knelt during his country’s national anthem as a way of protesting against racism. With  the movement gaining huge momentum in the United States, Hertha Berlin have taken it to Europe with images of players and coaching staff kneeling and linking arms certain to raise further awareness around the issue of tolerance.

kaepernickIt should be noted and clearly stated that Kaepernick’s stunt has only hurt his further chances of playing in the NFL. One, he did not sign with the 49’ers organization which made him a free agent and the 31 other clubs could not justify paying a sub-par quarterback $14 million per season. Two, the tell-tell sign that the nation of fans is not behind Kaepernick’s stunt is evidenced in the leagues falling ratings.

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick is refusing to stand for the national anthem before games because he believes the United States oppresses African Americans and other minorities.

“I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color,” Kaepernick said. “To me, this is bigger than football and it would be selfish on my part to look the other way. There are bodies in the street and people getting paid leave and getting away with murder.”

People do not want to see any man or person protesting in like fashion. Colin Kaepernick doesn’t seem to think it is wrong to protest when he was a college athlete, a Super Bowl starting quarterback, or at any other time in his polished up “privileged” life until he became the lack luster player he actually is.

I believe that Mr. Kaepernick is wrong for this reason. It is stated in the NFL’s Behavior and Standards for the Players that: All players on the field at the time of the playing of the nation’s National Anthem, that said players should stand up, face the flag, (optional) cover their hearts with their right palm of hand until the Anthem is ended.

For starters, Mr. Kaepernick has already broken a rule established by the NFL when their rulebook was hertha berlinwritten. It further infuriates me that any person does not have anything to say vis-a-vie showing pride in a nation that allows him to make 14 million dollars per season for what? I think Colin Kaepernick has failed the 49’ers organization with his poor play and therefore sitting the bench. All his accumulated numbers and statistics are down including those compared to his rookie season.

I can clearly see that having come off one of his best season’s ever with the loss to the Baltimore Ravens in the Super Bowl; subsequently, having a bad attitude that caught up to his performance whereby he deserved to be placed on the second team thus allowing his back-up quarterback to move in as the starter. It should be well pointed out that Kaepernick’s behavior and protesting for people of color even came into the picture.

If it turns out to be a consideration then it should be well noted that HERTHA BSC lost the game 0-2.


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This story, true or false is a pathetic waste of good gossip…

This story, true or false is a pathetic waste of good gossip…

hollyweird.jpgAnd still today when we thought that the mainstream media would finally begin to leave The Massacre at Las Vegas” just a small bit of rest, “No-no,” exudes William Blakely from Annapolis Maryland who tried to get Las Vegas out of the news, and to hopefully elicit some more credible news regarding the Hollywood film mogul, Harvey Weinstein.

With the greatest of respect to Mr. Wm. Blakely I think he is trying to make a mockery out of the entire project. For those who have lived in the Southland, or who are interested in films either monumentous box offices or simply superb films, know the name of Weinstein. The two men, Bob and Harvey Weinstein, are giants in Hollywood and/or any other film capital the world over.

HWeinsteinStill out in the clouds? Just have a look at their Imdb pages. Bob and Harvey Weinstein are brothers and came up through Hollywood from the days of old. However, what I want to write about is the validity of these various actions taken against Harvey Weinstein.

As written so many times on this site, Validity and Reliability offer so much to the problem-solving interaction. Just to keep one apprised, validity is the word we use when we try and find out how much legitimacy, soundness, strength, power, cogency, rationality, authenticity, and truth there is to anything. Reliability therefore is used when dependability, consistency, steadfastness, and trustworthiness are involved with supporting or disclaiming validity.

Put another way from an earlier source, Validity is used when one wants to find out “how valid is the issue”? Under normal circumstances for an issue to be valid then there must be supporting evidence or lots of information backing it up and is something that is found in the real world. Validity is the extent to which a concept, conclusion or measurement is well- founded and corresponds accurately to the real world. The validity of a measurement tool (for example, a test in education) is the degree to which the tool measures what it claims to measure; in this case, the validity is an equivalent to accuracy.

Reliability is a concept, conclusion or measurement that can stand up to the ability to be retested with the same results. Reliability when used in this writing means that the reliability of the issue is consistent and dependable.

Regarding Harvey Weinstein’s recent accusations of sexual harassment and coupled with what would be described as sexual assault, it is very important for each of us to look at both the validity and reliability of these various accusations and hopefully give some serious thought to what the mainstream media is doing to the culture and society in which we live.

