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Freedom of Speech is most often used when Hate is utilized

Freedom of Speech is most often used when Hate is utilized   I have a story to share with you. I am not that good as a storyteller, or griot from tribal Africa but hey! That does not intimate that … Continue reading

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Does our government demonstrate responsibility and good conscience..?

The New Mexico Supreme Court recently announced that it will consider the case of a Christian photographer who objected for religious reasons to photographing a same-sex commitment ceremony. The photographer, Elaine Huguenin, says she refused to photograph the ceremony because … Continue reading

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Introductory comments about the First Amendment: Free Speech Clause

We have no doubt that most of us living in this country think having free speech is comparative to natural or human rights; meaning, that the ability to speak freely within the United States is a given. In fact we … Continue reading

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Freedom of Speech and Lying

The Supreme Court will hear a case regarding the constitutionality of the Stolen Valor Act. Passed by Congress with vast support in 2006, the law makes it a crime to lie about having received military medals. The federal appeals court … Continue reading

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