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Military Involvement in Iraq, Syria, and Afghanistan

President Obama’s most senior national security advisers have recommended measures that would move U.S. troops closer to the front lines in Iraq and Syria, officials said, a sign of mounting White House dissatisfaction with progress against the Islamic State and … Continue reading

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Trade Promotion Authority to Trade Adjustment Assistance a Total Waste

In recent weeks there’s been a bit of controversy in Washington over an “alphabet soup” of legislation and tactics all dealing with trade issues. It is a headache at the very least — so much in fact as now the … Continue reading

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‘Select Committee’ or a ‘Special Committee’ to Faithfully undue the Lies that have been told

‘Select Committee’ or a ‘Special Committee’  ‘Select Committee’ or a ‘Special Committee’ where one of the governments own officials has got to take on these scenarios such as Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, and I will fondly rejoice this writing when it … Continue reading

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What Kind of World do we Live in or on..?

What Kind of World do we Live in or on..? Just a few quick mentions of what is happening in “the District” and then let’s all have great, reflective weekend. First up President Barack Obama can crank out all the … Continue reading

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The Middle Class…who Dreams this Stuff Up

The Middle Class…who Dreams this Stuff Up In all candor and with ease of mind, I happened upon a website on Friday, then of course on Saturday I read the transcript…the article and guest speaker alleged that the African American … Continue reading

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Two Overeaching Positions by the U.S. Fed…

The first of the two positions is something I found late, late last night whilst doing research on yesterday’s article. The State Department has quietly made plans to bring Ebola-infected doctors and medical aides to the U.S. for treatment, according … Continue reading

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EVERYONE NEEDS TO WAKE UP! Getting a rather late start on this evenings blog, however for what I’ve got to say perhaps it is better that I keep this article to a minimum. I really am not the sort of … Continue reading

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Transform Whom and What?

Transform Whom and What? The following article is really a conglomerate affair with the help, assistance, and knowledge of the experts at Fox News, as well as the hard working and hard driving experts at World Net Daily – two … Continue reading

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Unintended however predictable consequences…

Talk about unintended consequences. Has anything ever – ever – generated more positive publicity for school choice than the teachers strike in Chicago? For charter schools especially, the strike is the gift that keeps on giving. They’re open. The traditional … Continue reading

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Chicago teachers and some reasons why…

Chicago teachers and some reasons why… Predicated upon yesterday’s article about the teachers strike happening now in Chicago, we will try to keep this as brief as possible; therefore, if you should have any questions about any of the material … Continue reading

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