From my knowledge of this story it appears that a journalist from the New York Times took ten months and interviewed thirteen women pursuant to Harvey Weinstein’s behavior. And I will not leave out today’s bandwagon effect brought forth by other women and Gloria Allred.

My interest in this story is how and when the legal system in this nation are going to start using their heads regarding sexual harassment. Lord knows, Bill Cosby Ed.D., I feel has taken enough. However, I am having a problem with what exactly is sexual harassment? It is seeming as though if a man looks at a woman for an extended period, this could be sexual harassment. Now, we have known that it is inappropriate for a man to mention some wording around a woman that also constitutes sexual harassment.

But what about the woman? Is she able to go around staring and/or saying whatever she feels? Examples are Gwyneth Paltrow and Angelina Jolie Paltrowwho today added their names to the list of “he got sexual with me too.” No doubt, Mr. Harvey Weinstein has got more money than the bank. Yet, trying to get some of it for issues that happened thirty years ago if at all, should be made unheard of.



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Reid College students boycott classes and demand outreach programs

declarationofindependenceThe more I am reminded of people that will do anything to advance their careers, try and show how smart they are, or better still and there are a lot of these kind of people around.

You know the one’s I’m writing about – perhaps a couple of years at the local community college, maybe even a college graduate or two, and then come the dangerous liberal who, having heard something that intrigued them and yet without any further research, even a dictionary to find out the meaning of what they have decided to espouse, please understand that there are millions of these types of people walking around of all age denominations.

Some, believe it or not, are walking around at Cal Berkeley, Georgetown University, and as much as I hate to admit it, they are at University of Virginia (UVA) with the major lot of them are at New York institutions, Massachusetts universities, and Southern Californian establishments. I hold no grudges just civility. And I wish these people would have a look at what consequences their actions may have.

Reed College students were protesting racism on campus Monday, skipping classes as part of a day-long boycott. The students participating in this protest are a part of a group called Reedies Against Racism. They have a list of demands for the administration, including more outreach to marginalized communities and mandatory training about race sensitivity for faculty and staff.

About 100 students were at a rally Monday morning after earlier interrupting a capture33(3)humanities class. The class is one of the points of contention for the group. “It’s Western Humanities. It just teaches whiteness and inherently European texts and completely ignores the fact that there are other civilizations with intellectual foundations,” a student complained.

My turn – this is where the elitist students “think” they are a head of something. The problem as I see it is that Western Civilization however it is offered up is a must for a college educated person who wants to spend their lifetimes within that civilization being studied. Plain and simple. There is no doubt much that can be learned from coursework; however, making demands such as intervening into communities with school funds will almost guarantee that you won’t be attending next year. Reed College will use tuition funding collected right out of your parent’s hands.

Now then, Western Humanities should be discussing “whiteness” and using European texts why? It is an overview of the culture you’ve decided to experience while at school.


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Reviewing Presidential Success

Reviewing Presidential Success…

US-Constitution-Burning-300x150Yeah, a brand new book, one I have been waiting to read. This book is the absolute must for the Presidential historian’s out there and obviously a prepared work because the author does not hold back anything on anyone.

The new book I am reading is so far up on the business of this citizen journalist’s site and fortunately for me, it parallels my own potential best-seller to a larger degree than I would like it too. Nonetheless, when I see a section that even resembles something that I’ve written, those chills are really quite a feeling.

The book is titled, 9 Presidents who Screwed-up America, by Brion McClanahan and of course published by Regnery Publishing (same company who did Culture of  Corruption, by Michelle Malkin, and ¡Adios, America!, by Ann Coulter).  I would like to start from what he terms, The Right Presidential Yardstick.

How do Americans measure presidential success? By popularity? Effective communication? Success in achieving foreign or domestic policy goals? Energy and activity in the office? Leadership? The overall health of the country during and immediately after a president’s administration? Sure, this is a difficult question and one that Americans have pondered for decades.

The real story or a close one is when he mentions Arthur Schlesinger Sr.’s 1948 first Constitutional Conventionacademic poll to rank presidents for an issue of Time Magazine.  This poll found 6 presidents t be “great”: Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, Franklin Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, Thomas Jefferson, and Andrew Jackson. Schlesinger followed up in 1962 almost two decades later for 75 historians with the same poll including the same presidents. The only difference found Andrew Jackson dropped from the great category otherwise the list remained static, for the New York Times Magazine.

