Discrimination, Political Correctness & Decline

Discrimination, Political Correctness, & Decline

Discrimination, Political Correctness Decline

Discrimination, Political Correctness & Decline

A community declines when the majority of its citizens become selfish, and under this influence it slowly dismantles all the restraints upon self-indulgence established by manners, customs, beliefs, and law. In other words, the clearly established norms and traditions get lost into extinction. ( Please read here.)

Indeed no where is this more clearly pronounced than in the notion of “Multiculturalism” the notion of who We are, where We came from, and We’re going to do what We please; because in Your U.S. Constitution we are protected by those rights. (Please see here.)

And quite simply we don’t find all that much being more offensive than that of the hesitancy for those who immigrate to the United States and immediately despise any form of assimilation. Not long ago I read an article on how those immigrants who’ve come here demanding to wear their turbans, or their little knives or daggers, literally want time off to go pray – and this one I’ll never forget (below).

At the university where I went to graduate school there were these lovely and quite expensive baths of some sort located in the rest rooms. Openly I did not know what they were. In fact the closest thing I’d ever seen to this quality masonry was a pet fountain on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, California.

Seriously, I didn’t know if these ‘baths’ were Turkish baths, something for the disabled, heck, I just didn’t know so I went and asked. You’ve probably already figured it out – these high quality, tile lined floors, each with a down spout for water, deluxe with a towel hanging right next to the water adjustment faucet, and an awesome redwood bench that surrounded the entire enclosure; these very fancy ‘baths’ were for those who observed the Muslim faith for foot washing.

America has been accommodating so many and for so long, do you ever think of ‘Reverse Discrimination’?


Now I make no qualm about it – it offended me that the state and federal governments were so accommodating to our Middle Eastern students. Yet, back on point here, isn’t there a clear violation of my Constitutional rights under the first amendment? Please visit here.

At the community level the America society is declining to the point of decay. We’ve tmpZWr3oc-mdly-photowritten on “hedonism” that pervades our nation; we’ve written about special interest groups who will see their agenda’s get special attention and special money; furthermore, we have a problem with our government at the local level, state level, and federal level for simply sitting back – doing absolutely nothing – regarding runaway illegal immigration, even considering same-sex marriages, and running up record deficits with spending, spending, and more spending. (Additional reading here.)

Why are we selling out to the Chinese? Iran? And every other nation who pats us on the back with one hand yet plunges the dagger into the heart with the other. (Must reading here.)

Our theory here at The Contemplative Thinker is that there exists an unhealthy ‘proverbial’ link between discrimination, political correctness, with the use of special interest groups to finance the dismantling of America. (Great writing here.)




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Federal police investigations part of Obama legacy

Federal police investigations part of Obama legacy

isPresident Barack Obama has vowed to push for criminal justice reform in his final months in office. But analysts say his Justice Department has already made a legacy-defining imprint on policing.

Relying on a sweeping federal law drafted 22 years ago by then-Sen. Joe Biden, the Obama administration has pursued about two dozen civil rights inquiries into local police such as the one focused on the Baltimore Police Department to be released on Wednesday.

“This is the one tool that the Department of Justice has been able to use to advance comprehensive police reform in some of our most troubled communities,” said Kanya A. Bennett of the American Civil Liberties Union. “This is the one resource that does not rely on bipartisan agreement to get something accomplished.”

The long-awaited Justice Department report on Baltimore, which comes more than a year after the death of Freddie Gray from spinal injuries suffered in police custody set off riots in the city, concludes that officers routinely violated constitutional rights — an impact that fell disproportionately on black residents. Results: Three officers acquitted, charges dropped against others.

Despite high-profile cases of African-Americans dying in interactions with police in Ferguson, Mo., New York and Chicago — and now deadly attacks on officers in Dallas and Baton Rouge — there has been little movement to advance criminal justice legislation in Congress. The issue has become further politicized by a presidential election in which Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Donald Trump are at odds over policing.


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Double-check the detailed charges on your bill


11IllegalImmigration080816If your kid is attending Prescott College in Arizona this fall, you may want to double-check the detailed charges on your bill.

