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Has this happened before…

Our goal is to sort out if this type of conflict that exists in America today — starting with reactionary progressivism, conservatism, and liberalism and has these ideologies occurred in America’s history before. Additionally, according to both experts we’ve dealt … Continue reading

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The Englsih Transformation of 1630s

Cromwell’s rise to power was in part the outcome of religious conflict and dissent present since the Lolland’s of the 14th century. However, these religious radicals and even the Protestant Reformation did not seem to affect society greatly, and in … Continue reading

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Before the Founders…what was America like?

What was America like for those who settled before the 120 years when the Founding Fathers arrived on the scene? As we’ve stated in several previous writings most, if not all of the Founders were born here; yet the facts … Continue reading

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