In these two polls Schlesinger found those who were listed as “great” and “above average” shared the same criteria; consequently, the data showed that those historians rating used leadership, vision, and success in achieving their desired foreign or domestic policy goals. Those presidents who had received “below average” and “poor” ratings tended to be those who had forgettable administrations, without achieving policy goals or those who blundered through the beginning of the Great Depression or the Civil War.

Now the rub. According to McClanahan, the problem with these academic polls was not the questions but the perception of the executive office, a perception that has been skewed by the success of the U.S. in the twentieth century; moreover, by the growth of the power of the executive branch as seen by the other branches and levels of government.

The author admits that the historians polled lacked an originalist perspective on the Constitution. Therefore, they ranked the presidents based on the outcome of their policies, not on how they upheld the oath they took when sworn into office, to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.

Ranking a president on that basis would entail that the historian had a knowledge and understanding of the ratification process of the Constitution. You see in 1787 and 1788 most proponents of the Constitution argued that executive powers would be implemented after the Constitution was ratified. The truth was evident, they did not know. McClanahan believes that the greatest minds of the time of ratification including, John Dickinson, Roger Sherman, John Rutledge, Oliver Ellsworth and Edmund Randolph argued that the executive was not to have the power of the King of England.

51unh9cxqwl-_ac_us160_Furthermore, the papers of the day, the Federalist papers as well as the Anti-Federalist papers spoke of this very phenomenon. He further believes that most Americans today – including historians and academics – have a distorted view. We ask what the president should do in office, not what he is constitutionally permitted to do in office. The latter should be the measure of the man.

Potential executive abuse was the fear of a ratified Constitution. The founding generation considered an out of control executive to be the greatest bane of liberty. More tomorrow, k?

arden B

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Let’s look at History of Immigration Policy

Let’s look at History of Immigration Policy

the-goooo21This information is a basic history of how immigration law and policy was determined in the United States of America. It is very noteworthy to suggest that the matters of “legal and/or illegal” immigrant do not appear to be apparent in the wording. What does seem very apparent is the notion that each way the immigration acts were contested, issued at a time when various bodies of people were almost escorted into the nation.

As such, I do not feel as though any person who is griping that immigration activities are unfair or limiting to any person. This writing is from the New Section of Wikipedia that has been edited and rewritten. From a person who has studied all of the various acts of Immigration Law, I must say that Wiki has done a great job in clarifying what was normally obscured.

The original United States Naturalization Law of March 26, 1790 (1 Stat. 103) provided the first rules to be followed by the United States in the granting of national citizenship. This law limited naturalization to immigrants who were free white persons of good character. It thus excluded American Indians, indentured servants, slaves, free blacks and later Asians although free blacks were allowed citizenship at the state level in certain states. It also provided for citizenship for the children of U.S. citizens born abroad, stating that such children “shall be considered as natural born citizens,” the only US statute ever to use the term. It specified that the right of citizenship did “not descend to persons whose fathers have never been resident in the United States.”

In order to address one’s good character, the law required two years of residence in the United States and one year in the state of residence, prior to applying for citizenship. When those requirements were met, an immigrant could file a Petition for Naturalization with “any common law court of record” having jurisdiction over his residence. Once convinced of the applicant’s good moral character, the court would administer an oath of allegiance to support the Constitution of the United States. The clerk of the court was to make a record of these proceedings, and “thereupon such person shall be considered as a citizen of the United States.”


I stand by Ann!

The Act also establishes the United States citizenship of certain children of citizens, born abroad, without the need for naturalization: “the children of citizens of the United States that may be born beyond Sea, or out of the limits of the United States, shall be considered as natural-born Citizens: Provided, That the right of citizenship shall not descend to persons whose fathers have never been resident in the United States”.

The Act of 1790 was repealed by the Naturalization Act of 1795, which extended the residency requirement to five years, and by the Naturalization Act of 1798, which extended it to 14 years. The 1798 act was repealed by the Naturalization Law of 1802.

Major changes to the definition of citizenship were ratified in the nineteenth century following the American Civil War. The Fourteenth Amendment in 1868 granted citizenship to people born within the United States and subject to its jurisdiction, but it excluded untaxed Indians (those living on reservations). The Naturalization Act of 1870 extended “the naturalization laws” to “aliens of African nativity and to persons of African descent.” In 1898 the Supreme Court decision in United States v. Wong Kim Ark granted citizenship to an American-born child of Chinese parents who had a permanent domicile and residence in the United States, and who were there carrying on business, and are not employed in any diplomatic or official capacity under the Emperor of China. All persons born in the United States since United States v. Wong Kim Ark has been granted citizenship although the Supreme Court has never explicitly ruled on the matter of children born to parents who are not legal residents of the United States.