The private school is now charging every student a “non-mandatory” per-semester fee of $30 — or $60 for the year — to fund a college scholarship for an illegal immigrant. Yes, you read that right. The fee, announced in April, appears on the bill for students in the upcoming school term, who already pay $28,000+ in tuition to attend Prescott. (Room, board, and incidentals are extra, of course.)

Students can opt out of this fee — but they have to know about it first.

“Most [students] won’t even see it,” said one University of New Hampshire sophomore. “Why not ask for the $30 to give a scholarship to a handicapped student or something?”

This article is by Deirdre Reilly who I don’t know. Please “click” the button below to read her entire work because it is well worth it! Well done Ms. Reilly!


arden B

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Experts Say Trump’s Muslim Ban Would Cripple Immigration System


Experts Say Trump’s Muslim Ban Would Cripple Immigration System

120_jpegFacing a growing backlash over his dispute with the parents of a Muslim American Army captain killed in Iraq in 2004, Donald Trump has continued to defend his proposal to ban all Muslim immigrants from entering the U.S.

Khizr Khan, the father of the late Humayun Khan, blasted the potential ban in his speech to the Democratic convention last week, saying if it were up to Trump, his son “never would have been in America.”

The personal dispute has placed a spotlight back on what might be Trump’s most controversial proposal.

Leaders in both parties have condemned the ban as discriminatory, counterproductive and probably unconstitutional.

There is another major problem with it, however.  th

A religious ban would be virtually impossible to implement and would cripple the current immigration system, according to more than 20 security and immigration officials surveyed by NBC News for a special report on how the proposal would actually work.

For the first part we must all understand and take into consideration that NBC News is definitely within the mainstream of American media. There are certainly ways to get around what the Constitution does not say anything about; consequently, let’s look to our current president for ridiculous measures put into law by this crazed fool.

One, waivers for everything; and moving along, DACA, DAPA, now even these actions which have been ruled on by the United States Supreme Court, nonetheless the fact still remains that millions of abusers are finding ways to benefit from court nonappearances, until their time to either register or reregister comes along.


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Reevaluating Richard M. Nixon

No! Not Hillary Clinton!

tmpZWr3oc-mdly-photoAs much as I would love to do it and perhaps one day it will be done, I really have no intention of comparing the lies, half-truths, misrepresentations, or intentional misleading that is in an endless loop for Hillary Rodham Clinton meaning that somewhere in that demented mind of hers – she believes what she is lying about. 

For all of those people who have stated, “It’s about time we had a women president” or this lady I heard this morning, “Hillary is a woman, in fact, she’ll be the first in history, to become the first woman president, and we will all say ‘what took us so long.'”

As for me people and voters are looking at all of the wrong characteristics and all of the wrong reasons. With as much special interest group pressure you ladies (“War on Women”) put through congress as well as the media to be heard, what is the problem? I yearn for a woman president too. But I do not wish for a lying, cheating, stealing, revealing National Security and getting people killed in Benghazi Libya already knowing that for weeks – GET THIS – weeks in advance that heavier security was deemed necessary! Although it was requested, then begged for, then threatened for, it never happened! So how long are you people going to say Hillary?


About President Richard Nixon, read as you may, take biographical course work, read, listen, because you will not find anything that Nixon did that will ever compare to the stinking, unfaithful rubbish that this woman has been up too in the last 30 years or so. Lord, please help these people see how she and “Slick Willy” sold technology to the Chinese, mutilated and had women, men, children killed in Nicaragua and Honduras. Open their eyes to all of the rubbish caused in Egypt, Libya, Sudan, Somalia, Tunisia, Mali, Nigeria, and South Africa to boot. Everything this person touches turns to excrement!

We have had our “firsts.” Our last one really turned out to be a “Jr. first” at best, who has already been named as one of the worst 9 Presidents in America’s history. Now as the media would have it, this new “first woman president” wants to carry on what the clown has already done and more. Look for the right characteristics before you vote or just don’t vote.

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Dewey, Cheatem, and Howe

_41586174_statueofliberty_bbc203b.jpgBased on the fortitude of the American people and those who wish someday to become citizens or permanent residents, there is a a road for effective immigration that is better for Americans and also better for immigrants.

This could be a huge challenge or a small hurdle depending on how the Washington privileged people—simply listen. During the summer of 2007 these elected officials got a good look at America’s voice. Did they listen?