All Native Americans were finally granted citizenship by the Indian Citizenship Act of 1924, whether or not they belonged to a federally recognized tribe; by that date two-thirds of Native Americans were already U.S. citizens. Further changes to racial eligibility for naturalized citizenship were ratified after 1940 when eligibility was also extended to “descendants of races indigenous to the Western Hemisphere,” “Filipino persons or persons of Filipino descent,” “Chinese persons or persons of Chinese descent,” and “persons of races indigenous to India.” The Immigration and Nationality Act of 1952 prohibits racial and gender discrimination in naturalization.

It furthermore is noted that the safety of immigrants just happened to be one of the complaints listed in the Declaration of Independence written on June 28, 1776.


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It happened! Some empirical research with a Millennial!

It happened! Some empirical research with a Millennial!

 Devon2 editedOkay, let’s say we all have been waiting for that special time – you know where it’s you and of all ethnicities and races around you get a 19-year-old Asian lady who is very calm, very considerate of your time and questions, seriously, at first, I thought it was some kind of feminine joke on me when all things considered this lady is hot! Actually, I wrote that last line for my editor who constantly reminds me to keep it short! No extra words, not even to describe this woman’s skin tone, her light-hearted demeanor, and well, super long blond hair.

You know, she’s decked out to the nines with her plaid flannel shirt used as a jacket just covering her Asian-ness, sort of a white with lace Victorian blouse buttoned up to the top with just the top button loosened for comfort and of course some kind of denim, jeans type, heck I don’t know custom designer wear pants that were vaguely covering her c.f.m. small pumps. I mean she had to know it, but then again, she was hanging with me, ∩∩∩«!

So, the venue is Starbuck’s sitting minding our own business; me, finishing up some editing on my soon to be a best-seller (joke!) and she, working in Word looked like an essay of sorts. With the news on in the background immediately our conversation turns to DACA and the majority of her friends at school who are illegal, full of angst, totally freaking out because of they as well as she thinks they’re going to be deported.

Just in case you are new to this particular site, one of my big issue that I cover is the outdated, raunchy, more than hideous immigration policy that our nation does not have. And I really thought that engaging a conversation with this young Asian quite intelligent bombshell was going to do me some good, I had to learn the hard way that there are a couple of matters that are true,  Devon3

First, not all Asian ladies that remind one of Devon Aoki to possess the magnificent brains or intelligence that Ms. Aoki does. And then again, secondly, kids will be kids – no matter what discernable information they are given deluxe with the original source documentation, they still think like children, don’t listen, debate like flopping fish and heck, could care like a millennial person that by assuming the overwhelming problems of an illegal alien, then allowing their parents who abandoned them and sent them up north for an early migration process, that these parents are not bad or negligent with their children but suffice it to say that Ms. Glamorous believes that US taxpayers should pay to reunite them between Mexico, Central, and South America and here?

And friends I tried! Did I ever try! Just to allow this little lady a look into wisdom! Fortunately for her, she had her laptop at Starbuck’s and I introduced her to The Contemplative where she proceeded to embark on the more than ten years of ridiculous immigration syndicated articles. I showed her the Category selection menu from my site and couldn’t make it to the bathroom fast enough! So, I was thinking…I exited the bathroom with my cell to my ear hoping to avoid any further nonsensical communication with her.

So, I leave you with this one. Earlier in the conversation, she told me about her Spanish class she elected to take this year. Having spent a long portion of my life in Central America and Mexico I started a little conversational Spanish with her. She emphatically told me that they did not speak Spanish in her class…call me stupid I don’t care. In her Spanish class once a week they have Immigration Day whereby the illegals tell the class how great it is to be from Mexico and surprisingly she explained to me that she’d rather learn about Mexico from those who were from there. So, naturally, I asked about how much Spanish had she learned in case she happened to visit Mexico one day. She started with, “well my teacher believes…” and my cell phone rang thank the Lord!



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How much more does the “American” take?

How much more does the “American” take?

Illegal_Immigration_UnderstandIt2OTesticles. I really believe that when an author or television commentator refers to having “balls” what they are really saying and/or meaning is gumption, gall, fortitude, honesty, and the matter of holding to what one is saying and/or believing.