Not really. Although the American people were clearly sending the message to their ‘leadership’ in Washington saying no more amnesty, no more lies, no more dishonesty, and stop putting gay and lesbian issues tucked away into reform bills; moreover, stop pretending and please start listening! I believe this matter is the single most important issue facing a new president and new congress.

Several talk show hosts and cable news networks openly state that one of the biggest difficulties is the ever-widening ditch that separates ‘congressional elites’ from average American’s is in the issues of American heritage, American history, American society, and especially our language. Why hasn’t Congress legislated English as the official language of the government?

In the academic community these ‘leaders’ have all but removed the notion of assimilation—the melting pot, in order to celebrate diversity through a multicultural ‘individualistic’ nation–‘salad bowl’ without setting up the bar of acceptable standards or norms. (Please see categories: Education, Immigration, Politics, Religion for more.)

*Here are three clearly established facts that the American people want overwhelmingly:

By 87 to 11 percent, the American people favor English as the official language of government. By 83 percent to 17 percent, American people believe immigrants should be required to learn English. Get this: The American people are also willing to pay for their belief in English. In addition, by 83 percent to 15 percent American’s would support programs of intensive English instruction to all needing it, including stipends to help immigrants attend the program.

There is a huge gap between the main stream media, academic left, and lefty politicians on one side of these issues and the overwhelming majority of Americans on the other. Isn’t it time listening to the American people.

More later…after (reflection, critical thinking, decision-making)


Statistical data collected from Mr. Newt Gingrich’s new book: Real Change: From the World That Fails to the World That Works. Have a look:



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Validity, Reliability, Accountability

Validity, Reliability, Accountability

forex-lrg-2I feel like sharing a story with all of our readers here at The Contemplative Thinker. Okay then all-right! Before the newness of being a college graduate had worn off, I very humbly dotted all of the I’s and crossed all of the T’s in my application documents to graduate school.

The only difference (I thought) was that I was going to a completely new campus approximately 3,ooo miles away. Not being the P.C. traditional student (18 to 24) I’d almost forgotten what the universities P.C. name was — let’s see was it “older student, veteran student, minority student, come of age student,” it seems as though the list was endless — a good point to show how stupid being politically correct is – right.

Most of the younger students didn’t like “older” “minority” or so it seems could be used only for one class of students, and as a true testament everyone in college should be a come of age student.

Seems to me that I settled for “graduate student” however, I did suggest overtly that maybe we should be called “the student’s who paid more money for our classes, students.”

Telling a true story here, I was jubilantly excited to be back in school. Sure we were there on Orientation Days and The Dorm Days – when everybody was allowed back on campus and either the same room or a different one, it was loud, uncouth, and this is the next generation? No! It was the folks in my classes that were the next generation! Political+Correctness3

For those who do not already know, graduate school normally starts during any and every month of the year. Therefore, if classes started on July 1st most institutions of higher learning are reasonably quiet during those times – no sports activities; just Friday/Saturday night partying normally among real friends.

At any rate in one of my classes, we were instructed to make a Likert Scale enabling participants to indicate the strength of their responses usually through a 1 to 10 scale basis. What we were doing was measuring how well did coming back to school students understand what validity meant, same with reliability, and finally accountability.

I think the real lesson was sort of like The Jesse Watters World on Fox News whereby he goes out into New York City, Philadelphia, Chicago, Dallas, and Los Angeles and then ask ordinary people questions such as how many states are in the United States? Or, who is buried in Grant’s Tomb? The questions that everyone seems to answer incorrectly.

hillary-trueself1Netting it out for you — the results were dismal! Validity, or logical, legally binding at times, effective, or justifiable and unexpired had a weighted average of 3.5 whereas reliability came up to 4.5 with accountability was beneath all others at a mere 2.0 weighted average.

Therefore, one of my first lessons in graduate school has even made to an article much later than the actual event occurred. Dr. Gardner would be proud.

Validity (how valid is the issue) or when an experiment is valid it is true, usually has a lot of evidence backing it up, and is well-founded and corresponds to the real world. Furthermore any concept, conclusion or measurement must have some sort of reliability — the ability to be retested with the same results.