The way of the American politician is a disgrace. Allow me if you will to say this type of dishonor,  humiliation, and egregious behavior is also at a premium at all levels of education, go crazy in the press, as well as tarnishing the respect of this nation and is beyond reproach.

3ringcircus(1)For any United States Senator who willfully took a vacation during the recent August recess there should be a squad of police or other-named officials to take your little bull squat badges and anything else that supports that you are indeed the person who you say you are, and what you do for a living and just like an ancient traitor to their country be put to hard labor or death whichever comes first.

You fraudulent human beings who wish to think you do a function for this country – and who still vacations after a measly 8 percent approval rating there is something wrong with you. Not just one or two of you, I mean all of you.

Listen up everyone: The exact same language that former President Obama used in order to initiate DACA is now being used by President Trump to wake up every human being in this nation to resend the initiative. And have you heard the academics, lawyers, judges, and other members of the supposed intelligentsia arguing about this? 300px-capitol_building_full_view(1)

And Congressional officials both of the House and of the Senate you should be ashamed of the way this is being handled. Do I think you people such as McCain, Graham, Pelosi, Rich, et al., are going to be any different – In this instance, I am directly addressing the alleged Representative Cummings of Maryland.

For well over 20 years I have been promised a wall. Where is that wall that has been bought and paid for? President Reagan and his infamous Dream Act, so where are the scholars, patriots, military men/women?

Why do we continue to put up with Dreamer’s who are 31 years of age? Hey, listen up you. You got here, by hook or crook or otherwise, you got here, right. You are better educated, make more money, killed a few more, so what’s next? Family reunification? For what? Health care for what? Cherry picking in soccer got its name somehow? All you are doing illegals is Cherry picking.



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This is where Congress will have problems…!

This is where Congress will have problems…!



The poor “No fault of their own” brigade

As far as the American people are concerned: First a joke – the American Congress, being both the House of Representatives and the so-called “upper house” which we will aptly refer to as the Senate the joke is…” they probably won’t like either of the ways that President Trump will decide to go regarding the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals aka (DACA) because they will have to go to work on something…”


And please have no doubt whatsoever, when one elicits the USA Congress to operate in any way just sit back and count the number of problems they’ll create. Before the Deferred Action…DACA is over and the decision made, there will be any number of issues surrounding a more than generous program offered by the American taxpayers.

If I had a crystal ball and could PUFF! Out of thin air the name of a stock that would make anyone a billionaire and showed a track record of being correct, I think there are some readers out there that would say “hey, what’s the name of the stock?” Am I correct? Sure, as anything I am.  download

So rather than me explain what entitlements that DACA recipients get – here it is according to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service delivered by the Department of Homeland Security.

“Persons who request DACA status must have been younger than 31 years old as of June 15, 2012, the date the policy first was announced by the Director of Homeland Security, according to the USCIS. Additional age requirements mandate that DACA applicants be at least 15 years old at the time of the request and that they migrated to the United States before the age of 16.


Trump hire american

It is on you!

The DACA policy requires applicants to have continuously lived in the United States at least from June 15, 2007, until the present, notes the USCIS. They also must have been physically present in the country as of June 15, 2012, as well as at the time they make their request for deferred action.


To request DACA, applicants must either be currently enrolled in school, graduated from high school, obtained a GED certificate or have been honorably discharged from the U.S. Coast Guard or other Armed Forces, explains USCIS. Also, applicants must not have any felony convictions or significant misdemeanors.”

Therefore, younger than 31 and older than 15 years of age as long as one was younger than 16 years of age. So, in the attempt to make this rubbish conform to The Immigration and Naturalization Act of 1965 let’s say that they must have lived here continuously for 5 years. And just to be as complicated as possible let’s say that one must be currently enrolled in high school or obtained a GED, or spent time in the US military. Yes, that is

keep families together

It is really about this…

true and has been since the earliest of illegal immigrant amnesty programs, just ask President Reagan, President Bush, President Clinton, President George W. Bush and the one who created this mess, President Barack Obama, including the respective congresses that went along with these non-accountable people.


With all of my inner adult mind I would swear (in a nice way) that before any person is done with this program, especially Congress, we won’t be asked but they’ll gain citizenship, voting rights, and then let’s just wait until all of their relatives, loved ones, trans whatever partners, and so on are here, right next door.


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