As for accountability is concerned it is my opinion that it has become one of those values that as a nation we have lost concept of its importance and no one seems to care, right Hillary?

arden B

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The Struggling Swamp Surrounding Citizenship

Tell me, are you a Roman?

Saint-PaulSaint Paul’s affirmative response to the Roman guard’s question as recorded in Acts is one of the earliest recorded discussions regarding citizenship in existence.

Roman citizenship in the ancient world was coveted because citizenship had its benefits (in this case saving Paul’s life). And the Romans guarded it jealously.

The relevant language is straightforward yet without question one of the most confusing worded aspects: “All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside.”

It is important to understand that even then, during the thirty fourth Congress, that errors in the wording created chaos, nothing like what was found when the original founding fathers wrote the complete Constitution, Bill of Rights, and the Federalist and Anti-Federalists Papers.

From a historical perspective, the amendment only codified the English common law practiced by the federal government since the inception of the republic: defining citizenship on the basis of birthplace (jus solis) as opposed to citizenship of the parents (jus sanguinis).

This qualification in and of itself is not a true and correct record of English common law; that understanding could only be understood by one reading “The Rights of Englishmen” whilst having its basic premise from the “Magna Charta.”

This is “birthright citizenship.”

The drafters of the amendment, in order to address concerns about the children of untitleddiplomats and enemy soldiers who might be on U.S. territory (neither group being subject to U.S. law), as well as American Indians who were still considered semi-sovereigns who governed themselves, inserted the qualifier phrase “and subject to the jurisdiction thereof”.

In 1898 the Supreme Court in United States vs. Wong Kim Ark, utilizing a strict constructionist reading of the amendment, declared that “subject to the jurisdiction” meant “subject to the laws of the United States”, rather than “subject to the political jurisdiction of the United States”.

The Court chose jus solis over jus sanguinis: If one is born on American soil, then the birth parent(s) is subject to the laws of the United States and the child is, therefore, an American citizen. Not quite! One must consider the Citizenship Act of 2011.

Parental citizenship or allegiance (unless a member of one of the excepted three classes) is not determinative of citizenship.

Now, however, there is an effort to undermine this very basic tenet of American citizenship law in order to address failed leadership on immigration policy. This failure, however, has everything to do with one side’s refusal to give up cheap labor and the other’s refusal to give up a voting bloc but nothing to do with the natural born new citizen.

22768940-Isolated-rendered-image-depicting-dark-haired-lingerie-model-in-purple-transparent-negligee-Stock-PhotoThey would, in effect, make parental citizenship a qualifier for U.S. citizenship, a notion completely foreign in the 226 year history of the republic. Even that statement is consideration of English Common Law is determined incorrectly.

Controlling immigration begins with enforcing the laws on the books and, where warranted, amending the Immigration and Naturalization Act and entitlement programs.

Depriving natural born Americans of their constitutionally guaranteed citizenship is as shameful a suggestion as was the internment of Japanese Americans in World War II.

This attempt to dim the light of our “shining city on a hill” should be rejected by all who hold the Constitution inviolate and believe in the promise that is America.

A second CRS legislative attorney, Margaret Mikyung Lee, looked specifically at birthright citizenship in 2010 and drew similar conclusions about the history of birthright citizenship laws. But Lee said that some arguments were being made that the Wong Kim Ark court and the 14th Amendment’s drafters didn’t consider the concept of illegal immigrants, because that wasn’t a requirement to do it at the time.

_one color

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Michelle Obama: Election About ‘Who Will Have the Power to Shape Our Children’

Michelle Obama: Election About ‘Who Will Have the Power to Shape Our Children’

michelleIf anyone did not miss the majority of the Republican National Convention RNC, seriously now, who on earth could be more proud of Mr. Trump’s adult offspring?

Sure I thought it was a little dicey having each one of the Trump clan taking such powerful speaking engagements; however, for me and most of my colleagues were in particular agreement at how well polished, strongly spoken, as well as impeccable adult children that each of Mr. Trump’s children are.

First lady Michelle Obama argued that Donald Trump is no example for America’s children during an impassioned pitch for Hillary Clinton’s candidacy at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia on Monday evening.

Well she has indeed proved that she is no smarter than her lying and nontransparent husband is outright.

Obama threw her support behind Hillary, noting “there were plenty of moments when Hillary could have decided that this work was too hard, that the price of public service was too high, that she was tired of being picked apart for how she looks or how she talks or even how she laughs.”

“But here’s the thing. What I admire most about Hillary is that she never buckles under pressure. She never takes the easy way out. And Hillary Clinton has never quit on anything in her life,” she continued. “And when I think about the kind of president that I want for my girls and all our children, that’s what I want.”

Right here with the above statement is what conjures up such discontent inside of me toward these people. Hillary Clinton has shown me as a professional person that she is a masterful liar. That is her easy way out. So please Mrs. Obama, what’s your excuse for Hillary moving on without Bill in their marriage?  1500px-DesertStormMap_v2_svg

Obama reflected on “the story of this country, the story that has brought me to this stage tonight, the story of generations of people who felt the lash of bondage, the shame of servitude, the sting of segregation, but who kept on striving and hoping and doing what needed to be done so that today I wake up every morning in a house that was built by slaves.”

There we go — for what’s it worth, we will never, ever be able to heal from what a small proportion of America’s earliest agrarians have done. And as long as this crap happens we never ever will.

James_Madison_140x190The first lady said she wants “a president who will teach our children that everyone in this country matters, a president who truly believes in the vision that our Founders put forth all those years ago that we are all created equal, each a beloved part of the great American story.”

Lady, you certainly need to put more emphasis into my column. Although you single handedly ignored everything that was written yesterday – which certainly allows me to know where your knowledge level is, however, just a quick question: Do you and what’s his name Barack, Berry or Whatever communicate?

arden B

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Human Interest…


41F5W4TN5FL._AC_US160_In Dr. Charles W. Mills insights and clearly substantial text that appears in his wonderful book The Radical Contract, he makes no attempt to clarify that any sort of “social contract” exists between races. Dr. Mills gives meaning to his argument that argues however, that these ideals of the Social Contract are at worst pure fiction or at best were intended only to apply to a specific group of people, namely members of the tribes of Europe and their genetic descendants. “…when white people say ‘Justice,’ they mean ‘Just Us’.”

As difficult as that is to see and write – I would assume that those were the parameters set forth regarding citizenship.DeclarIndep180x180

And when given the opportunity to write the Declaration of Independence, Thomas Jefferson wrote in the document that “all men were created equal” he did not literally mean that all men or even all human beings were created equal. After all, Mr. Jefferson owned African slaves at the time of his writing the Declaration of Independence and continued to own slaves up until the time of his death. He could not have possibly meant that people of African descent were created equal, treated as equals, and entitled to liberty and the pursuit of happiness. If he did, then how could one explain his maintaining a slave population under his control?

This is where I have extreme conflict with the Framer’s of the Constitution, and I am more than positive that it is not just me. I am a Christian man with a developed and critical mind – that also prays.

I have not nor will I ever profess to be a genius; however, there are some issues that are inherent within our system of government. Although I firmly believe many of these hardtail notions have suffered the agony of the human way or a man being with power and money.

Someone, anyone please…why were the Africans and Indians counted in 5’s? From the onset that doesn’t appear to have equity anywhere in it.

The existence of the Racial Contract explains these apparent contradictions, in that peoples of color were never intended to be included as signatories to the Social Contract. Okay then, this is like “human nature” and I believe that there were definitely a majority to jump literally to this conclusion.

A contract is simply an agreement between two or more people. According to Dr. Mills, the Racial Contract was and is an agreement made among the tribes of Europe (roughly during the time of the Age of Exploration and European colonialism) to establish political systems and policies which at their heart held their ideals.

Peoples of color are not part of the Social Contract and exist outside its bounds. Hence Native Americans can be forced off their land, Africans enslaved, and Chinese forced to accept British supplied opium without any sense of contradiction. Now, being politicians I do believe that the Framer’s could have believed this rubbish.

In conclusion there exists a relatively vast amount on this topic that I do look forward to writing about. However, Dr. Mills refers to the Racial Contract as being an absolute contained inside of the Social Contract. At this time I am not in possession of either of the two documents. This of course does not mean that they are unavailable, I just have not seen them yet. It does appear to me that prior to these contracts being offered – herein is the importance of this entire scheme of arrangement; whereby, were they hidden at the time of signature?

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